Title of Greece: The Blueprints                   Grade       3rd Grade   Unit    for the United States                   ...
Related Misconceptions:• The United States is the first to use democracy as a form of government.• A democracy is the same...
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Technology Integration 8530


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Technology Integration 8530

  1. 1. Title of Greece: The Blueprints Grade 3rd Grade Unit for the United States LevelCurriculum Social Studies Time 4 weeks Area Frame Stage 1 – Desired ResultsContent Standards:My standard for the course is the NETS-S below. I am using this class as an opportunity toenhance my skills collaborating with a teacher in the classroom setting. I chose to use GeorgiaPerformance Standards for Social Studies and I am using Georgia Quality Core CurriculumStandards for Technology Integration since my goal is to incorporate technology into aclassroom unit as a media specialist.NETS-S:Students use digital media and environments to communicate and work collaboratively,including at a distance, to support individual learning and contribute to the learning of others.GPS Standards for Social Studies:SS3H1 – The student will explain the political roots of our modern democracy in the UnitedStates of America.SS3G1 – The student will locate major topographical features.QCCs for Technology Integration:QCC 3: Basic Skills: Demonstrates an understanding of the uses of technology andcommunication tools at home and in the community.QCC 6: Production: Utilizes technology tools to facilitate the writing process.QCC 8: Production: Uses multimedia tools to express ideas.QCC 10: Communication: Uses technology to gather information, communicate with others. UnderstandingsStudents will understand that:• Athens, Greece is the birthplace of democracy. (SS3H1c)• Citizens in a community should obey rules and laws. (SS3H1b)• Government reinforces the law to protect its citizens. (SS3H1b)• People choose their leaders and govern themselves in a democracy. (SS3H1b)• An Athenian democracy is a direct democracy. (SS3H1c)• A United States democracy is a representative democracy. (SS3H1c)• Greece is located on the European continent. (SS3G1d)• Greece has a coastline along the Mediterranean Sea. (SS3G1d)• Athens is proud to have held the first Olympic Games. (SSH1a)• Greek architecture has influenced many aspects of United States architecture. (SS3H1a)• Architecture reflects a community’s culture. (SSH1a)
  2. 2. Related Misconceptions:• The United States is the first to use democracy as a form of government.• A democracy is the same as a republic.• Many of the Greek buildings were built utilizing slavery.• People using different languages cannot communicate through technology because of thelanguage barrier.• People have to travel to other countries to see events, geography, culture, and people first-hand. Essential QuestionsOverarching Questions: Topical Questions:• What is the role of a citizen in a democracy? • How can the location of Greece be(SS3G1b) described on a world map? (SS3G1d)• What are the benefits of living in a • Where did democracy begin? (SSH1c)democracy? (SS3G1b, c) • What are the differences between an• What are the benefits of having a Athenian democracy and a United Statesrepresentative democracy? (SS3G1b, c) democracy? (SS3H1b, c)• What role do the Olympic Games play in • Where was the first Olympic Games held?bringing the world together? (SSH1a) (SSH1a)• How does architecture reflect culture? • What influences has Greece had on United(SSH1a) States architecture? (SSH1a)• Why is learning about other cultures • How can the Internet help us learn aboutimportant? other cultures? (QCC 10)• How does technology expand our • What are the government’s duties to itsclassroom? (QCC 3) citizens? (SS3H1b) Knowledge and SkillsKnowledge SkillsStudents will know: Students will be able to:• Characteristics of a democracy • Identify and explain the characteristics of• Roles of a citizen communities/democracies.• Related vocabulary (community, law, • Give examples of rights and responsibilitiescitizen, democracy, columns, Parthenon) of citizens.• Origin and purpose of Olympic Games • Explain the reasons for rules and laws.• Location of Greece • Use technology to gather information and• Greece’s role in United States government communicate with others.• Greek columns are found in United States • Use multimedia tools to share information.government buildings • Identify Georgia buildings with Greek architecture. • Describe how the government of the United States is like that of Greece.