Cwex and apprenticeship credits 2012


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  • Thank you for inviting me here today to talk briefly about our school division’s Career and Work Exploration and Apprenticeship credits. Right now, both types of courses are offered under the larger umbrella of Career Development. They are both amazing life/career investigation opportunities for our Sun West School Division Students.
  • Based on a informal (not overly scientific survey) we did last June in relation to gaining some feedback into our Career Development Program, we learned that _________If you ask a Career Development Counsellor within the school division, the data would be about 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 – University, College/Technical Institution, Other As a result, we think the CWEX credits and Apprenticeship Credits are excellent career exploration tools.The CWEX credits have been offered for quite some time, but the Apprenticeship credits are relatively new (only second year in implementation). In talking to people, there seems to be a bit of confusion between the two. I am happy to speak with you about them as I think it is very important for all of us to be talking the same language and communicating the same message.
  • Mileage rate – same as Sun West Employees – very generous. That being said, without stereotyping teachers, our teachers are fairly budget conscious are doing what they can to keep mileage costs down.
  • Pilot last year – steep learning curve Last Year - 10 Credits between 5 studentsThis year – if all goes well – 25 credits between 8 students – .5 through year. Expecting more applications in the new year.
  • Cwex and apprenticeship credits 2012

    1. 1. CWEX and Apprenticeship Credits Sun West School Division
    2. 2. CWEX• CWEX 10, 20, A30, B30 – All Sun West Schools with Grade 10 through 12 students are to offer some combination of CWEX classes. • Opportunity for students to explore the world of work in a safe and supportive learning environment. • In-class and work placement experiences in each course. – Hours of in-class and work placement vary per course.
    3. 3. CWEX– Placements are secured and monitoring is conducted by the Career and Work Exploration Teacher at each school. • Students are NOT paid for work placements.– CWEX classes are timetabled into regular school day.– Students learn transferrable skills while exploring an occupation of interest.– Various resources to support such as: • Lead CD Teacher • Wiki/Blog • Moodle Courses • Ready for Work Resources, etc.– Change in mileage rate for authorized drivers.
    4. 4. Apprenticeship Credits• Apprenticeship A20, B20, A30, B30 – Minimum 100 hours of work per credit Testimonials… “If you want to enter a trade, the Apprenticeship Program is really worth doing.” “A good way to learn skills for your future and have fun while doing it….and get paid.”
    5. 5. Apprenticeship Credits• In order to apply for possible credit, students MUST: – Have a PAID job in a designated trade. – Must be performing specific trade-related duties. – Must be working under the direct supervision of a registered journeyperson. – Apply for Apprenticeship Credit using the Apprenticeship Proposal Form. (Similar to Special Subject Credit) • Submit to Career Development Consultant for review.• Very different than CWEX credits!! – Student must secure their own employment and be working as a paid employee. – Insurance is responsibility of employer.
    6. 6. Apprenticeship Credits Form 216 Series
    7. 7. CWEX and Apprenticeship CWEX ApprenticeshipVarious Credits: Various Credits:CWEX 10, 20, A30, B30 Apprenticeship A20, B20, A30, B30Non-paid work experience Paid work experience. (minimumcomponent. (varied hours of 100 hours/credit).depending on course offering).Teacher secures placement. Student secures placement. Must be under supervision of journeyperson.Work experience can be in any Trade specific workoccupational field.Teacher monitoring according to Teacher monitoring according towork study guidelines. work-study guidelines.Insurance is responsibility of Insurance is responsibility ofSchool Division provided employer employer.pays into SK WCB.Credit proposal is NOT submitted. Credit proposal must be submitted.
    8. 8. Questions?
    9. 9. Career Fair 2012Tuesday, April 24, 2012 Rosetown
    10. 10. Thank You!