8B2 Trial and jury

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Trial and Jury lesson. …

Trial and Jury lesson.
8B2 Geography
White Settlers vs Aborigines

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  • 1. Trial and Jury: Should the white settlers be punished for what they did to the Australian Aborigines?
  • 2. • Fellow Councillors .This slide show will go over some of the background evidence for the trial. • Each slide has information and questions for you to answer • Create a fact file that shows all your answers.
  • 3. The Claimants (the victims) The Claimants in this case are the Aborigines. The following slides will you give you some information on these characters
  • 4. Who are the Aborigines? Australian Aborigines were the first people to live on the continent of Australia • It is believed that they originally travelled from Australia to Asia • They soon adapted to live in the wide range of environments that Australia has, from deserts to tropical rainforest. • They learnt to live off the land, using what they could to survive. •
  • 5. Questions • Where did the Aborigines come from? • Write down five characteristics of the Aborigines ( for example, what to they look like? What do they wear?)
  • 6. The defendant ( the person being charged for a crime). The next couple of slides will go over the characters who are said to have committed a crime
  • 7. The Aborigines lived peacefully for many years… until… • Australia was invaded by wealthy and powerful Europeans. • These people travelled by boat to Australia in the 1700’s. • Captain James Cook was one of the first British people to settle in Australia.
  • 8. - As the white settlers landed in Australia, they started fighting with the Aborigines. - The white settlers had bought rifles and horses to fight with the Aborigines. - All that the Aborigines had were spears
  • 9. Why did Captain James Cook and his men want to settle in Australia? • They Europeans wanted to use the land to make money. • The Europeans believed that they should try and ‘educate’ the Aborigines. • The aim was to make them more like us. • They decided that they could use the aborigines to help them on the farms.
  • 10. Questions • Who was one of the first people to settle in Australia? • What happened when the White Settlers first arrived in Australia? • Why did they settle in Australia? How did they want to use the Aborigines?
  • 11. Super Star challenge slides The information on this slide is tricky to understand… however, I think you are all smart enough to use it in the trial. • To be very snazzy, you could say that the white settlers wanted to colonise Australia • Colonisation means = A group of people who want to control a piece of land and the people that live on that land. • So the White Settlers wanted to colonise Australia. They wanted to take over the land and make the Aborigines more like us.
  • 12. Questions • In your own words, write a definition for colonise ( can also be searched for as colonialism). • Using the internet, find out how you say the word colonize. Use the speaker button to find out how to say the word
  • 13. Councilors of 8B2 • Bring in your evidence notes for the trial • • • • Trial Date 18th December 11.20am. Court will end at 12.20pm