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Social Media for Greenhorns - CCA Institute 2011
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Social Media for Greenhorns - CCA Institute 2011


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I led this intro to social media presentation as a breakout session at the Cooperative Communicators Association's 2011 Institute in San Antonio, June 20, 2011.

I led this intro to social media presentation as a breakout session at the Cooperative Communicators Association's 2011 Institute in San Antonio, June 20, 2011.

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Lisa Graham-Peterson, ABCPresented at 2011 CCA InstituteJune 20, 2011SOCIAL MEDIA FOR GREENHORNS
  • 2. Lisa Graham-Peterson
  • 3. The best trail guides know to watch for the things thatscream “Danger!” to a horse (and can set one running)
  • 4. Trail Guide 10Dangers along the Social Media Ride
  • 5. #1 Social media is a fad. We said that about email.
  • 6. The Purchasing Funnel Circa 1898
  • 7. Word-of-mouth happened here. The Internet is today’s backyard fence.
  • 8. Today, word-of-mouth caninterrupt our path anywherealong the purchasing funnel.
  • 9. #2 Social media is free advertising Expressions not impressions.
  • 10. Social networks Wikis MicroblogsReviewing Social Sharing Media Blogs Gaming Forums
  • 11. #3 All our competitors have a Facebook PageSo if all your competitors jumped off a bridge ...
  • 12. We still start with the (same old) plan • Goal • Objectives • Strategies • Measurement • Implementation
  • 13. Our Goal?
  • 14. Instead, ask …
  • 15. #4 There is no ROI for social media. What’s the ROI on billboards?
  • 16. Foster Protect collaboration reputation What can Build Facilitatesocial media loyalty research Drive Enhance sales and customer service really do? leads
  • 17. Product development Crisis communication Employee retention Disaster recovery Training Overall image-building Knowledge share Foster Protect collaboration reputation Brand awareness Product feedback Customer retention Competitive analysis Grassroots activism Build Facilitate Referrals loyalty research Talent recruitmentEnter new markets EnhanceProduct launch Drive sales customerCompetitive edge and leads R&D for improving services or service products Customer tips/self-help Gain efficiencies
  • 18. Morgan Stanley report (2010)• More social network users than email users• 80% of today’s buyers say they found their vendors as opposed to vendors finding them• 85% of business phone calls go into voice mail and are never returned
  • 19. #5 Everyone is talking about us. Or no one is. Listen anyway.
  • 20. Listen to the online conversation.Learn about different communities.Understand their needs.
  • 21. … Alerts… Insights… Reader… Blog Search… News Search… Website Optimizer
  • 22. #6 So, 700 million on Facebook. We need a page there! Millions use public restrooms, too.
  • 23. Reach is not influence. So Old School.
  • 24. Foster Protectcollaboration reputation Build Facilitate loyalty research Drive Enhancesales and customer leads service
  • 25. Foster Protectcollaboration reputation Build Facilitate loyalty research EnhanceDrive sales customer or leads service
  • 26. #7 We’re doing all kinds of social media.Like putting your TV commercials on YouTube?
  • 27. #8 No one will find out.Have you not been paying attention at all?
  • 28. #9 Employees don’t need access (they’ll just waste time). We said that about telephones.
  • 29. IBM Mayo Clinic Best BuyU.S. Air Force
  • 30. #10 We need an appYou have one. Its called email (the original killer app).
  • 31. Some of the oldestsocial media toolsare still consideredthe best strategy.
  • 32. Morgan Stanley report estimates more will be accessing the Internet from phones than from PCs … in 3 years.
  • 33. TraditionalSocial MEDIA Tradigital Owned
  • 34. Your Trail Guide 101. Social media is here to stay.2. Nothing is free. Earn respect first, then the sale.3. First, a plan. Then social media.4. ROI is part of your plan. See #3.5. Listen. Learn. Repeat.6. Know thy audience, know thyself.7. Content is not king. Content is currency.8. Honesty is the best policy.9. Employees are your best advocates.10. Be aware – but beware – the shiny, new toy.
  • 35. Following industry news & trendsJeremiah Owyang Useful Social Media Blog Godin Shel Holtz Solis Peter Kim Brogan Jeff Jarvis Scoble Charlene Li Paine Julien Smith Meerman Scott Shel Israel Gaps – Thomas Lee Nancy Duarte Armano Beth Kanter Faris Guy Kawasaki Ruebel Erik Qualman Gillin Lee Aase Engine Land Social Media Examiner Media Today
  • 36. Suggested Reading • Brand Hijack (Alex Wipperfurth) • Cluetrain Manifesto (Levine, Locke, Searls, Weinberger) • Content Rules (Handley, Chapman) • Engage (Brian Solis) • Groundswell (Charlene Li) • New Rules of Marketing and PR (David Meerman Scott) • Now is Gone (Geoff Livingston) • Putting the Public Back in Public Relations (Solis, Brakenridge) • Six pixels of separation (Mitch Joel) • Socialnomics (Erik Qualman) • Trust Agents (Chris Brogan, Julian Smith) • Tribes (Seth Godin) • Unmarketing (Scott Stratten) • Wikinomics (Anthony Williams)
  • 37. Bookmark SitesBookmarking sites like Delicious andDigg make for terrific online libraries ofcurrent topics.You can look for a specific person’sbookmarks or just do a general searchfor your topic. In a general search, themost popular articles about that topicwill show up.