World war i background 2012


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World war i background 2012

  1. 1. State of the World• Before World War I the last time the Europeans nations all sat down together to discuss issues was at the Congress of Vienna (1814).• There had been many changes to Europe since that time – rise of new nations, industrialization, and imperialism.
  2. 2. Changes to Europe 1815 - 1914
  3. 3. Rise of Militarism • As nations unified and developed a national identity many of them also built up their militaries. • Having a strong military showed national pride and helped nations to become imperial powers. • Militarism is the belief that it is important to always have a large standing army, even in times of peace.
  4. 4. Creation of New Alliances Part I• Europeans made alliances during the Congress of Vienna to prevent war, but many changes had happened to Europe since that time.• Otto von Bismarck created a new alliance for the unified Germany called the Triple Alliance which included Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy.
  5. 5. Creation of New Alliances Part 2 • When Britain learns about the Triple Alliance they are concerned that Germany is becoming too powerful. • Britain creates their own alliance called the Triple Entente which includes Britain, Russia, and France.
  6. 6. Alliances Leading into World War I
  7. 7. Problems with Imperialism• Imperialism led to intense competition between nations for power and resources, and created many enemies between nations.• Imperialism also fueled nations’ militarism, leading to them building up large armies and navies to compete.
  8. 8. Increase in Nationalism • Newly unified nation - states, such as Germany wanted to demonstrate how strong and powerful they were by building up their militaries. • This threatened other nation – states, and also led to nations that did not yet have their own countries to want independence.
  9. 9. Important Events Leading to War• Tensions are high in Europe amongst the nation – states.• Otto von Bismarck creates the Triple Alliance to protect Germany.• Kaiser Wilhelm II (new emperor of Germany) fires Bismarck and decides to build up his army and navy.• Kaiser Wilhelm II’s decisions concern Britain. They form the Triple Entente.• These new alliances increase tensions even more in Europe.• Causes of war: MAIN – militarism, alliances, imperialism, nationalism.
  10. 10. Key Players – Kaiser Wilhelm II ofGermany
  11. 11. Key Players – Otto von Bismarck ofGermany
  12. 12. Key Players – Tsar Nicholas II of Russia