From the August 2009 Fred Meyer Focus.

 Fred Meyer Committed to Hunger Reduction Efforts
 By Lynn Hector, 2009 Public A...
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Hunger Article


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Newsletter article to inform Fred Meyer employees of Fred Meyer\'s long commitment to hunger relief

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Hunger Article

  1. 1. From the August 2009 Fred Meyer Focus. Fred Meyer Committed to Hunger Reduction Efforts By Lynn Hector, 2009 Public Affairs Intern D id you know that your hard work at Fred Meyer helps feed more than two million people every year? With the struggling In addition to the hundreds of thousands of dollars donated every year, Associates have been involved in innovative is a welcome change from the typical, starch- economy comes an even bigger demand for food perishable donations programs. In Oregon, the heavy food assistance. Thanks to you and our Customers, perishable donation program boxes, we’ve continued to increase our is called Fresh Alliance. In increasing the commitment each year. A young helper sorts food at Alaska, Idaho and nutritional value a food bank. You may not be aware of how Washington, it’s called of food offered to important you are to our hunger Grocery Rescue. These families. reduction efforts and how important it is that programs donate safe n These programs significantly reduce the you help us tell our Customers what we do. product that is past its sell-by waste going from our stores to the landfills. Our Customers expect us to give back to our date—mostly dairy, produce Before these programs, all that product had communities, and we all need to let them and meat. to be thrown away. know that we are committed to fulfilling that Here’s a brief history of our efforts: In Thanks to your hard work and obligation. 2003, the Fred Meyer Fund pioneered and helped commitment, Fred Meyer has received Fred Meyer Stores has always been a fund Fresh Alliance. In 2007, we became the first recognition for its outstanding efforts in hunger leader in hunger reduction. In 2007 and 2008 grocery store to have 100 percent of our stores in reduction. In 2005 we received Oregon Governor the Fred Meyer Fund awarded nearly $710,000 in Oregon and SW Washington contributing to Fresh Ted Kulongoski’s Mahonia Food Industry Award grants to local food banks. Much of that money Alliance. In 2008, Fred Meyer donated nearly two for Hunger Relief, as well as the “Hunger Buster” comes from the coin boxes at the check stands. In million pounds of food through the Fresh Alliance Award from the Oregon Food Bank Network. that same time frame, our stores donated nearly program in Oregon. That same year, through Food Lifeline—the food bank network for Western eight million pounds of food to 1,644 food banks Grocery Rescue, we donated more than one Washington—awarded us the Outstanding Food in our four-state area. million pounds of food in Washington, more than Donor Award in 2006 and this past May, the Spokane volunteers pack food assistance boxes with 450,000 pounds in Alaska and almost 100,000 Oregon Food Bank awarded us the Founder produce. Award. pounds in Idaho. Now, almost every one of our 129 Thank you, all of you, for making it stores is contributing to Fresh Alliance and possible to continue this long Grocery Rescue! These programs provide two tradition of giving. Your ability to critical benefits: develop loyal Customers is what allows us n The foods donated include highly needed to give back to our communities. items such as protein, dairy, and fresh fruits and vegetables to emergency food boxes. This Our People Are Great!