Student	  Involvement	  in	  	          Open	  Source	                         	  Why,	  How	  and	  Where	  to	  Get	  St...
Oregon	  State	  University	  Open	  Source	  Lab	                                     	  •  Founded	  in	  2003	  •  Host...
Why	  Open	  Source?	  •  More	  than	  50%	  of	  leading	  IT	  organizaRons	  are	     using	  	  open	  source	  soSwa...
Employers	  Value	  OS	  Experience	  	  •  EvaluaRng	  potenRal	  hires	  •  Lowering	  training	  costs	  •  Decreasing	...
Open	  Source	  &	  You	  •    Create	  a	  citable	  body	  of	  work	  •    Nurture	  your	  passion	  for	  programming...
Ge]ng	  Involved	  in	  Open	  Source	  
The	  TradiRonal	  Route	                       More	  on	  this	  later….	  
Google	  Summer	  of	  CodeTM	  •    Flip	  bits,	  not	  burgers	  •    175	  open	  source	  projects	  for	  2011	  •  ...
The	  Summer	  of	  Code	  Meme	  •  GNOME	  Outreach	  Program	  for	  Women	       –  ApplicaRon	  deadline:	  April	  9...
•  Program	  for	  pre-­‐     university	  students	  •  Must	  be	  13-­‐18	  to	       parRcipate	  •  Looks	  great	  o...
Get	  a	  Job	  •  Internships	  with	  OS	  friendly	  companies	  •  Numerous	  open	  source	  employers	     –  Mozill...
Conferences	  and	  Unconferences	  •  In	  person	  interacRons	  are	  very	  helpful	      –  Project	  culture	  and	 ...
Join	  Your	  Local	  User	  Group	  
Diving	  Right	  In	  Made	  Simple	  •  Start	  with	  projects	  that	  have	  parRcipated	  in	     Google	  Summer	  o...
OpenHatch:	  I	  Want	  to	  Help	  
Looking	  Credible	  in	  a	  Few	  Easy	  Steps	  •  Read	  project	  website	  thoroughly	  •  Subscribe	  to	  project	...
Mistakes	  •  You	  will	  make	  them.	  Many	  of	  them.	  •  Just	  don’t	  make	  the	  same	  one	  repeatedly.	  
A	  Few	  Closing	  Thoughts	  
Saving	  the	  World	  •  Many	  projects	  help	  those	  most	  in	  need	      –  Sahana,	  OpenMRS,	  Usahidi	  •  Man...
The	  real	  point	  is	  to	  have	  fun	  and	           learn	  something	  …	  
Ge]ng	  an	  awesome	  job	  	                       and	  	  helping	  others	  are	  great	  results….	  
    Thank	  You!	                	  	           QuesRons?	  	  	  	  	  	                                                 ...
Credits	  and	  Licensing	  •  Heart	  Oregon:	  	  hlp://	  	  •  Fire:	  ...
Student Involvement in Open Source: Why, How and Where to Get Started
Student Involvement in Open Source: Why, How and Where to Get Started
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Student Involvement in Open Source: Why, How and Where to Get Started


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Delivered in the education track for the 2011 POSSCON conference.

As more companies build their business using open source software and development methodologies, gaining an understanding of these technologies gives students a leg up when searching for careers in industry and internships. Participation in open source software communities also brings a host of other skills that empower participants for future success: the ability to communicate effectively, the aptitude to understand diverse points of view and the skills to persuade team mates that a particular solution is best. In this talk, Leslie Hawthorn will draw on her years of experience working with university students engaged in open source development, highlighting the value of involvement for student members of the audience and giving a clear roadmap to those who are ready to get started participating.

