Year 7 – Recreations lesson 1– Solo


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  • New beginnings, new starts, start of something new.
  • Everyone wants to be successful in an assessment – knowing how to get there is half the job!
  • Differentiation: Support questions for lower ability students. Which area are we looking at? What are we doing with the Lion King?
  • Teacher uses this as an opportunity to tease out what is meant from these two words.
  • Year 7 – Recreations lesson 1– Solo

    1. 1. Year 7 – Recreations – Lesson 1• Introduction to the Assessment
    2. 2. FascinatorWhat do all these things have in common?
    3. 3. Learning Intention• To know and understand the requirements to successfully complete the unit assessment.
    4. 4. SOLO StepsWe are learning how to Identify the key criteria for a successfulwritten assessment. [Unistructural]We are learning how to Describe the key criteria for a successfulwritten assessment [Multistructural]We are learning how to Analyse the key criteria for a successfulwritten assessment [Relational]We are learning how to Prioritise the key criteria for a successfulwritten assessment [Extended Abstract]
    5. 5. Introduction to Assessment• At the end of this unit you will have written an extended, descriptive story based on the opening of ‘The Lion King.’
    6. 6. At the end of this unit youwill have written anextended, descriptive storybased on the opening of ‘TheLion King.’Here are all the words of theassessment description allpulled apart.Your task is to identify theKEY words of the assessmentdescription.First stage: Get rid of thewords we don’t need!
    7. 7. Here are the key words fromthe assessment description. Inpairs can you put them in orderfrom MOST important to LEASTimportant in your books?Challenge level One: Whichwords tells us which kind ofassessment we are doing?Challenge level Two: Whichwords tell us what we need todo to be successful in ourassessment?
    8. 8. Learning Check – Independent Enquirer Skills Write three you need to ask in order to be that you the assessment.
    9. 9. Let us look at our key words from theassessment description and put all the pieces together.
    10. 10. The Lion KingWhat pieceof theassessmentpuzzle are‘The LionKing’,‘opening’and ‘based’
    11. 11. Setting‘The Lion King’will provide thesetting for yourstory. You will beusing it as astimulus (ideastarter) for yourfinal piece.To be successfulyour piece mustbe set in theopening scenes of‘The Lion King’.
    12. 12. Describelevel one in your own words.
    13. 13. Check your Learning CheckHave any of your questions beenanswered so far?
    14. 14. Which words indicate which kind of assessment you are doing?
    15. 15. This is a written assessment.You have been asked to write a story.
    16. 16. What makes a good….What is the teacher looking for in a… what is important in a…
    17. 17. Describelevel two in your own words.
    18. 18. Check your Learning CheckHave any of your questions beenanswered so far?
    19. 19. Which words indicate what theassessment needs to have in it?
    20. 20. Describelevel three in your own words.
    21. 21. These words might need further analysisExtendedDescriptive
    22. 22. Working backwardsKeeping those two key words in your mindextended and descriptive watch the openingscene of the ‘The Lion King.’After you have watched it work with yourlearning partner to link the words extended anddescriptive to the clip. Put your thoughts andideas on the board under the relevant headings.
    23. 23. Extended Descriptive
    24. 24. Prioritise ++ ActivityThinking about our writing Afs and Levels putthe key words* in order the TOP of the list is thehigher level skills.The BOTTOM of the list is the lower level skills. * Group words together if you need to
    25. 25. Plenary• In your own words (using your pyramid) write what the assessment is asking you to do.• How will you be successful in your assessment?• Are any of your learning check questions still left unanswered?• What questions will you need to ask next lesson to continue to be successful in your assessment?