Media kit 2011 - La Ley 1590am - Indianapolis, IN
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Media kit 2011 - La Ley 1590am - Indianapolis, IN



Quieres incrementar las ventas de tu negocio...??? Anunciate con nosotros, en la estación, o en la web... ...

Quieres incrementar las ventas de tu negocio...??? Anunciate con nosotros, en la estación, o en la web...

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Media kit 2011 - La Ley 1590am - Indianapolis, IN Media kit 2011 - La Ley 1590am - Indianapolis, IN Presentation Transcript

  • Imagine moving to a New City , a New State , or even a New Country . Where would you turn for information … on where to live, bank, shop, eat and even where to work? You would naturally turn to a familiar voice. A trusted source. Someone with whom you shared common interest and spoke the same language and hopefully even was from the same country. In central Indiana for the Hispanic Community, that place is 1590 AM. Bringing “Regional Mexican” music, the most listened genre of Spanish-language music, to tens of thousands of faithful listeners everyday. Our clear and “Powerful” signal reaches over 75 miles throughout the city of Indianapolis and 10 surrounding counties, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. “Grow Your Business - Recruit Employees - Cultivate New Customers - Begin the Relationship” Reaching over 40% of the State of Indiana’s Hispanic population!
  • 140,173 Hispanics Call Central Indiana Home Central Indiana’s #1 Source for Hispanic News, Community Information , Music and Sports! Reaching over 40% of the State of Indiana’s Hispanic population! 1590 AM
    • The Regional Mexican music has a wide variety of sounds and styles which cater to listeners both young and old alike.
    • Duranguense – the youngest genre of all Regional Mexican styles and is the most popular with strong album and radio play.
    • Banda - This format consists of music from groups or "conjuntos" that play the "Regional" Mexican music.
    • Ranchera - Due to its traditional folkloric sound, Ranchera music is popular throughout Mexico and has become a symbol of the entire country.
    • Mariachi - This folkloric music originated in Mexico. Mariachi usually features guitars and horns.
    • Norteña - Meaning "Northern", this music is representative of Northern Mexico. It is similar to the Polka, but has a defined Mexican flavor.
    MUSIC INTENSIVE COMMUNITY OUTREACH NEWS INFORMATION PERSONALITY DRIVEN La Regadera por la Manana Mayraelisa A. Manuel M. Lala 6am o 11am Monday to Friday #1 Hispanic Radio in Indiana Alfonso Romero “El Poncho” 11am to 3pm Monday to Friday Tencho Camacho y Vicky 3pm to 7pm Monday to Friday Jose G. Lopez Barcenas “ El Norteno” 7pm to 10pm Monday to Friday
  • Central Indiana Hispanic Profile Population Composition Education Household Income IMPORTANT Consumers To Reach ! 2008 Aribitron 12-17 18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65+ Gender
  • Reaching the Hispanic Consumer is Vital for Business Growth! “ The U.S. Hispanic market represents a goldmine for advertisers who want to grow and increase their market share.” Radio Ink “ In order for companies to compete in the marketplace, they will have to face the inevitable force of the Hispanic marketplace. Companies that ask Hispanic consumers for their business will prosper, while those that don’t may well be left behind.” Radio Ink ACT NOW! “ If you get into the Hispanic market before your competition or do more than the competition is doing today, an advertiser can have the type of relationship with the Hispanic market that they could only dream about in the general market. And, they can do it cheaper than they can in the general market because the audience isn’t as fragmented.” Advertising Age
  • What’s in it for YOUR business? Reach 100,000 potential buyers your current advertising misses. 72,000+ Hispanics live in the Indianapolis. 140,000 + live within our coverage area. Most of them miss your advertising. They don’t listen to, watch or read what you’ve been buying! Cash Is King! Higher margins with Hispanics, for purchases large and small. You won’t give up much margin to credit card and bank processing fees. “ Consumer Loyalty” is NOT an oxymoron. 45% of Hispanics are more loyal to companies who serve them well and show appreciation for their culture by advertising in Spanish. They’ll tell their friends and family, further driving your sales. Big ROI on a small budget. You can enjoy a successful campaign for a fraction of what it takes to be effective on other stations and mediums, as our pricing is very affordable .
  • F.A.Q.’s Do I need bilingual employees? It helps, but is NOT required. Those who don’t speak English usually bring a translator, (family member or friend) for transactions that may require it. Do I need a Spanish commercial? It helps, 75% of all Hispanic fell loyalty to retailers who advertise to them in Spanish. Even those who understand English prefer to be spoken to in their native language; it more quickly endears them to your business. Do I have to pay extra for my Spanish commercial? No. With few exceptions, we will write, & produce it for free. Production times is 48 hours. We can successfully translate your current commercial. What do Hispanics spend money on? The same things most of us do: food, clothing, gas, entertainment, housing, furnishings, electronics…the list is endless! But they don’t have much money to spend, right? Wrong! In Central Indiana over 50% of all Hispanics make $35,000 or more. Most Hispanics work multiple jobs so they can afford to buy the things they want. They pay cash (more margin for you) and have little or no debt. Do they shop outside of Indianapolis? Absolutely. Just look around wherever you shop, work and drive. Hispanics work all over the Central Indiana metro and beyond, and they spend their money all over.
  • Monthly Cell Spending/Hispanic Population Amount Spent on Monthly Bill: Median $ Amount Target Persons Subtotal Bill: $1-$30 $ 15 5,585 $ 83,775 Bill: $30-$49 $ 40 4,918 $ 196,720 Bill: $50-74 $ 62 11,900 $ 737,800 Bill: $75-$99 $ 87 11,095 $ 965,265 Bill: $100-$149 $125 5,904 $ 738,000 Bill: $150+ $150 5,502 $ 825,300 Grand Totals $3,546,860 $ 42,562,320 annual spending ! Source: Scarborough Qualitap 10.1 release 2 Aug 06-Jul 08
  • Hispanic Weekly Grocery Spending Amount Spent Per week: Median $ Amount Target Persons Subtotal Bill: $0-$30 $ 15 620 $ 9,300 Bill: $30-$49 $ 40 8,184 $ 327,360 Bill: $50-$74 $ 62 8,485 $ 526,070 Bill: $75-$99 $ 87 11,995 $ 1,043,565 Bill: $100-$124 $ 112 24,912 $ 1,642,256 Bill: $125-$149 $125 14,663 $ 1,832,875 Bill: $150 - $199 $137 8,211 $ 1,124,907 Bill: $200+ $200 10,628 $ 2,125,600 Grand Totals $ 8,631,933 $ 448,860,516 Annual grocery Spending Source: Scarborough Qualitap 10.1 release 2 Aug 06 – Jul 08