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Student Involvement in Open Source: Why, How and Where to Get Started

  1. 1. Student  Involvement  in     Open  Source    Why,  How  and  Where  to  Get  Started   Leslie  Hawthorn   OSU  Open  Source  Lab  
  2. 2. Oregon  State  University  Open  Source  Lab    •  Founded  in  2003  •  Hosts  more  than  100  projects:  Linux  kernel,   Apache,  Fedora,  Debian,  PHP  
  3. 3. Why  Open  Source?  •  More  than  50%  of  leading  IT  organizaRons  are   using    open  source  soSware   –  CompeRRve  advantage   –  Lower  cost  of  ownership  •  30%  of  soSware  used  at  these  companies  is   open  source,  up  from  10%  five  years  ago   Gartner,  February  2011  
  4. 4. Employers  Value  OS  Experience    •  EvaluaRng  potenRal  hires  •  Lowering  training  costs  •  Decreasing  Rme  from  hire  to  full  producRvity  
  5. 5. Open  Source  &  You  •  Create  a  citable  body  of  work  •  Nurture  your  passion  for  programming  •  Learn  cool  stuff  outside  the  classroom  •  Make  a  real  difference  in  people’s  lives  
  6. 6. Ge]ng  Involved  in  Open  Source  
  7. 7. The  TradiRonal  Route   More  on  this  later….  
  8. 8. Google  Summer  of  CodeTM  •  Flip  bits,  not  burgers  •  175  open  source  projects  for  2011  •  Up  to  1000  students  accepted  in  the  past  •  Important  dates   –  March  28th:  student  applicaRon  period  opens   –  April  8th:  student  applicaRon  deadline  
  9. 9. The  Summer  of  Code  Meme  •  GNOME  Outreach  Program  for  Women   –  ApplicaRon  deadline:  April  9th  •  New  Zealand  Summer  of  Code  •  Ruby  Summer  of  Code  •  Humanitarian  FOSS  Project  Internships  •  Many  more….  
  10. 10. •  Program  for  pre-­‐ university  students  •  Must  be  13-­‐18  to   parRcipate  •  Looks  great  on   college  applicaRons    
  11. 11. Get  a  Job  •  Internships  with  OS  friendly  companies  •  Numerous  open  source  employers   –  Mozilla,  RedHat,  etc.  •  Student  experiences  on  campus  
  12. 12. Conferences  and  Unconferences  •  In  person  interacRons  are  very  helpful   –  Project  culture  and  understanding  tone  •  Unconferences  have  low  barrier  to  entry    
  13. 13. Join  Your  Local  User  Group  
  14. 14. Diving  Right  In  Made  Simple  •  Start  with  projects  that  have  parRcipated  in   Google  Summer  of  Code  •  InvesRgate  to  ensure  a  project  is  open  for   business  •  Look  for  projects  that  explicitly  welcome  new   contributors  
  15. 15. OpenHatch:  I  Want  to  Help  
  16. 16. Looking  Credible  in  a  Few  Easy  Steps  •  Read  project  website  thoroughly  •  Subscribe  to  project  mailing  lists  •  Join  project  IRC  channel   –  “Lurk”  unRl  you  get  the  lay  of  the  land  •  Ask  quesRons  the  smart  way    
  17. 17. Mistakes  •  You  will  make  them.  Many  of  them.  •  Just  don’t  make  the  same  one  repeatedly.  
  18. 18. A  Few  Closing  Thoughts  
  19. 19. Saving  the  World  •  Many  projects  help  those  most  in  need   –  Sahana,  OpenMRS,  Usahidi  •  Many  focus  on  social  jusRce  causes   –  Sunlight  FoundaRon,  Tor,  Martus  •  Many  support  the  mission  of  non-­‐profits   –  CiviCRM,  HFOSS  Project,  the  enRre  stack  
  20. 20. The  real  point  is  to  have  fun  and   learn  something  …  
  21. 21. Ge]ng  an  awesome  job     and    helping  others  are  great  results….  
  22. 22.   Thank  You!       QuesRons?               Leslie  Hawthorn   @lhawthorn  
  23. 23. Credits  and  Licensing  •  Heart  Oregon:    hlp://    •  Fire:  hlp://     This  presenta,on  is  released  under  a  Crea,ve  Commons   A5ribu,on  3.0  Unported  License.  Please  remix  and  reuse!     h5p://crea,  
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