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Revised michael jackson presentation


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  • Slide 13; Vitilago=Vitiligo, actually, he really had vitiligo. That's the reason behind the white hand.
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  • 1. The Life, Music, and History ofMichael Jackson
    By: Lauren Hardman
    Music 1010
  • 2. Outline
    Composition History
    Listening Guides
    References & Bibliography
  • 3. Biography
  • 4. Early Life
    Born Aug 29, 1958
    Child # 7 of 9
    Father Joe was Steel Worker
    Mother worked in Department Store
    Joe Jackson was very musical and in a band
  • 5. Jackson 5
    Jackson 5 formed in 1964
    Gave Michael a jumpstart to his career as a singer
    Michael was lead singer with Jermaine, Tito, Marlon, and Jackie accompanying him
  • 6. Jackson 5 Cont’d
    All in all produced 14 albums over a 12 year period
    Michael produced 4 solo albums
    1970 Jackson 5 became the first group ever to top charts with first 4 singles
    Group split up in 1976 to gain more “artistic freedom”
  • 7. The Wiz
    Michael starred with Dianna Ross in an all black musical called “The Wiz”
    Gave Michael even more exposure leading him to meet Quincy Jones who would help Michael produce his own work
  • 8. Michael’s Early Work
    The 14 minute song set a world record staying top 10 for 80 consecutive weeks
    Thriller generated 9 million in revenue as of 2006.
  • 9. The Moon Walk
    Of everything Michael Jackson did, he is probably most famous for his “Moonwalk” dance move
    Michael created and debuted this infamous move on May 16, 1983 while performing “Billie Jean.”
  • 10. From “Thriller” to “Bad”
    In 1987, Michael Jackson recorded another album “Bad” which included his famous song Bad”
    Michael went on a 16 month “Bad Tour” Beginning in Japan and ending in the United States setting many records on the way.
  • 11. “Moonwalk” published
    At the completion of the “Bad Tour” Michael Jackson finished and released his first autobiography Moon Walk in 1988
    Book became an instant New York Time’s Best Seller
  • 12. Neverland Ranch
    A month after Moon Walk was published Michael purchased Neverland Ranch
    2,700 Acres
    Santa Barbara County
    Tried to Recapture Childhood with animals and fair rides
  • 13. The New Michael Jackson
    After purchasing Neverland Ranch, Michael began treatment to bleach his skin as well as have multiple plastic surgeries
    Michael Jackson defended his actions claiming he had a disease called “vitilago” a disorder in which the pigment leaves the skin leaving white spots
    Michael’s appearance changed forever
  • 14. Before and After
  • 15. Michael Jackson’s Later Work
    In 1992 Michael Jackson completed his “Dangerous” album which turned into the “Dangerous World Tour”
    “Smooth Criminal”, another record breaking song was included in the “Dangerous Era”
  • 16. Michael’s First Marriage
    Married Lisa Presley on May 26, 1994
    Marriage only lasted 19 months
    No children came about
  • 17. Michael’s 2nd Marriage
    Married 1996 to Debbie Rowe
    They had 2 children
    By 1998 Debbie and Michael were divorced
  • 18. Michael’s Children
    Prince Michael Joseph Jackson Born 1997 with Rowe
    Paris Katherine Michael Jackson 1999 with Rowe
    Prince Michael Jackson ll “Blanket” 2002 (Unknown)
  • 19. Michael’s Final Work
    2001 Michael Released “The Ultimate Collection”
    Performed several post 9/11 concerts
    In 2008 announced “This is It” tour which would debut in London July 8, 2009
  • 20. Passing of a Legend
    Michael passed away in his home on June 25, 2009
    13 days before his “This is It” debut
    Died from Cardiac Arrest, however prescription drugs were believed to have been the cause
  • 21. Composition History
    “Will You Be There”
    “Billie Jean”
    “The Way You Make Me Feel”
  • 22. “Will You Be There”
    Written and recorded in 1991
    Wrote song while sitting in tree at Neverland ranch
    Became theme song on Disney’s Free Willy
    Released on June 28, 1993
  • 23. “Billie Jean”
    Written and composed by Michael in 1982
    Released January 2, 1983
    6th Hit on “Thriller” Album
    Introduced the “Moon Walk”
  • 24. “The Way You Make Me Feel”
    Written and recorded by Michael from 1985-1987
    Released on November 9, 1987
    Performed on 3 different tours
    Covered by other artists
  • 25. Listening Guide
    “Will You Be There”
    3:40 in length
    Original version uses Symphony number 9
    Backed up by choir with lots of harmony and very spiritual
  • 26. Listening Guide CONT’D
    “Billie Jean”
    -4:53 in length
    -Stong beat drives song
    -Very smooth and flows easy
  • 27. Listening Guide
    “The Way You Make Me Feel”
    -4:26 in length
    -Lots of synthesizing
    -Very strong Pop beat
    -Uses the Chorus many times
    -Lots of Bridges
  • 28. Bibliography
    Jackson, Michael. Moon Walk. Doubleday, 1988. 283. Print.
    Roberts, Chris. Michael Jackson: The King of Pop 1958-2009. Carlton Books Ltd, 2009. 144. Print.
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  • 29. Questions?