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SOLEA Organic Cleaning Solutions is one of the first organic cleaning products to enter the 28 billion dollar household and commercial cleaning product market. We go beyond all of the natural and non-toxic cleaners and set a new standard for 'clean' with USDA certified organic, Green Seal compliant, non-GMO certified cleaners.

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  1. 1. CONFIDENTIAL A sustainable opportunity for the conscious investor
  2. 2. 2CONFIDENTIAL SOLEA is a premium line of USDA certified organic household and commercial cleaning products with a mission in mind: To set the new standard -- ridding our homes and communities of harmful, toxic cleaners, replacing them with organic products and getting them really clean. SUMMARY
  3. 3. 3CONFIDENTIAL THE SOLEA TEAM Paul Andrecola Ph.D. INVENTEK Research and Manufacturing Chemicals Michael Ledbetter Systems analyst for private military contractor managing 100 million dollar projects Co-Host The Green Hour Laura Lomax Health care management for 20+ years Author of Vegan cookbook Host and Producer of The Green HourTed Ning LOHAS Green Marketing ADVISORY BOARD MANAGEMENT TEAM Bennett Lomax The Lomax Companies Investment Management Adam McCarthy Founder / President GREENOLOGY PRODUCTS INC. First Line of Organic Cleaning Products Gary Lord Retail experience CFO Paul Hopkins, N.D. Naturopathic Doctor U.N. Diplomat Community Relations/Education MANUFACTURER STRATEGIC PARTNERS The Lomax Companies
  4. 4. 4CONFIDENTIAL PROBLEM 50% of Americans have a chronic illness leading consumers to seek healthier products to prevent sickness and/or sustain a healthy lifestyle.
  5. 5. 5CONFIDENTIAL SOLUTION SOLEA offers certified organic, effective eco-friendly cleaners, targeting the 21 Billion dollar household cleaning market and the 7.1 Billion dollar commercial cleaning market in the U.S.
  6. 6. 6CONFIDENTIAL Thanks Mom! I can breathe with SOLEA. Stop using hazardous, toxic cleaning products and experience 100% organic effectiveness of SOLEA clean solutions! Superior
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  13. 13. 8CONFIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL CLEANING PRODUCTS All Purpose Cleaner Bathroom Cleaner Glass Cleaner Carpet Spot Remover Green Seal GS-37 Compliant
  14. 14. SOLEA PRODUCTS ARE FREE OF: 9 •  Phosphates •  Phthalates •  Parabens •  Phenols •  Ammonia •  Sodium Lauryl Sulfate •  Sodium Lauryl Sulfate •  Ethylene Glycol •  Propylene Glycol •  Butyl Cellosolve •  Synthetic Preservatives •  Petroleum-based Materials •  GMOs
  15. 15. MORINGA (moor-in-ga) 10 1. Super food that contains a remarkably high content of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, healthy fats, antioxidants and other nutrients. 2. Originating in Arabia and Northern India, records show Moringa was used in Ayurvedic medicine as long ago as 5,000 years, while the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians are believed to have used it as an ingredient in food and cosmetics. Moringa is used to make everything from food to cosmetics to cleaning agents to natural dyes and fertilizer. It can even be used to purify drinking water! The oil, pods, seeds, flowers, roots, sap and bark can all be used, leaving behind little waste.
  16. 16. 11CONFIDENTIAL MARKETING Market Size $28 Billion Targeted Market Size $1.68 Billion Targeted End Customer LOHAS Consumers •  Deep Green – 16% of U.S. consumers •  Naturalites – 23% of U.S. consumers Targeted Direct Customer •  National Distributor to Natural and Grocery Store channels •  Janitorial Service Companies Retail Price Point (Average) Household cleaning: $5.61 Laundry: $11.99 Commercial: $35.00 Current Customers Wholefoods Markets (20) ShopRite (6) Distributor (1) Independent Natural Food Stores (18) Online Sales (85) Acquiring New Customers Multimedia Marketing Campaign Product Placement The Green Hour Christina Pirello Endorsement and Website In Store Demos
  17. 17. 12CONFIDENTIAL MARKETING AND SALES/DISTRIBUTION Marketing •  Product Placement •  Content Marketing •  In-store demos •  Advertising: In store, print, radio, television, product placement •  Social Media •  Word of Mouth Partner with Commercial Cleaning Company Direct Sales •  Non-profit auto shipment •  Web sales Distribution •  KeHE/ Tree of Life •  Niche Cleaning Supplies
  18. 18. 13CONFIDENTIAL SOLEA CERTIFICATION SOLEA will work with Team Clean to ‘SOLEA-certify” buildings and institutions. SOLEA Certification is a mark of commitment to products and best practices that are good for people, the planet and profitability: •  Mission statement that includes statement about sustainability and defined goals. •  Use of local resources, including personnel, products and services. •  Diversity
  19. 19. 14CONFIDENTIAL People who know me, know that I'm genetically wired to clean...every Friday morning is cleaning day at my house (and I do it all myself, what can I say, I'm a Italian). When I discovered SOLEA household cleaning products an unimaginable love affair began. From laundry to glass, all purpose, veggie wash and more, these products clean like no others I've ever used. Plus, I love their mission to get chemical laden cleaners out of our schools. Give SOLEA a go, if you're a clean freak like me, there's no doubt in my mind that you'll love it.. ~ PBS Chef Christina Pirello of Christina Cooks We met at the Philly Farm & Food fest and you wanted me to test your window cleaner. I am impressed. The smell is clean and the results are streak-free. I haven't cleaned the sunroom windows (the final and ultimate test), but I am extremely pleased with the results in the other rooms of my house. THANK YOU! ~ Jan – Philadelphia, PA I am a home-schooler so I approached this as a learning opportunity for my children. We first researched the company website. Then we investigated Moringa. Then I used the Multipurpose spray. I just kept cleaning because it worked so well. My family was shocked because they don’t see me clean like that. So we decided, if this worked so well, let’s try the other products – I had bought a set, one of each. So I tried the laundry liquid – only ½ capful according to the instructions so I kept the washer lid open to see if there were suds, and there were suds! This is really the best product I’ve ever used. ~ Linda – Philadelphia, PA Moringa is a highly effective antibacterial ingredient. It is a nutrient rich super food so if it gets on your body or you place food on the table after it’s been wiped down, it will do no harm. This is a highly effective plant-based product...and you know plant-based is the way to go on all fronts. ~ Dr. Paul Hopkins - Naturopath, Philadelphia, PA   WHAT ARE PEOPLE SAYING ABOUT SOLEA!
