2012 Laura S.D. Greloch Portfolio Works


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2012 Power Point Presentation serving as an introduction to Laura's experience & abilities as a landscape designer, landscape architect and project facilitator. Work highlighting design philosophy & principles, inspiration, intrigue and project samples are illustrated. Enjoy!

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2012 Laura S.D. Greloch Portfolio Works

  1. 1. But she had a down-to-earth hands-on style: “Her own experiences as a dirt gardener were thefoundation of her art”¹ LAURA S.D. GRELOCH Project Works Sampling 2005 through 2010
  2. 2. Introduction: Inspiration, Intuition & Realization Slides: 3 - 6 Residential Projects: Bell Terre & Chipman House Slides: 7 - 28 Sustainable Foot Steps & Restorative Landscapes: Slides: 29 - 34Bibliography: 1. Robin Karson founding director of the Library of American Landscape History of Ellen Biddle Shipman 2. Edith Wharton, Italian Villas and Their Gardens 3. Edith Wharton, Biography 4./ 4a. Reference Beatrix Farrand : Garden Refuge, Dumbarton Oaks Gardens, Harvard Magazine July-August 2012 5. David Bennett, Landscape Architect reflects on the work of Beatrix Jones Farrand
  3. 3. She structured the gardens to “devolve” from formal and structured to progressively less so as one moves downhill from the main house. As one enters the “wild,” less landscaped portion, stone paths trail off abruptly into dirt or lawn. BLISS & FARRAND aINSPIRATIONIn Nature, there is detail, character and rhythm. On any given day, I amreminded by familiar striking beauty where I was the year before. The light,the air, a flower that has blossomed that was not there the day before, afresh fragrance, the soft sounds of life humming, bring me home; ground megently. The landscape in nature is to be admired, learned from, repeated.
  4. 4. Indigenous elements fitwithout question. Designedand crafted to create age andintentionally extendarchitecture into thelandscape.
  5. 5. INTUITIONLearning by observation is gradual,an experiment in practice, patience;barring results initiallyunpredictable.A journey toward intuitive design is,life-long in study, hugely gratifying;satiating an audience with purposegreater than oneself.
  6. 6. Growing knowledge, as learning how to see, how to listen, thrives incommitment and in wonder. Talent lies idle with out expression and voiceto a greater audience. Success is realized in opening new doorsand sharing vision. REALIZATION
  7. 7. “Gardens should be divided into rooms and planned inconcert with the house and the natural landscape.”²Belle TerreSaucon Valley, Pennsylvania- Benjamin L. Walbert: Architects & Planners- Laura S.D. Greloch: Landscape Architect & Projects Coordinator- Lewis Brothers Construction: Building Contractor & GC- Creative Landscapes: Flat Work Subcontractor- The Outdoor Room: Softscapes & Irrigation
  8. 8. Original conceptual drawing resulting in the award for full- service design contract. – AD Marker on Sepia–tone Diazo Presentation PaperNOTE: the original plan depicted a first generation pool design with natural features. A ha-hawall in lieu of required pool fence enclosure which offered an unobstructed view to the meadowbelow and melded the living spaces to the site gracefully.
  9. 9. She used plants to create “impressionistic” effects of texture and color, and also was known for creating outdoor “garden rooms,” with “the idea of moving through a landscape in a sequence, from one space to another, where each space has its own character,” …“One space may be very shady and enclosed, and you pass through a hedge or a row of trees or through an actual gate in a wall to enter a very sunny and open space.”³This working conceptual reveals a European Garden Style with formally aligned multi – level outdoor livingspaces. The heart-shaped garden to the left of the residence was an original 1940’s feature that was the only partof the original landscape to be renovated as it was originally intended.
  10. 10. Hand selected specimenPendulous Norway Spruce ispositioned into planting niche viacrane.
  11. 11. Fragrant culinary herbs are convenientlyincorporated into the landscape along the path justoutside the Manor-House Kitchen & adjacent tooutdoor dining space.
  12. 12. Design-build Detail for grill housing, set out for discussion with the masons.
  13. 13. Receiving Area and Barn Court Pavement Details.
  14. 14. Granite Belgium Block detailing, accentsthe receiving area and barn court.
  15. 15. Formal gardens in the European tradition, butwith a distinctively American flavor thatacknowledges their setting—are laid out as aseries of “garden rooms,” with walls formed bytrees in some cases, by terraces in others, with theresult that something new lurks around each twistof the winding paths. One has the constant feelingof going where one isn’t supposed to go—a placethis beautiful just can’t be open to the public.THE DUMBARTON OAKS GARDENS Chipman House Chipman Estate, Bethlehem Township, Easton, Pennsylvania -1870 Georgian Brick Architecture - Penn Contractors, Kitchen Addition - Laura S.D. Greloch, Landscape Architect, PM - E.L.K. Masonry - The Outdoor Room: Flatwork, Planting, Irrigation & Lighting
  16. 16. Working throughconcepts.
  17. 17. Chipman House post addition, before site work.Wharton believed that the design of a house should be treated architecturally and should honor the principles of proportion, harmony,simplicity, and suitability. She thought gardens, too, should be architectural compositions.
  18. 18. Awkwardly sited this home sits amere 10’ off the road, is tight tothe property boundary and lackscohesiveness to its 3 acre openlandscape. A retaining wall wasnecessary to extend architectureinto the property and create alevel outdoor living spaceaccessible to first floor grade ofthe house.
  19. 19. Lighting Plan for Electrical & In-House Low-Voltage Installation
  20. 20. Sample Construction Details Sheet for Chipman House Project
  21. 21. SUSTAINABILITYAdaptation of sustainablepractices has made a differenceon residential scale projects.Clients are open-minded wherethey can recycle, utilize nativeplantings along-side hybridsand incorporate thorough bedamendment in order toconserve water and maximizeorganic soil nutrients.
  22. 22. Blue Wonder Cat Mint adjacent to Japanese GoldenHakon-Grass create a soft foreground to the swingand twig-sculpted tree in a photographer’s garden.
  23. 23. Invigorating Landscape Design for the Fragrance Manufacturing Company, Inc.
  24. 24. “ She had a strong appreciation for the natural character of the land and the appropriate way of integrating a designed “ DAVID BENNETT VARIETAL PLANTINGS Herbaceous plantings breath life into and are restorative to an otherwise predominantly static garden. Once defined, the landscapes structure plantings may yield to perennials & grasses reflective of the designer’s attentiveness to contrast in color, foliage seasonal characteristics. Appropriate spacing offers fast cover with little room for weeds.