Fassam consulting presentation 2013 v2


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Fassam consulting Supply Chain and Logistics consulting company presentation

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Fassam consulting presentation 2013 v2

  1. 1. Company presentation Company2010 presentation Specialist Transport, Logistics & Supply Chain ConsultingEmail liam@fassam.com Phone +49 6831 5055813 / +49 160 9753 8808
  2. 2. Introduction to Fassam ConsultingBusiness began in 2009 with an ethos of serving existing large scale consultancies with corecompetence subject matter expertise in Supply chain transportation solutions. We have adesire to tailor solutions to the needs of the client, ensuring the customer is kept central tothe process and strategy is aligned at all times to the needs of the business.Example of services we have delivered over the past 24 months: • Transportation network design & evaluation Strategic/tactical • Optimisation of existing Supply chain processes • SKU rationalisation and portfolio design • Supplier collaboration initiatives • Cost to serve modelling • Warehouse design and capacity modelling • Vehicle design and suitability to purpose analysis • Green supply chain & logistics courses
  3. 3. Client base
  4. 4. In SummaryFassam Consulting has been engaged to work with many blue chip clients,centred around Supply chain reviews, embracing theoretical best practice andaligning the needs of the businesses many stakeholders, proffering solutions thatfit with the desires of the end to end business ensuring delivery of successfuloutcomes.Partnered on research projects funded by the European Union under the 7 thframework programme (FP7-SME-2011) reviewing multi modal markets in the UKand Germany, with particular focus on category management, market share andnetwork opportunity.Working with Universities in Germany educating the business leaders oftomorrow in the International business aspects of Supply chain and logistics atBachelor and Masters level. Furthermore delivering Green logistics courses inrelation to measurement and design of network with tools that deliver moresustainable supply chain solutions.
  5. 5. The EthosRecent Logistics & Supply chain projects for large scale blue chiporganisations that Fassam Consulting has been engaged to workwith, have delivered large scale change, both cultural and financialenabling value for business stakeholders.All projects andconsultancy areundertaken using anengaged process withall stakeholdersensuring the outcomesmeet the needs of themarket and future ofthe business.
  6. 6. Moving in to 2013The 2013 strategy for Fassam Consulting, is to forge closer partnerships and ties with existingconsultancy companies. By supplying subject matter expertise in the area of Logistics & Supplychain, existing consulting firms are able to expand their portfolio of business without carrying thenecessary full year costs associated with holding such knowledge in house.Fassam Consulting would be very interested to discuss partnerships involving:•Project management•Operations strategy•Logistics network modelling•Distribution route scheduling•Supply chain rationalisation/modelling•Logistics & Supply chain training•Interim Logistics & Supply chain managementFor more information on how Fassam Consulting can support your existing team please do nothesitate to contact liam@fassam.com or +49 6831 5055813 for an informal discussion.
  7. 7. Thank you for your time, and look forward to hearing from you. Fassam Consulting +49 6831 5055813 VII Gartenreihe 11 +49 160 9753 8808 Saarlouis liam@fassam.com 66740 DE http://de.linkedin.com/in/fassamEmail tdc@fassam.comPhone 0049 160 9753 8808