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  • 1. Media Test • Camera Angles • Camera Movements • Composition
  • 2. Editing Editing is a post production process.
  • 3. Take • The shot itself – time the camera is pressed record to stop! • Long take – a long amount of time taken on one take. • Short Take – a short amount of time taken on one take.
  • 4. Cut • When it changes between two takes.
  • 5. Slow Motion • When the action on screen is slowed down.
  • 6. Ellipsis • A technique used to show the passing on time.
  • 7. Dissolve • A gradual transition from one image to another.
  • 8. Fade In • A gradual transformation from black to the image.
  • 9. Fade Out • A gradual transformation from the image to black.
  • 10. A gradual transformation from black to the image.
  • 11. Wipe • One shot is pushed off the screen by another one.
  • 12. Eyeline Match • The eyeline match begins with a character looking at something off-screen, there will then be a cut to the object or person at which he is looking. For example, a man is looking off-screen to his left, and then the film cuts to a television that he is watching.
  • 13. Action Match • During the movement the camera angles cuts to a new angle but follows the action.
  • 14. Parallel Editing • Inter-cutting between two simultaneous stories or scenes.
  • 15. Cross Cutting • The technique used to create parallel editing.
  • 16. Shot / Reverse Shot • Camera placed opposite one another and it swaps between them.
  • 17. Jump Cut • Two sequential shots that are taken from very slightly different angles.
  • 18. Cut Away • Cut to a different take to add detail – a different subject but adds detail.
  • 19. Insert • Cut to a different take to add detail – the same subject but adds detail.
  • 20. Editing Video