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Is cultural-newsletter-november-2013-edition

  1. 1. IS’ CULTURAL NEWSLETTER November 2013 edition
  2. 2. Hi guys, It’s already been two months since you arrived in France and discovered how life is in the capital. You are starting to know pretty well the different boroughs and famous monuments in Paris. But you think you still have things to learn about France! You want to know more about the most famous cities in our beautiful country? IS is there for you! In our November edition of the Cultural Newsletter, we try to share with you the best events to attend and places to be in our different cities of origin! This month, you should absolutely not miss the reservation of your train ticket to attend the fabulous Festival of Lights that will take place in Lyon! If you are staying during a long week-end on campus, why not having a day or two in Chartres, which is only one hour away from Paris? You want to understand what it means to celebrate Christmas in France? Join the IS team for two extraordinary events: Disneyland and the trip to Colmar! And, as we know you still love walking in the streets in Paris, we also wrote a few things about the best events and place to be in November, without forgetting the outing organized by the Cultural Pole: a guided your of the Conciergerie as well as of the Père Lachaise Cemetery! Enjoy your reading! IS Cultural Pole
  3. 3. I) PARIS - Bars and restaurants Exhibitions II) LYON AND THE FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS - The Festival of lights (La Fête des Lumières) III) CHARTRES, A NICE PLACE TO SPEND YOUR WEEK-END IV) IS EVENTS IN NOVEMBER - Disneyland ParIS Visit of the Conciergerie and the Père Lachaise Cemetery IS trip to Colmar
  4. 4.  BARS AND RESTAURANTS - Experimental Cocktail Club 37 rue Saint-Sauveur, Paris II This tiny place is hidden behind a black curtain, but it is well-known among tasteful Parisians. If you are tired of Classics (Mojitos, Caipi, …) then this bar will make you try new experiences. Of course, the drinks are expansive but well, you are in Paris: you will have to pay between 10 and 13 euros, but the chilling jazzy atmosphere and the delicate taste of your drink is totally worth it (prepared just in front of your eyes with fresh and quality ingredients).
  5. 5. - L’Escale 34, rue de Clignancourt This bar is well-known to fulfill the dream of every young human being: it provides STRONG delicious cocktail for the ridiculous price of … 5 euros, which is very rare in Paris, especially in the touristic area of Montmartre. We recommend you to try it if you had a tough week, and want to chill without caring for your finances. But careful: the secret has spread, and the place quickly becomes busy and uncomfortable on Saturday nights, so come early to enjoy it fully. - Le Relais de l’Entrecôte Le Relais de l’Entrecôte is where you will taste the best French Fries in town… and probably the best of the world! In this place, no menu: you sit, and a delicate waitress will ask you directly “how do you want it” – “it” meaning your ENTRECOTE, of course. Served with an extraordinary sauce, you will remember the unique taste of this entrecote for the rest of your life! 3 spots in Paris: Paris VI: 101, boulevard du Montparnasse Paris VIII: 15, rue Marbeuf Paris VI: 20, rue Saint-Benoit
  6. 6.  EXHIBITIONS - “Surrealism and the object” 30 October 2013 - 3 March 2014 Galerie 1 - Centre Pompidou, Paris Between 9 and 13€ Late-night openings until 11:00 p.m (last entrance at 10:00 p.m) every Thursdays evening If you’re looking for original decoration for your room in HEC, why don’t you come and find inspiration in the new exhibition of the Centre Pompidou? You will discover very VERY odd objects produced by the extraordinary imagination of the Surrealists of the 1930’s. If you are ready to set your mind free, you will really enjoy this walk into the depths of the unconscious. My favorite example: Poetry in the streets? In Rue de Rambuteau, just next to Centre Pompidou, you will find a very peculiar boutique: a man has decided to settle his desk, and his writing machine in the street… and to present himself as a “urban poet”: he looks at you, and the inspiration hits him. He is able to write a poem about you, or about how you make him feel in a few minutes. After all, you are in the city of the greatest poets of French Litterature…
  7. 7.  THE FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS (LA FÊTE DES LUMIERES) 6th to 12th of December In 1643, Lyon was struck by plague. The legend tells that out of an act of desperation, the city councilors promised to pay tribute to Mary if the town was spared. Mary heard their prayers and put an end to the plague. Ever since, a solemn procession makes its way to the Basilica of Fourvière on this day to light candles and give offerings in the name of Mary. Tradition now dictates Lyon citizens to put candles on their on windowsills each year, on the night of 8th December, as a remembrance of this miracle.
