Abortion (2)


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Abortion (2)

  1. 1. Abortion
  2. 2. AbortionIt is an ethical issue.It is a debate about what is morally right &wrong. Religious teaching says that the life of the babyis sacred. Many consider the rights of the mother to beequally important to those of the unborn baby.
  3. 3. Possible Questions• Abortion is legal if certain conditions are met what are those conditions?
  4. 4. •Explain how religious beliefs &teachings might influence believersin their attitude towards abortion?
  5. 5. AbortionThis is an ethical discussion or argument.“Is it right or wrong to abort a baby.”
  6. 6. It is also about women’s Rights• Women who could not have abortions if they were illegal went to back street abortionists.• They suffered as a result of this• Many women died.• So it is good that does not happen any more.
  7. 7. It is also about the RIGHTS of the Fetus• Does an unborn child deserve protection under the law.• Does the unborn child only have rights if you are religious.• Since millions of abortions are performed are we killing people who deserve to live.
  8. 8. What is an Abortion• It means a termination of the fetus.
  9. 9. Is it right or wrong• It depends what your point of view is.• You are not asked for your personal opinion.• You must argue a case for both sides.• The religious views against those of the mother/ child
  10. 10. People say if youare going to abort ababy then you needto decide.When does lifebegin? Why? Becauseyou might be killinga person.
  11. 11. When does life begin?The Catholic feels this happens at themoment of fertilization whenthe sperm meets the egg.The soul is there.God has a purpose forthe baby.No life is there just by chance
  12. 12. Life is God Given• Life each cell is created by God.• If you destroy it you act against God and have committed murder.• Obviously murder is a serious sin.• You will be punished for that by going to hell.
  13. 13. Catholic Belief• If you abort the baby you are destroying life.• This they believe is morally wrong.• They see abortion as murder.• They will however accept it if it is absolutely necessary.• If the mother was going to die & an abortion could save her life.
  14. 14. Is the mother’s life more sacred than that ofthe unborn child? This becomes a choice between saving themother’s or babies life in a threateningsituation. Most religions will accept an abortion inthese circumstances even if they do notagree in principle.
  15. 15. When can an abortion be allowed?• If 2 Doctor’s agree ;• If the mother’s life is in danger.• If the mother cannot cope emotionally ie has two many children• If the baby will be deformed.• If the mother cannot afford it financially up to 24 weeks
  16. 16. Religious beliefsAll Life is Sacred.All Life is God- given.All life deserves great respect.God has a plan for every human life.Life should not be destroyed.Human life is precious and valuable.
  17. 17. The Sanctity of lifeChristians say a foetus is a life.Exactly the same as a livingperson. If you take that life you aremurdering a baby.
  18. 18. Is a foetus a person?• Today we now know a lot about the developing foetus.• There is argument to reduce the time limit for an abortion because we know how developed the foetus can be at 24 weeks.
  19. 19. Is it a woman’s choice?• The Christian faith says no it is not a simple woman’s choice.• She cannot be allowed to decide for herself what happens to her body.• She has to learn about rules.• The rule is not to kill.• The foetus is alive. It is a person. To kill it is to act like a murderer.
  20. 20. Abortion• It is a dilemma.• It is an emotional subject.• It is not a simple argument• You must look at each case individually• If a woman was raped & became pregnant to simply tell her abortion is murder does not seem ethical.
  21. 21. Jesus on Abortion• There is no evidence that Jesus spoke on abortion.• What he did speak about was compassion, love and caring. If we treat each case with love and care and serious thought about the consequences then are we acting with Jesus’ principles?
  22. 22. The Old Testament• In the Bible in Jeremiah it is says• “ Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.”• Many Christians use this quote as evidence that God does not want abortion.
  23. 23. “The parents of the unborn child shouldhave equal rights concerning abortion.” Doyou agree? Give reasons showing you havethought about more than one point of view.Refer to religious arguments in youranswer.
  24. 24. 1. In Christianity abortion is not a simple matter.2. The rights of the unborn child should be considered.3. In the Catholic Church the rights of the unborn baby should be considered.4. In this question it is suggesting that both parties have equal rights.
  25. 25. 1. In the law it is fair to the mother.2. However in faith the Church urges a moral choice for the unborn infant.3. In liberal protestant churches the rights of the unborn should have as much equal status as those of the mother.
  26. 26. Parents rights1. Right to choose if unborn will threaten mother’s life2.Have a large family & cannot afford it financially or emotionally3. Child will be disabled & low quality of life4. Unborn rights5. Innocent so should not be terminated( sanctity of life)
  27. 27. End ofAbortionPart Four