Social TV: How to create connected media experiences


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Henry Holtzman's session at PLanning-ness 2013

Social TV: How to create connected media experiences

  1. 1. Henry Holtzman Information Ecology MIT Media Lab Planning-ness 2013 (5/9)
  2. 2. My Goals for the afternoon Think provocatively about TV and share those thoughts Illustrate what tech can and is doing to redefine TV Have a new idea for a TV related product or service Learn something new Have fun
  3. 3. Future of Television
  4. 4. Does Television have a Future?
  5. 5. What is Television?
  6. 6. Television... Set Hardware becomes commodity item. Hard to differentiate. Show Transforms to apps, and then to experiences. Still TV? Channel Dead. Face it. Industry People will always seek entertainment and diversion, but they could do without “television.”
  7. 7. Ask the people... It just works. It turns on instantly. Others will have watched the same thing I watch. It’s episodic; structured. It’s not demanding.
  8. 8. Things I think about... Broadcast seems outmoded, but there is magic in local community Synchronicity There is no going back once you’ve owned a PVR, so why do people still act like TV shows will continue to have a time slot?
  9. 9. Two Screens People don’t just watch TV; they do something else at the same time, so... we develop apps for their second device, in order to monopolize their attention. But didn’t they want to do something of their own choosing? If the content is not engaging, shouldn’t we work on that, rather than distracting the viewer from the main theme?
  10. 10. Abundance More Choices More Places More Interactivity More Pixels
  11. 11. What about “Smart” TV? Magazines on tablets offer some lessons
  12. 12. Newspapers and magazines are becoming apps. USA Today New York Times Popular Mechanics Sports Illustrated
  13. 13. Sports Illustrated Magazines as Apps
  14. 14. Popular Mechanics Magazines as Apps
  15. 15. TV App Evolution V1: Apps are widgets: augment shows with information resources. V2 (Current): In addition to widgets, apps add Internet distribution channels. V3 (Future): Premium content migrates out of channels and into the app store.
  16. 16. Super Pac App
  17. 17. Dan Siegel, MIT Sloan 2012 Jennifer Hollett, Harvard Kennedy School 2012 SUPER PAC APP: BRINGING TRANSPARENCY WITHIN EARSHOT
  18. 18. 18
  19. 19. 20
  20. 20. 21
  21. 21. OUR THREE TECHNOLOGIES 1 Audio fingerprinting 2 Web crawler 3 Content aggregation system
  22. 22. WEB CRAWLER1 Super PAC YouTube videos Technology provided by our partner, TuneSat Our database of ads
  23. 23. AUDIO FINGERPRINTING2 ! ! Super PAC ad Technology provided by our partner, TuneSat Our database of ads
  24. 24. OUR DATABASE—SOME MORE DETAILS Current number of registered Super PACs: 534 …that have raised >$1M: 23 # of ads aired in general presidential campaign 2008: 782,782 # paid for by outside interest groups: 62,623 (8%) Est. # of political ads produced in 2008: 15k-40k Est. for 2012: 18k-46k Est. # of ads to be produced by Super PACs in 2012: 9k-23k Sources: “About $2.6 Billion Spent on Political Ads in 2008,” The New York Times, December 2008; “University of Wisconsin Advertising Project: Political Advertising in 2008,” March 2010; “Analyst Sees 2012 Political Ad Spending Handily Exceeding 2008 Levels,” Hollywood Reporter, October 2011; database, accessed May 2012; internal analysis
  25. 25. CONTENT AGGREGATION SYSTEM3 • Super PAC data available from the Federal Election Commission, updated daily • Plug into third party APIs • On-going discussions with PolitiFact to access/license their proprietary data
  26. 26. BUSINESS PLAN OUTLINE—CONSIDERATIONS Option Considerations Conclusion Advertising Risks neutrality; hard to manage “church and state” separation Charge for app purchase Lowers adoption and usage Create and charge for premium offering Unclear what this would be; strains focus on core product Sell user data to news outlets, advertisers, campaigns Severely risks neutrality Grant-funded and focus on user adoption We have to make money eventually…
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  28. 28. 29
