BT Slides Superfast Surrey Launch Event, 21 feb 2013


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Slide deck presented by Bill Murphy (Managing Director NGA, BT Group) at the Superfast Surrey programme launch event on 21st Feb 2013.

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BT Slides Superfast Surrey Launch Event, 21 feb 2013

  1. 1. Bill MurphyManaging Director, NGA, BT Group
  2. 2. Why are we here? The Government has an ambition for Britain to have “the best superfast broadband network in Europe by 2015”BT is investing £2.5bn to roll-out fibre broadband to around two-thirds of the UKby the end of Spring 2014It’s already in reach of more than 13 million premises and will reach two-thirdsof UK by the end of Spring 2014£530m has been allocated by Government – during the lifetime of thisparliament - public funding to bring superfast broadband to the more remote urbanand rural areasSurrey signed a contract with BT in September to extend the roll-out offibre broadband to 99.7% of the county’s premises and State Aid approvalfrom the EU for this programme was received in November.Compared to the rest of the UK Surrey is taking the lead in aiming togive almost 100% homes and businesses in the County access tosuperfast broadband.
  3. 3. The Big Build
  4. 4. What’s happening now?The key stages of building a new network: Pre-planning Pre-planning Preparing the Preparing the Planning the Planning the Installation Installation exchange exchange network networkA fullA full Agree and plan Agree and plan Surveying Surveying Building the new Building the newassessment ofassessment of when the new when the new underground underground network from the network from thethe existingthe existing equipment will be equipment will be ducts and ducts and exchange to the exchange to thenetwork tonetwork to placed inside the placed inside the planning where planning where new street new streetprovide accurateprovide accurate exchange. Every exchange. Every the new fibre, the new fibre, cabinets. cabinets.information forinformation for exchange is exchange is street cabinets street cabinetsour engineers.our engineers. different. different. and over ground and over ground equipment will equipment will go. We are go. We are meeting with meeting with Surrey district Surrey district councils to plan councils to plan this now. this now.
  5. 5. BT’s commercial investment in Surrey BT has announced 35 exchanges in Surrey where fibre broadband will be deployed, reaching over 360,000 homes and businesses 33 exchanges are live and accepting orders
  6. 6. Fibre: helping local businesses prosper Farnham Sound & Light Farnham Sound & Light a company specialising in DJ Hire, Disco Hire, Light Hire a company specialising in DJ Hire, Disco Hire, Light Hire and Sound Hire in and around Surrey & Hampshire. and Sound Hire in and around Surrey & Hampshire. The company is based in Farnham, Surrey and has The company is based in Farnham, Surrey and has grown rapidly in size since it was established in 2009. grown rapidly in size since it was established in 2009.“We need to be able to provide a quick and reliable service if we want to be able to beat our competitors and develop the business. Superfast broadband means that I am able to work more flexibly, easily keep our webpages up to date and respond to e-mails. We have been able to make use of our facebook page and Twitter account to upload videos and photos. This is crucial to increasing awareness, ” attracting new customers and building the company brand. Co-founder, Ollie Moore
  7. 7. Fibre: helping local residents prosper“ The difference between slow and fast broadband is huge and you really do realise how incredible it is to have a fast speed connection when you have had previous experience with a slow one. Whether its finding information, downloading job specifications, uploading assignments or placing your shopping order, faster broadband is a wonderful ” tool to facilitate and streamline the process. Amy Jane Leeson & Robert Davies, Epsom“ Using superfast broadband from previously being on a slower internet connection has allowed me to access online video streaming outlets such as Netflix & Love film. Also on demand apple TV works considerably faster and is more usable. Overall the experience of having superfast broadband has eliminated the frustration around simply using the internet and is now more of a useful user ” friendly tool rather than being a hindrance or pain to use. Heinz Krusekopf, Ewell village
  8. 8. Where is the partnership going ?  In total 15,000 homes and businesses will benefit from the first phase which will be complete by end of the September 2013  By end March 2014 Superfast Surrey should have reached around 55,000
  9. 9. Our commitment to the final few The ambition of the project is deliver a fibre based broadband service to everyone in the county And BT is trialling a number of new technologies to help improve broadband speeds for the most remote, rural premises – of which there are only a small number in Surrey. We will also look to see if fibre broadband can be extended to the final few through collaborative working
  10. 10. Where can you go for further information?