Lenswood Memorial Park : history


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History of Lenswood Memorial Park.

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Lenswood Memorial Park : history

  1. 1. Lenswood Memorial Park Inc~ HistoryIncorporated in 1946
  2. 2. Volume 712. Folio 29 & Volume1907 Folio 261924 – Property of Ben Lawrance, looking east from Hill 1932 – Property of Ben Lawrance, looking east from Hill1940 – Property of Ben Lawrance, looking west towards Hill 1940’s –Lawrance family standing on bridge across the creekBenjamin Lawrance purchased the land from George Monks in 1920. In 1944 it was soldto Mrs M Hales. Lawrance held a £1200 mortgage on the land.
  3. 3. Citizen’s meeting : 6 Nov 194627 November1946Ask community to donate £2,500 – wholepurchase price11 December1946£600 raised by donationDecided to ask public for loans19 December1946Full amount required raised – 2% interest to bepaid on loans5 February1947First AGMConstitution plannedFirst committeePresident – H.K. CaldicottSecretary - S.N. NortonC.G. Mason, S.E. Green, E.L. GilesSubscriptions 1/-7 May 1947 Some loans repaid (after selling of apple crop onland)4 June 1947 Sale of farming items purchased with land.30 July 1947 Central Cricket Ground offered income frompines on that land (Forest Range near Ford)towards Lenswood Memorial Park.Decided to plant pines on land (4 acres) acrosscreek and to retain and rent the house at thistime.Social Committee formed – Miss. M. Vickers,Mrs H.K. Caldicott, Mrs L. Burke, Mrs E.L. Giles,Don Kumnick, George Schultz, A.L. Vickers,Don Green, Ron Probert, Les Green, BrianVickers, Bryant Giles.
  4. 4. 1946 - 1947
  5. 5. 6 August1947Advice sought from Town Planner re layout of facilities. A plan wasdeveloped10 November1947Land exchange with H. Schultz. Some land across, some of itacross the creek, was exchanged for land on the road side.Initial plan final and placed on board at Cold Store for publicdiscussion.4 February1948Subscriptions increased to 5/-5 May 1948 J.V. Green asked to scoop and grade the land. Council asked forgrader to finish surface.14 July 1948 2000 pines given by Mr Fred Brockhoff (note that some of thesedied and were replaced by donations from other residents over thecoming year).1947 - 1948 - Development of facilitiesArbor day - 23 July 1948 planting dayChronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954),Thursday 5 August 1948, page 11
  6. 6. Development of facilities1949 Plan : 4 tennis courts at southern end of ground, with club house; oval with pavilion onwestern side; bowling green in north west corner, croquet green in north west corner;childrens play ground to east near ‘Government Road; basket ball court with rustic shelter.
  7. 7. Official opening : 19499 April 1949 Official opening – Premier Tom Playford.Gala ball at Mission Hall.4 May 1949 Football Club apply to use oval for 1949 season.Barricade planned to protect orchard of F.W. Green.12 August1949Trees planted around boundaries.9 November1949Plan for laying two tennis courts.Bowling Green deferred.3 May 1950 Basketball court surfaced but Tennis courts still not started.19 July 1950 Unorganised sport by local residents permitted on Sundaymornings.2 March 1951 Gala days had been held almost annually4 April 1951 Childrens’ playground equipment purchased although noterected for over a year.18 July 1951 Decided to sell house on Park land, by tender.The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 -1954), Thursday 7 April 1949, page 6The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954),Friday 2 March 1951, page 13The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954), Wednesday 26September 1951, page 5
  8. 8. 1952 - 195930 July 1952 Oval per year £10Tennis Courts per year £10Basket Ball Courts per year £54 November1953Planning for building at the Park – finallyfinished late 1956.28 January1957Gala night fair - featured weight throwing,tractor backing, barbeque, cake stall,jumble stall, entry 2/- (children free).11 October1958Karen Kumnick was asked to act asJunior Queen for the Xmas Carnival andSue Conlon asked to act as attendant.5 November1958Guy Fawkes night successful and thisevent continued for a number of years.In 1961 a ‘lovely legs’ competition and adisplay by the Adelaide Archer Club wasincluded in the event. Regularcompetitions included childrens’competitions, tractor backing and a 100yard race. Stalls raised much neededfunds and there was the obligatorychocolate wheel. A house of horrors wasoften a feature. The Rural Youth Clubassisted with the events.26 February1959Park building to be painted green andwhite.Lenswood Basketball - JoySchapel, Jill Schultz, Pam Rowley,Velma Bridges, Barbara Joyce, KayFullston :: Dorothy Bonython,Judith BridgesLenswood Basketball - JanineCroft, Ann Pfieler, Kay Fullston(capt), Helen Stott, Pam Bennett ::Kath Joyce, Gay Schultz, BrendaStottSwamp Road,including oval lookingnorth. 1963.
