Needs and goals to be placed on blog and discussion


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Needs and goals to be placed on blog and discussion

  1. 1. Needs and Professional Development Assessment & Evaluation of Goals Activities Action PlanEnhance Provide training to teachers to Students and teachers willteaching and assist them on integrating complete surveys to evaluate andlearning technology into the curriculum assess the quality of professional to enhance teaching and development they were given. learning. Administration will conduct regular classroom walkthroughs to evaluate the technology enhanced teaching and learning each classroom.Media Literacy Provide training to teachers Students and teachers willand on the proper use of complete surveys to evaluate theCommunication computer software, internet, quality of the professionalSkills and technology resources to development they were given. increase communication skills Administration will conduct regular in a variety of media formats classroom walkthroughs to including: PowerPoint, Excel, evaluate the implementation of the Web pages, and Blogs. media literacy and communication Instruct students on the skills in each classroom. proper use of computers, internet, software, and technology resources, and ethical use.Ongoing Continue with Technology Teachers will fill out a reflectionProfessional Tuesdays to provide training sheet and complete a survey toDevelopment to teachers on technology evaluate the relevancy of thefor teachers applications such as: Blogs, professional development provided iPods, Web Pages, and on Technology Tuesdays. STaR Wikis. chart data will be monitored and evaluated to look for teacher
  2. 2. improvement in the area of technology use and understanding on campus.Critical Provide teachers with Teachers and students willThinking and activities that will demonstrate complete surveys to evaluate theProblem the use of technology quality of professionalSolving Skills applications to students to development they were given. help them practice critical Administration will conduct regular thinking and problem solving walkthroughs to determine if there skill. is progress made in the implementation of technology related to critical thinking and problem solving in each classroom. TAKS, EOC, AEIS, and AYP data will be reviewed and monitored to provide evidence of student improvement in the above two areas.Individualized, Instruct teachers on ways to Students and teachers willinteractive, and integrate technology into the complete surveys to evaluate thecustomized curriculum to provide quality of professionaleducation for specialized lessons that will development they were given.all students be interactive and Administration will conduct regular individualized for each walkthroughs to determine if there student. is progress made in the implementation of technology related to individualized, interactive, and customized lessons for all students in every classroom.Review and Principal will meet with Survey teachers concerning their
  3. 3. revise the Superintendent to gain reflections on the changes thatAcceptable Use permission to revise the have been made to the AcceptablePolicy to allow Acceptable Use Policy for the Use Policy on campus allowing thestudents and campus. Campus use of phones and iPods in theteachers to use Improvement Committee will classroom.phones and meet to review and revise theiPods in the Acceptable Use Policy to addclassroom. technology such as phones and iPods to enhance student learning activities in the classroom.Update and Teachers will meet as a Campus IT and administrators willmaintain department with the campus monitor and review teacher webteacher web IT to receive training on how pages to ensure they have beenpages to update and maintain their updated at the beginning of each personal web page. Training year and maintained throughout will include providing current the school year. information as well as inserting hyperlinks to classroom resources that can be used by students and parents.Utilize TAKS, Campus administrators, Campus administration, IT, andEOC, AEIS, teachers, campus IT, and CIP CIP team will evaluate the campusAYP, and team will access and review progress that is made towardsSTaR chart the data sources to assess if meetings the goals set by thedata to gain adequate progress is being Texas Long-Range Plan forinformation on made towards meeting the Technology.district and goals set in the Texas Long-campus Range Plan for technology.progress CIP team will revise and set
  4. 4. towards goals as needed to ensuremeeting the that the campus is makinggoals set by the progress towards meetingTexas Long- their technology goals.Range Plan fortechnology