  20. 20. 15CONFIDENTIAL INGREDIENTS POSSIBLE ISSUES METHOD MRS. MEYERS GREEN WORKS (Clorox) SEVENTH GENERATION SOLEA Dyes Have been linked to cancer, can be toxic to animals, slow to biodegrade. X NONE Alcohol Respiratory and skin irritant, flammable, can act as an aggressive solvent which may damage surfaces in the home. X X NONE Synthetic Fragrance Central nervous system depressant, respiratory and skin irritant, slow to biodegrade, toxic. X X X NONE Sulfates (SLS and SLES) and/or sulfanates Irritating to skin and eyes, may contain 1,4-Dioxane. X X NONE No Ethoxylates (Petroleum based cleaning agents) Ethylene oxide/petroleum based, may contain1,4-Dioxane, many pose threat to marine life, linked to cancer and sterility. X X NONE Petrochemical Solvents Petroleum based, many are respiratory and skin irritants, toxic, may damage surfaces in the home. X NONE COMPETITION (Household cleaning)
  21. 21. 16CONFIDENTIAL FINANCIAL SUMMARY (PROJECTED) YEAR 1 2 3 # STORES 814 4122 7210 REVENUE $5,013,221.15 $17,926,857.48 $172,662,338.05 COGS $3,100,966.88 $11,049,846.81 $106,009,799.38 EXPENSES $1,896,925.43 $3,589,261.07 $8,079,621.47 EBITDA $15,328.84 $3,287,749.60 $58,572,917.21
  22. 22. 17CONFIDENTIAL MILESTONES Q1 Q2 Q3 PRODUCTS •  Establish inventory to support Wholefoods and KeHE •  Commercial Cleaning products •  Organic certification •  Non-GMO Certification •  Green Seal Certification •  Add Organic Body care products TEAM •  Patent License with manufacturer •  Digital Marketing partner •  Add Professional Demo Company •  Add national distributor e.g. KeHE/Tree of Life •  Add Presence Dynamic Brokers •  Meet Sales targets •  Add Commercial Product Distributor •  Secretary •  Web Manager •  Operations Assistant MARKETING •  Marketing plan implementation with KeHE distributors •  In store demos at Natural and Grocery Stores •  Multimedia Advertising Campaign (Radio/TV/In Store) •  In store demos at Wholefoods •  National Multimedia Advertising Campaign (Radio/TV/In Store) •  Participate in trade show •  In store demos •  Multimedia Advertising Campaign (Radio/TV/In Store) •  Participate in trade show SALES •  250 Natural and Grocery Stores •  Add 350 Natural/Grocery Stores •  Partner with Cleaning Co. •  Major supermarket chain (Food Lion) •  Add 150 Natural/Grocery Stores •  Partner with 2 Cleaning Cos. •  Major supermarket chain (Food Lion)
  23. 23. 18CONFIDENTIAL FINANCING ROUND DATE AMOUNT SOURCE 1 10/2011 $170,000 Friends/Family 2 9/2013 $250,000 Investor 3 10/2013 $7,000,000. Investor
  24. 24. 19CONFIDENTIAL USE OF FUNDS Working Capital $1,396,925.00 Inventory $955,774.00 License $1,000,000.00 Marketing $3,944,325.00       $7,297,024.00
  25. 25. 20CONFIDENTIAL EXIT STRATEGY Our plan for exit is to grow the company to 70 Million dollars in revenue by the end of 2015 and sell to a large mass market company such as S.C. Johnson or Proctor and Gamble.
  26. 26. 21CONFIDENTIAL CONCLUSION SOLEA sets the new standard for ‘clean’ with its organic cleaning product line that’s good for people, pets and the planet.
  27. 27. 22CONFIDENTIAL CONTACT US Laura Lomax 200 Highpoint Drive Chalfont, PA 18914 215-933-2194 Michael Ledbetter 200 Highpoint Drive Chalfont, PA 18914 215-970-3812