  9. 9. 1961 - 19639 June1961Memorial Archway completed and front fence planned.21 July1961Two ‘dressing room’ and a shower room additions planned for ParkHall.4 April1962Hall floor discussions had continued for a number of years. Thefloor had ‘bumps as the dampness caused a problem with anyflooring plans. Grading of land outside the hall was planned toencourage better drainage. An underground drain was alsoplanned across the front. Extra vents were also added at eachend.Table Tennis begins to use the hall.1962 -1963In July 1962 Bill Joyce suggested an Apple Festival to raise funds- a committee formed to investigate similar events aroundAustralia. Planning continued over the coming year. Friday 22 –Sunday 24 March planned.Other apple regions joined the committee for planning andspreading the workload.Queen competition and a Ball were proposed. The Queensrepresented their region and part of the judging was based on theamount of money they raised.A new bridge provided access for picnics across the creek.Table tennis move to the Park.
  10. 10. 1965 - 197528 July 1965 Planning commences to add a veranda at the front of the hall.17 May 1966 Gymnasium Club started to use the hall.13 October196620th anniversary celebrations planned29 September19752000 feet of drainage laid under the oval and the surface reseeded. The wet land near the creek on SWAMProad continues to plague the Park.Wall in front of the Hall also erected.Lenswood Ranges Football Colts - Runners-up - 1969Ian Leslie, Gordon Mason, John MullerKym Green, Barry Hewlett, Peter East, Ian East, GaryPetersonChris Conlon, Peter Probert, David Osborne, ColinPlummer, David Coulter, Peter MasonRobert Schultz, Graeme Green, Graham Edwards (Cap),Bill Joyce (Coach), David Schultz (V Cap), Peter Redden,Neil Cramond
  11. 11. 1981 - 199028 August 1981 The creek running along the back of the Hall has, on occasion, flooded with various impacts on thebuilding. In 1981 it was noted that the piano was re-tuned after the flood.Keeping the piano in tune in that wet environment was a constant battle for many years.7 August 1985 Lenswood Fitness Club joined the Park.Football and Netball no longer used the facilities, but remained affiliated.7 August 1987 Robe Mason Pavilion erected in memory of the long service Robe gave to the Park.New fences erected and the Hall was painted.Tennis Club planned the concreting of the courts.A social club was again formed.10 September 1989 Some of the Netball Club were noted to have moved to Forest Range courts.Lenswood Ranges Football A cricketMt Barker & Eastern Hills Premiers - 1979-80Brenton Conlon, Graeme Green, Gordon Mason, DarylPollard, Mark Joyce, John McInnes (Insert)Colin Plummer, Kym Norton (V Cap), John Plummer(Cap), Dean Brock, Trevor Plummer
  12. 12. 1992 - 199521 July1992New constitution.Forest Range Junior Soccer affiliated.Hall was reroofed and floor cemented.The tennis shed was reroofed and thenetball court resurfaced.Two karoke nights raised money for theTennis Club and an auction and festivalwere held.27 July1993Floor surface laid.After two year’s planning new playgroundequipmentinstalled (grant from Council, funds fromLadiesCommittee and donation from Lions Club).Fund raising was a Talent night, Deb ball19 October1994No festival – fund raising was Talent night,Old Style Dance31 July1995Garden at front of hall replanted.Talent night and Family Dance.30 August1996New gutters, fascia, roof tek-screwed,external painting, new cement laid in frontof hall oval lights repaired and new toiletblock completed.A party for any reason - ‘Toilet block’openingWelcome by Bill JoyceRibbon cutting by Emily RowleyOld playground
  13. 13. 199128 August 1991 The Ladies Committee ceased operation.After years of battling wood floors damaged by damp a grant to cement the floor was obtained. TheFitness Club moved elsewhere.Major fundraisers for the past year were an auction, Deb ball and festival.
  14. 14. 1996 - 1999November1996Nov 1996 function to celebrate 50 years was held – displays of memorabilia attracted many former residentsback for a chat and afternoon tea.23 July 1997 Fundraising included line dancing and a Quiz night.Lobethal Football Club affiliated.24 August1998Sealed floor, improved the kitchen and curtained the hall.Tourist Association Apple and Wine FairKaraoke night, quiz night, Football reunion was major function.11 October1999Raising funds for new roof.
  15. 15. Lenswood Memorial Park IncHistoryFor more information contact the Lenswood & Forest Range Local History GroupGo to home page: http://historylfr.wordpress.comView current topics: http://lenswood-forestrange.org.au/?page_id=892View more local history pages: http://lenswood-forestrange.org.au/?page_id=230Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/LenswoodForestRangeLocalHistoryEmail: lenswoodforestrange2012@gmail.com
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