Creating and using wikispaces


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Creating and using wikispaces

  1. 1. February 2013
  2. 2. What is Wikispaces? A website you create to post information about your classroom – online bulletin board!You communicate what you want.
  3. 3. Why Wikispaces? It’s free!Simple to use and no advertisements.Create and control as many pages as you want.Great for communication.
  4. 4. Signing Up1. Go to 2. Select the option for a teacher wiki (you will not have to pay for this option and it will be ad free).3. Select the option for a basic wiki.*You will not be able to change your emailaddress later and may need to use emailverification*
  5. 5. The home page is the first page people will see when they type in your website address. It’s a good idea to put basic information about your/your classes on thispage. To begin editing click on the “Edit” button at the top of the page.
  6. 6. Editing  Text EditingOnce you select edit all the information on the pagewill look the same but a toolbar will appear at thetop of your screen.
  7. 7. Wiki Links There are two ways to putlinks into your wiki:1. Type or copy and paste the whole website onto the page and save (it will automatically become a link).2. Highlight a word(s) and insert a link.
  8. 8. 1. Select “Edit” in the right corner of your page so your toolbar appears.2. Highlight the text you would like to use for your link. Select the link button on your toolbar.A link box will appear. Make surethe correct text is highlighted.Select the appropriate type of link:• “Page or File” - different page within the wiki.• “Web Address” – a link to any website you provide.• “Email Address” – sends you to an email form.
  9. 9. Finished Link  Once you save your edits you will be able to tell your link is active by the change in font color. If you want to edit or delete this link you can do so in the same way you set the link up.
  10. 10. Uploading a Picture or Document The directionsare the same toupload apicture,document, orany other type If you upload a file ontoof file directly the wiki it can also beonto the wiki. downloaded off the wiki.
  11. 11. 1. Select “Edit” in the right corner of your page.2. Select the “File” button on your toolbar.3. An upload box will appear on your screen. 4. Click on the “+Upload Files” button. This will allow you to select any files you have saved on your computer.
  12. 12. Once the file hasuploaded it willappear in yourlist. DoubleDouble click the Clickfile to put on thepage.It will look likethis beforesaving.
  13. 13. Finished Upload  Once you save your uploading document or image will look like this. To remove the document or image go back into the editing mode and simply delete.
  14. 14. EmbeddingEmbedding uses a code to put an image, document, or video on your wiki page. It is NOT the same as a link.Embedding allows you to use something that you have not created.When something is embedded it can’t be downloaded.
  15. 15. Finding Embed Codes  Look for a “Share” or “Embed” button.
  16. 16. Click on the option for “Embed”.This willprovide youwith theHTML codeto copy andpaste.
  17. 17. 1. Select “Edit” in the right corner of your page.2. Select the “Widget” button on your toolbar.3. A box labeled“Widgets” willappear. Select thelink that says,“Other HTML” atthe bottom of thelist.
  18. 18. 4. You can nowcopy and past theembedcode/HTML intothe box, thenclick “Save”. This is what your embedded video/item will look like before you save your edits.
  19. 19. Finished Embedding Once you save yourembedded items they willlook like they appeared ontheir original page.To delete your embeddeditem return to edit modeand then delete.
  20. 20. Create Your Own Embed Codes  There are many websites available that allow you to upload documents and PowerPoints and create an embed code.  is my favorite.
  21. 21. Managing Your Wiki  To create new pages, edit your settings, and give privileges to members click on the “Manage Wiki” link.
  22. 22. Creating New Pages Click on the link that says “Pages & Files” underthe Content section.Select the “New Page” button.
  23. 23. This box will appear to create a new page. Once youcreate the page you will taken to the page to edit. If youreturn to the Pages and Files page you will be able tocontrol access to this page. Lock Page
  24. 24. Members & Permissions 
  25. 25. Members  Any membership requests or invitations you send will show up on this page. If you make a member an “organizer” they have the same level of control over the wiki that the creator does.
  26. 26. Permissions This allows you to select the level of access the public has to your wiki.I keep my wiki on “Protected”. This allows members I have approved to post in discussions, but they can’t edit pages I have locked.
  27. 27. Resources  13 - all information presented today is posted.Twitter - @lisa_herzlRoom H127 – homepage has instructional videos for using the wiki you created.