  29. 29. 30
  30. 30. 31
  31. 31. 32
  32. 32. 33
  33. 33. 34
  34. 34. 35
  35. 35. 36
  36. 36. 37
  37. 37. 38
  38. 38. 39
  39. 39. 40
  40. 40. NeXtream bridges the lean forward and lean back experience, inferring information from passive users and acquiring information from active users to enhance the overall experience. Lean Forward Social Media Personal Media Sit Back
  41. 41. NeXtream explores the experience of replacing a corporate television network with a social network.
  42. 42. Comment asynchronously on content Bookmark & Favorite Clips are shared with friends See what your friends are watching Feed of your friends’ video watching habits Social Network Features
  43. 43. Larger Community Top YouTube Videos, Digg, etc. Social Network Facebook, Twitter, etc. User Thumbs Up/Down Viewed Clips Favorites Nextream builds your channels via a series of steps: larger community, social network, and each user.
  44. 44. Reinven&ng  TV  Commercials Derek  Ham,  Seema  Prem
  45. 45. With  Virtual  Shopping Virtual  Groceries
  46. 46. Live  Data
  47. 47. With  Virtual  Shopping Virtual  Shopping  Cart Place  your  groceries  in  the  cart   and  pick  them  up  at  your  local   Grocery  Store.
  48. 48. Virtual  TVl In  the  Game  the  TV  Program  con@nues At  any  @me,  toggle  between  your  virtual  TV   and  Full  Screen  experience  .  Either  way   you’ll  never  miss  a  beat.
  49. 49. Program  Linked  Avatars In  the  Game  the  TV  Program  con@nues Look!  It’s  Oscar  and  Kevin!   Are  we  in  Scranton,  PA?
  50. 50. In  the  Game  the  TV  Program  con@nues Virtual  Store  Monitors
  51. 51. Or  stream  tradi@onal  adver@sements Virtual  Store  Monitors
  52. 52. There  are  a  whole  assortment  of  add-­‐ons Keep  a  Shopping  List Get  Specials  and  Discounts Customize  SeBngs Connect  on  Facebook Connect  to  the  Web
  53. 53. Commercial  BreakTV  Program Virtual  World (Environment)  Cont.  TV   Program Product   Shopping Product   Adver&sement Virtual   Cart Virtual   Items In  Game  Display   Screens Program  Linked   Avatars In  Game  Display   Screens Virtual   TV Virtual   assistant Social   Connec&vity Virtual   Games Recipe   Sharing Coupon   Sharing Seasonal Themed   Environments TV  Program   Specific Loca@on   Based
  54. 54. Connect  with  Friends  and  Family  via  Facebook! Play  Games,  Share  Recipes,  or  Pass  along  Coupons.
  55. 55. Get  great  advice  with  a  personal  shopping  assistant.
  56. 56. Get  great  advice  with  a  personal  shopping  assistant. Highlighted  Healthy  Choices
  57. 57. Gather friends. Invade bar. Take over TV. Takeover TV heralds a new era of bar patronage where you and your like-minded friends are in charge of the screens. Public locations gain identity through crowd personality and demeanor.
  58. 58. TakeoverTV
  59. 59. DIALTV YOUR CHANNELS DialTV is a radically simplified television viewing and discovery system, as easy to use as an old- fashioned TV dial. Anticipating the day when all content will be available on-demand, DialTV replaces traditional “network” channels with personalized and community channels. The goal is to seamlessly combine the best of a passive “lean back” experience, a sense of shared community viewing, and a content discovery system tailored to each viewerʼs interests. A key component of the system is a simple tangible user interface, modeled after a 1970s CRT television dial. The top dial selects the channel (1-10) and the bottom toggles
  60. 60. Cam View: Request Details
  61. 61. Cam View: Shooting Two-Way System mock-up Camera controls: If Requester wants to pan the camera, arrows will flash Chat: Requester can send interview questions
  62. 62. World  TV “The  whole  world  within  your  reach”
  63. 63. C O M M E N T V Mark I can believe he said that... Where does this come from? I am a little bit lost Kendra This argument comes from long ago, at the begining of this season he was arguing with Wilson for the same thing. See the link S7 - E2 C O M M E N T V Log In | Register Comment Now! POST!
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