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Social Media Marketing 101
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Social Media Marketing 101


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This slideshow will be presented in Atlanta at the end of August and a longer version used in my classes this September. An introductory guide for Social Media Marketing with a local focus and case …

This slideshow will be presented in Atlanta at the end of August and a longer version used in my classes this September. An introductory guide for Social Media Marketing with a local focus and case studies, this presentation will help individuals and small businesses create and monitor a social media marketing plan that works!

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  • Healther James Photography uses Flickr:1. Asan off site backup storage for all of high res files from various photo sessions, marked “private” for confidentiality.2. To share designs, photos and inspiration with fellow photographers as well as gain those same things from pros around the world!
  • Transcript

    • 1.
    • 2. Social media marketing engages a specific online audience through
      conversation, creativity and community. This community functions
      as an independent marketing tool and becomes a fundamental part
      of a brand’s overall marketing strategy.
      “It’s about brands having conversations.”
      – Lloyd Salmons, Chairman, Internet Advertising Bureau
    • 3. 5 Reasons Why Your Small Business
      Needs Social Media
      1. Exposure / Branding: Use your company name in your Twitter handle.
      Customer Service: Search websites like Twitter and Technorati for people talking about your company.
      3. Networking / Sales Opportunities: Host a Tweetup or schedule a meeting with someone you met through social media.
      4. Backlinks / Traffic: Sign up for Google Analytics or Webmaster to see where your traffic and backlinks are coming from.
      5. Market Intelligence: Set up a Google Alert for your company name and subscribe to the alerts via email.
    • 4. People who see your entries on social media websites will visit
      your links and associated website.
    • 5. Referral traffic from websites which link to you and send you
      visitors, after they come across your content through social sites.
    • 6. Blogs and Twitter are a great place to start:
    • 12.
      • Integrate your online marketing with your overall Marketing Plan.
      • 13. Outline your approach to delivering your products or services so they address the needs, opinions and issues that are important to your audience.
      • 14. Lead a discussion that addresses a topic of importance and immediacy to your target audience.
      • 15. Use proven marketing tools like contests & free samples.
      • 16. Start an online group that provides information that relates issues to your product or service.
      Engage your audience!
      Provide Value!
    • 17.
    • 18.
    • 19.
    • 20. What Erica says about
      “LinkedIn is a great place to expand your professional network far outside your own areas of interest and experience.
      Your LinkedIn Profile is your resume. What do you want people to know about you right away? You have three lines to make an impress, make it good.
      LinkedIn Answers are a great exercise in dealing with the absurd. From ignorance to agenda, they give you a chance to be seen, heard and sometimes even understood.
      Connect with relevance. You liked an answer or reply, that's relevant. A person has a lot of contacts in your field - sleazy but relevant. Like all social media, LinkedIn is a cocktail 
      party, and you aren't sure who might walk through the door - could be just the person you
      were waiting for!”
    • 21.
    • 22. What’s in a name?
      • Personal vs. Professional
      • 23. User Name vs. Real Name
      Important Account Information
      • Short interesting bio
      • 24. Website Link
      • 25. Custom Background
      • 26. Avatar (Picture)
      Account Settings
      • Public vs. Protected
      • 27. Mobile Updates
      • 28. Email Notices
      • 29. Facebook Integration
    • Follow People
      • 30. Find People link
      • 31. Create using the hash symbol: #hashtag
      • 32. Follow @hashtags to be tracked
      • 33. Use sparingly & effectively
      Twitter conventions
      • @ before a Twitter name is a “mention”: @lgesin
      • 34. @ + Twitter name at the start of a tweet is a reply
      • 35. D sends a direct message: D @lgesin
      • 36. RT “retweets” another twitterer’s tweet
    • 37.
    • 38. Manage multiple accounts with:
      Manage your account with:
      Share pictures with:
    • 39. Test your website BEFORE you implement marketing strategy!
      Measure the success of your approach with:
      Monitor statistics provided by your hosting company.
    • 40. For additional information, visit these websites:
      • 41.
      • 42.
      • 43.
      • 44.
      • 45.
      • 46.
      • 47.
      Visit my website at and
      follow me on Twitter:!