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  • 1. UNITEDN8IONS.COM A users manual By Laura Forgea Brought to you with Asian Tourist Bullets
  • 2. Updating Picture & Profile Hover over your login info in upper right corner Click the picture box Under “Settings”- click “Public Profile”  Update “Public Display Name”  Click “Change your Gravatar”  Upload FACE ONLY (Sugam) image of self
  • 3. Tagline This is a short phrase to describe what our website is about  Suggestions so far:  Lifestyle of the united  Keepin it funky  Lives of the young, wild & free
  • 4. Schedule for BloggersMonday Tuesday Wednesda Thursday Friday Saturday EEvvenn y onn Sunday AyyPerla Poona Morni Sugam Laura Insta- Gramm m n’ ys Jamare e Night- cap Ismete
  • 5. Catergories - Scategories When adding a new post, we have the options to “Categorize” it. There are 10 Categories to choose from. Please enjoy.
  • 6. Back in the Day Use this category when you post includes:  Pictures/ stories from Siena.  Gatherings post Siena/ pre UN.  Childhood stories that you find hilarious.  Throwback stories you feel like relivin’.  Does not have to be inclusive of all UN members; just an enjoyable tale or image.
  • 7. Breaking News (Named after Jam’s ringtone for Bob’s texts) This should be used when there is major news involving and UN Member, loved one or close friend. Examples:  Poonicks just eloped!  Ismete is preggo with octuplets!  Sugam had s…………. Spaghetti!  Perla is moving back to the east siiiide!
  • 8. Day Time = Play Time Our blog has several categories devoted to…. Well, just pictures of our fine asses to be honest Use this category to show off a cute, sick, bomb ass outfit for a DAYTIME only activity (not including work) What’s that you say? You require an example?
  • 9. Day Time = Play Time Please always write caption of your events so UN can easily stalk your being This day I was going on a tour of Boston with Luke Shopping Dinner with Laura O
  • 10. Hot Finds! Some people are very excited about this category.. (ie, 3 virgins: Laura, Sugam and ESPECIALLY Ismete Cake) For you lovebirds, feel free to save all the hot men for us .. I mean be the loyal, wonderful girlfriends that you are.. Hot finds are hot men, solo or in a group that we photograph Feel free to: Snap a shot in secret and post away (Sugam please look into the legality of this)
  • 11. Hot Finds Brainstorm Break We should develop 3 quick and easy questions to ask each hot find.. Discuss amongst yourselves and produce…. I will wait
  • 12. InstaGrammys  This one is pretty simple and was nearly ruined by the suggestion of calling it “UniGrammys”.. I’ll let you guess by who… Moving on; we post these at our leisure all weekend of anything we think is cute, funny, disturbing, interesting.. The works
  • 13. Think on These Things (Title of Bob Marshall’s favorite book) This category is for any topic, music video, tv clip, image from the web or magazine that you would like the UN to discuss. When a member posts something in “Think on These Things”, all the remaining members should develop at least one reply. AT LEAST ONE JAM!
  • 14. An Example of what Lack of ParticipationOctober 6Looks like.Laura Leen- Also, I was thinking we could reinact this video for the blog... I want to be the girl in the high wasted shorts.. so dibs..Sugam Langer - Also if we are calling dibs.. I would like to be beyonce. I have always wanted to wear high waisted underwear as outerwear I believe there are 6 members.. Not 2,  JUST
  • 15. Reunions & Meetups These posts must contain at least 2 members to be considered a “Meetup” Formal Reunion planning committee is being devised NOW Pictures and stories from our gatherings.  IE: Perla comes to Boston, November 2012  WOOOOPP WOOOOOOPPPPPP
  • 16. Keepin it Funky Keepin’ it Funky are funny one liners from group text once I get an iPhone again FINE- You don’t have to wait for me, just screen shot that bitch and categorize it as “Keepin it Funky”
  • 17. Work it out Now Ya’ll
  • 18. “ You Can Find Me in Da Club”(Poonam wins for most club pics!)
  • 19. One new idea! The Birthday Club  Let’s face it… Birthdays are MORE fun with presents!  We all chip in an agreed amount for each member’s bday (excluding yourself of course)  This way, one time a year, you’ll get a sweet gift.. From your favorite people.. And then you can BLOG about it..  Yes/NO.. Thoughts?
  • 20. Do’s and Don’ts We don’t have many rules at unitedn8ions.com.. EXCEPT  No negativity! Let’s try to keep this a positive, loving place. Unless we’re cracking on celebs.  Keep it clean! We want to be able to share this with fam-jams.. We’re going international bayybeee  We all need to invest in really nice mirrors and also keep our photo taking area clean.. It’s never cute when there is shit all over the floor or when you have a wack ass mirror  I apologize for breaking both sections of above mentioned rule (slide 16). Won’t happen again
  • 21. Now What!? In case you were wondering, I’ve been working on this stupid presentation for 3 hours.. On a Friday night.. I may need a blog intervention I have the first post in draft mode.. It also took me about 3 hours to format it but please read through and let me know if you want to edit anything out (for fam sake) Sugam is gathering pics of the UN from May, 2011- present for the second post which will be all of our events in pics  . Send her anything that is a must! Official launch date (first real post date) is November 1 st so everyone has time to get it right… get it tightttttt
  • 22. NAMASTE