CyTSE 2011 Cyberlearning Tools for Mathematics
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CyTSE 2011 Cyberlearning Tools for Mathematics



Powerpoint Slides from CyTSE 2011 Conference

Powerpoint Slides from CyTSE 2011 Conference

March 8, 2011 Claremont Hotel Berkeley, CA



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CyTSE 2011 Cyberlearning Tools for Mathematics Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Cyberlearning Tools for STEM Education Conference 2011
    Join the online discussion backchannel for this session at:
    Cyberlearning Tools for Mathematics: Addressing Accessibility
  • 2. Cyberlearning Tools for Mathematics:Addressing Accessibility
    Lila F. Roberts, Clayton State University
  • 3. Online Math Resources
  • 4. Many GREAT Sites Have Accessibility Issues
    2008 MERLOT Classics Award in Mathematics
    Exemplary Online Materials for Mathematics Teaching
    Demos with Positive Impact—
  • 5. Many GREAT Sites Have Accessibility Issues
  • 6. It’s the LAW: Website accessibility is not optional. Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act was designed to remove barriers in information technology for those who have disabilities. (Applies to IT developed or purchased by Federal Agencies)
    Why Worry?
  • 7. The DoJ is considering expansion of the regulations to “establish specific requirements for State & Local governments and public accommodations to make websites accessible to individuals with disabilities.”
    Why Worry?
  • 8. Many institutions are currently in the process of ensuring compliance with ADA web site accessibility standards.
    --excerpt from Los Angeles Pierce College Web Site Accessibility Statement
    “Accessibility guidelines state that all items required in a course syllabus are accessible. Any website that is required for course work must also be compliant.”
    Why Worry?
    It’s the RIGHT thing to do.
  • 9. Challenges in getting Math on the Web
    Mathematical Symbols (no universal browser support for MathML)
    Interactive Web Materials (most materials use scripts, which are not keyboard accessible)
    Video and other Multimedia Objects (most video animations do not have alternatives and/or captions/transcripts)
    Graphics objects (many are in formats that do not scale nicely—no universal browser support)
  • 10. An NSF-funded project to adapt calculus materials from Demos with Positive Impact so that they are more accessible to individuals who have mild visual or aural disabilities
    Primary Goal: Incorporate accessibility best practices into web site, including captioning animations and videos.
    Broader Impact—Beyond Section 508: Adapt materials to be accessible for mobile devices such as iPad and Android devices, and to provide multi-lingual accessibility via caption tracks in video animations.
    Accessible Calculus
  • 11. Closed Captioning: Camtasia + YouTube
    Math Symbols: MathJax
    Flash-less Interactive Tool: JSXGraph
    Addressing Accessibility
  • 12. Camtasia + YouTube
  • 13. Camtasia + YouTube
  • 14. YouTubeGo To Website
  • 15. Mathematics on the Web
  • 16. Interactive Graphics Tool
    Go to Website
  • 17. GuidelinesW3C Web Accessibility Initiative: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0): Web Accessibility in Mind: CheckersWeb Accessibility Checker: Accessibility Evaluation Tool (WAVE): Accessibility Evaluation Toolbar for Firefox: Says:
    Resources for Accessible Design
  • 18. Captioning Tools
    From Techsmith (
    Camtasia Studio (for Windows)
    Camtasia for Mac
    From Automatic Sync Technology
    CamptionSync Automated Closed Captions (
    --Human Transcribers, Spanish Language Captions, Automatically generated captions if transcript provided
  • 19. YouTube Accessible Controls
    YouTube Accessible Controls (OSU):
  • 20. Math on the Web
    Accessible Math on the Web
    Need help with MathML or LaTeX?
    Design Science MathType:
    Display MathML in Internet Explorer:
    Design Science: MathPlayer:
    Make Math More Accessible
    Design Science: MathDaisy:
  • 21. Interactive Math
    Javascript Interactive Graphics Tool: JSXGraph
    SVG if browsers support it (such as Firefox, Safari, Safari Mobile, Chrome)
    VML in Internet Explorer 8
    Canvas if browser does not support SVG or VML (Android)