  8. 8. Meanwhile, other city councilors decided to make a festival out of this tradition. Nowadays, the « Festival of Lights » is one of the key moments in Lyon, when the buildings of the city are illuminated with these pretty little candles but also with gigantic light effects the city worked on with artists during the year. It is a great opportunity to go out with your friends, walk through the city and have some mulled wine. The festival lasts 4 days and attracts more and more people each year (more than one million in 2012). For the occasion, transport is free and there are a lot of fun events to attend! So if you want to go to Lyon in this very period, which is very recommended, book now because everything in the city is going to be completely full really soon!
  9. 9. Looking for ideas for your weekends? Here is one: Chartres Chartres is a nice town, only 1 hour far from HEC. It is well known for its amazing cathedral, registered on the UNESCO World Heritage list, but it’s also a very pleasant city for the everyday life. So if you are wondering what to do during the next weekend, don’t hesitate anymore and take the train to Chartres.
  10. 10. What we suggest you is to get started with a visit of the cathedral, and if you dare to climb the 300 steps of the tower in order to enjoy a great panoramic view. If you want to learn more about this masterpiece of gothic art or plan a guided tour, you will find many useful details on the following website: Then there are a few interesting things you can do: - Visit the International Stained-glass Center and learn everything about stained-glass windows. - Walk through the historical center, along the river, enjoying the calmness of the bridges, washhouses and old buildings. - Buy “macarons” at the Chocolaterie on the Place Marceau, you won’t regret it. - Take a look at the “Hotel des Postes” which was recently converted in a multimedia library. Don’t hesitate to go to the fifth floor to enjoy a nice view on the city.
  11. 11. But also… If you want to exercise a little bit, go to the aquatic center! It’s one of the biggest in Europe, with training pools, water slides, a current river, etc. If you feel like an adventurer, you can also try the big ice-skating rink… which becomes an ice-skating dance floor at night ! If you want to find out more about Chartres, you can visit the website of the tourism office, which is nicely made: Finally, this web app also offers a nice way of discovering the city: How to get there? Take the RER C to Versailles Chantiers (6minutes), and then take the TER Centre to CHARTRES (about 1 hour). Price of the regular ticket: 12.80€
  12. 12.  DISNEYLAND PARIS Sunday, 17th of November You've been waiting for it impatiently... And it's finally there!! We are taking you to Disneyland Paris, the biggest amusement park in Europe, for a day of fun and wonder!! Come join us on Sunday, November 17th and dive in the Disney magic with us! Departure: 9:15am (meeting at the bus stop in front of building L1). Return: 11pm. Price: €36 (including entrance for both the Disneyland Park and The Walt Disney Studios Park, an offer not to be missed!) BE CAREFUL! THE SPOTS ARE LIMITED TO 53!!! So hurry up if you want to get a spot on Mybee!
  13. 13.  VISIT OF THE CONCIERGERIE AND THE PÈRE LACHAISE CEMETERY Saturday, 23rd of November The Cultural Pole brings you to Paris for a magical guided tour at the Conciergerie, former royal palace and prison in Paris, where Marie-Antoinette spent her last days before being executed on the guillotine. Then, we’ll have a visit of the Père Lachaise Cemetery, a very calm and charming place, where many famous artists are buried, just like Oscar Wilde, Honoré de Balzac, Georges Bizet, Frederic Chopin, Molière, Rossini and many others! Don’t miss this unique event on Saturday, 23rd of November. More information coming soon.
  14. 14.  IS TRIP TO COLMAR 29th of November to 1rst of December Join the IS off-campus team to discover the enchanting universe of Christmas in Alsace, through an unforgettable week-end to Colmar. The program includes free times in the Christmas market in Colmar, French cooking courses for a limited number of participants, dinner in an Alsatian restaurant, a morning at the ice skating rink for the most acrobatic of you and a visit of Kaysesberg, one of nicer Alsatian village with an authentic Christmas market. This will be the opportunity for you to offer many typical French presents to your family and your friends back to your home! We will leave the campus on Friday, te 29th of November around 5pm and we will be back there on Sunday evening around 10:30pm. More information coming soon.