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Classroom Cataclysm:  Or What Happens to "School" When Learners Become Heroes
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Classroom Cataclysm: Or What Happens to "School" When Learners Become Heroes


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World of Warcraft is a better "school" than school! This presentation compares traditional schooling to World of Warcraft and explains how World of Warcraft is actually being used to teach middle …

World of Warcraft is a better "school" than school! This presentation compares traditional schooling to World of Warcraft and explains how World of Warcraft is actually being used to teach middle grades language arts in the WoWinSchool Project.

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  • 1. … Or ,What Happens To “School” When Learners Become Heroes
  • 2. Lucas Gillispie Instructional Technology Coordinator Pender County Schools Burgaw, North Carolina On Twitter: @PCSTech
  • 3.
  • 4. Craig Lawson Language Arts Teacher Cape Fear Middle School Rocky Point, North Carolina On Twitter: @MIDlawsonDLE
  • 5. Peggy Sheehy Instructional Technology and Media Specialist Ramapo Central Schools Suffern, New York On Twitter: @peggysheehy
  • 6. Why education needs a
  • 7. Meet Your Learners
  • 8. Can You Spot The Differences?
  • 9. Let’s Compare Learning Environments
  • 10. Resources for Learning Typical Classroom World of Warcraft Limited sources of information: teacher, textbook, worksheets. Built-in resources, fan sites, blogs, Facebook and Twitter feeds, WoWWiki, custom apps.
  • 11. Time For Learning Typical Classroom World of Warcraft Finite . Mastery must occur within allotted “seat time.” Achievement is variable. Infinite . Progression toward mastery is learner-paced. Achievement is constant.
  • 12. Collaboration Typical Classroom World of Warcraft “ No talking!” Slackers often get a free ride in group work. Collaboration is required for success. Everyone’s talents bring something to the team. Slackers fail. Guilds provide a larger community.
  • 13. Differentiation Typical Classroom World of Warcraft One size fits all. Shoot for the middle. Learners have little to no choice or say in the learning process. Choose the play (and learning) style that suits you. Customize your experience.
  • 14. Assessment Typical Classroom World of Warcraft Feared and hated by learners. Standardized. Rarely measures deep understanding. Periodic . Craved by learners. Varies based on chosen path. Perfectly assesses learning. Constant .
  • 15. Failure Typical Classroom World of Warcraft Failure is punitive . A 69 at the end of the course means you retake the course (discounting the fact the learner has mastered 69% of concepts). Failure is expected . Failing at a quest means you re-try, as often as needed, to achieve mastery. ( You don’t go back to level one .)
  • 16. Engagement Typical Classroom World of Warcraft Rare. Learning has little relevance and context to learners’ individual goals and passions. Extreme. Learning directly correlates with learners’ goals and is completely contextual.
  • 17. Creativity Typical Classroom World of Warcraft Few opportunities for creative expression of learning. Art. Fan fiction. Strategy guides. Machinima…
  • 18. Which would you choose?
  • 19. What if school was more like a game?
  • 20. What if we actually used World of Warcraft in school?
  • 21. What we want… Learners excited about Reading and Writing … to reach “the bored.” Learners demonstrating understanding through creativity
  • 22. Why World of Warcraft is not only the model but also the tool… Over 9500 quests like this one…
  • 23. What we’ve been up to…
  • 24. An Elective/Enrichment Class for Middle School Students
  • 25. Here’s How We’re Designing It…
  • 26. Blended/Hybrid Course Paperless Portable Granular Freely Available Built in
  • 27. Aligned to Common Core Standards
  • 28. The Approach
  • 29. Students as “Heroes”
  • 30. Parallel Reading Assignment
  • 31. Reflection on Life Experiences
  • 32.  
  • 33. Game-ifying The Classroom
  • 34. “ Heroes” Not Students
  • 35. “ Lorekeepers” Not Teachers
  • 36. Instead of Grades…
  • 37. … experience points (“XP”)
  • 38. “ Quests” Not Assignments
  • 39. Some Student Projects
  • 40. Character Tweets
  • 41. Propaganda/Ads
  • 42.  
  • 43.  
  • 44. Bilbo - The Rogue by Borconyx   I think that Bilbo would be a rogue, considering that his nickname is Burglar Baggins. I think this because &quot;stealth is the first class ability a rogue can get&quot;(Rogue 1).  Stealth is needed to be a good burglar because you can't wake the guards and you can`t make noise or the alarms will go off. Even Gandalf stated that &quot; you look more like a burglar than a grocer&quot;(Tolkien 18). Plus, Bilbo is smart. I think that would make him a rogue because rogues are intelligent enough to know that when you turn invisible that you need to be quiet because going invisible doesn't mean they can`t hear you. Works Cited   &quot;Rogue Talents.&quot;  WoWWiki . N.p., n.d. Web. 4 Jan 2011.< >. Tolkien, J.R.R.  The Hobbit . New York: Del Rey Books, 1937. 320. Print. Research/Argumentative Writing
  • 45. Writing Mission Statements The purpose of this guild is to encourage students to learn about fantasy literature, games, and writing. The Legacy gives students from around the world the opportunity to play the epic game, &quot;World of Warcraft.&quot; We make every effort to join together as a team and show that that we are eager, fearless, and victorious to make things happen. Learning through writing, games, stories and fantasy literature is something students will never forget.  –Monchy
  • 46. Global “Tours”
  • 47. Holiadore. It is a name of honor and pride. He has not yet lived up to the dream, but this night elf will train and train in the ways of the druid until he achieves his ultimate goal- to be as good as his father. His father never had pride in him so Holiadore ran away from home as a child and has practiced the ways of the druid ever since. He uses the skins of his foes to craft armor to use against stronger foes. He goes through many perils to do the bidding of the townspeople. He, in doing so, trains his abilities until they can increase no more. And when he reaches his ultimate goal, he will return to the place where he was raised, the place that, once, his family lived. And he will place flowers upon his father's grave, and continue in his practices. This is the story of Holiadore. Fan Fiction
  • 48. Come Learn With Us Here Are Some Tips
  • 49. Do Some Reading
  • 50. Start As A Club
  • 51. Get Your Principal On Board
  • 52. Find A Funding Source
  • 53. Consider Free Alternatives
  • 54. Join A Guild of Educators
  • 55. A Support Group Awaits! Cognitive Dissonance Guild Catherine Parsons @vgloucester
  • 56. Questions?
  • 57. Resource Slides
  • 58.  
  • 59.  
  • 60.  
  • 61.