All about my family's lesson plan


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All about my family's lesson plan

  1. 1. 1 Newark Preschool Council Center: Sharpe James Teacher: Liliana Gallego Date: August 9, 2010 Lesson Plan Title: “All About My Family” Multicultural Digital Story (Family’s project). Concept / Topic To Teach: Where is my family from? What are my family traditions? Level: Preschool Standards Addressed: Standard 6.1: Children identify unique characteristics of themselves, their families, and others. 6.1.1 Describe characteristics of oneself, one’s family, and others 6.1.2 Demonstrate an understanding of family roles and traditions. 6.4.1. Learn about and respect other cultures within the classroom and community. Standard 7.1: Children know that people use different languages (including sign language) to communicate, and will express simple greetings, words, and phrases in a language other than their own. 7.1.1 Acknowledge that a language other than their own is being spoken or used (e.g., in a story, rhyme, or song). 7.1.2 Say simple greetings, words, and phrases in a language other than their own. 7.1.3 Comprehend previously learned simple vocabulary in a language other than their own.
  2. 2. 2 Standard 8.3: Begin to use electronic devices to communicate. 8.3.1. Use electronic devices (e.g., computer) to type name and to create stories with pictures and letters/words. General Goal(s): Children will be able to name two out of three aspects of their own family by creating “All About My Family” Digital Story with their family. Bloom’s Taxonomy: Synthesis. Specific Objectives:  Children will be able to explain the favorite activity of their family by drawing a picture. Bloom’s taxonomy: Comprehension.  Children will be able to select their favorite food by working with plastic food at Dramatic Play area. Bloom’s Taxonomy: Evaluation.  Children will be able to recognize the flag of their family’s country by looking the picture, or the really flag. Bloom’s Taxonomy: Knowledge.  Children will be able to demonstrate knowledge of their home language by singing a song, reading a book, or reciting a poem. Bloom’s Taxonomy: Application.  Children will be able to negotiate with partners and teacher by exploring and celebrating similarities and differences among children, lifestyles, and cultures. Bloom’s Taxonomy: Analysis. Required Materials: Computer with a microphone and camera, video editing program (imovie, photoshow, etc.), internet connection, family’s pictures.
  3. 3. 3 Step-By-Step Procedures: 1. The parents and child can start by answering the following questions, a) Where is my family from? b) What language we speak at home? c) What is my family’s favorite food? d) How we celebrate the holidays? e) What is the child’s favorite book? f) What is the child’s favorite game? 2. Parents must show the flag of your county to the children to encourage them to identify the flag’s colors. 3. Find some family’s pictures, and talk about relationships, clothes, time, and places looking at the pictures. 4. Choose a book in your home language and read together. 5. The family can play a traditional game of your country. 6. Listen to the music in your own language. 7. Choose a song in your home languages and sing together. 8. Open a new folder on your computer (Digital Story), in order to save all your files or pictures in the same place. 9. Select the program to create the Digital Story. 10. The family can create podcasts, and videos. 11. Put all files together (pictures, videos, music, podcasts), and save the Digital Story. 12. Let the teacher knows the Digital Story by publishing at internet or creating a DVD.
  4. 4. 4 During the process Let the child asks questions, give her/his opinion, ideas, and enjoy spending time together. In addition the family can go to the school to ask questions to the teacher. Closure (Reflect Anticipatory Set): Children, family, and teachers will be able to celebrate Diversity Festival on May, 2011 by planning the activities during the school year. Bloom’s Taxonomy: Synthesis. Teacher notes The teacher has a thematic unit to develop with children at school by doing the following activities,  Read books in different languages.  Dance to music from different counties.  Learn songs in different languages.  Identify the colors of the flags.  Create art projects about different countries.  Decorate the school with the national symbols of the different countries.  Invite family or community member from different countries to spending time with the children at school.
  5. 5. 5 Assessment Based On Objectives: The assignment will be evaluated using the rubric below, CATEGORY yes with help not yet Knowledge Child recognizes all Child recognizes some Children can’t the flag’s colors of flag’s colors of her/his recognize any flag’s her/his family’s family’s country. color of her/his country. family’s country. Comprehension Child names two out of Child names one out of Child can’t name any three aspects of her/ two aspects of he/his aspects of her/his own his own family. own family. family. Application Child says a lot of Child says some words Child can’t say any words, and phrases in in her/his home words in her/his home her/his home language. language. language. Enthusiasm Facial expressions and Facial expressions and Very little use of body language body language facial expressions or generate a strong sometimes generate a body language. Did not interest and strong interest and generate much enthusiasm about enthusiasm about interest in the different cultures. different cultures. different cultures.
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