SharePoint as a Digital Presence Platform


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As presented at Microsoft & Realcommerce Open House, Dec 8th 2011.

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SharePoint as a Digital Presence Platform

  1. 1. SharePoint 2010 as aDigital Presence Platform Nir Levy CTO, Realcommerce Ltd. MRS DMP, Microsoft
  2. 2. Realcommerce Ltd.• Strategy Business analysis, Concept creation, UX, UI• Technology Robust, Smart, efficient content management & e-commerce platforms for mega sites• Leadership Powering Israel’s largest and most successful enterprises
  3. 3. the web is dead ?
  4. 4. demise of the web
  5. 5. 1999
  6. 6. 2009
  7. 7. today
  8. 8. social network usage 800 million active users 400 million daily 75% of which are non- Americans 350 million mobile users
  9. 9. mobile usage• 71% smartphone users that see TV, press or online ad, do a mobile search for more information.• 79% percent of large online advertisers still do not have a mobile site.• 25% of Americans only do mobile browsing.
  10. 10. the new internet
  11. 11. the new internet
  12. 12. your organization today
  13. 13. where you should go
  14. 14. digital presence platform
  15. 15. digital presence platform
  16. 16. SharePoint 2010 FIS as a Digital Presence PlatformThe challenge:Deploying a framework that will provide the business user with the tools toself-manage the digital presence and win the web, mobile and socialdomain.The framework should provide great flexibility and easy-to use functionalitythus empowering the business user to create and manage the whole onlineoperation with minimal need for IT resources. Is this possible?
  17. 17. Introducing WebSpinachfor SharePoint 2010WebSpinach leverages SharePoint’s features andinfrastructure for the web, mobile and social.WebSpinach adds a layer on top of SharePoint2010, which uses native SharePoint APIs. Thismeans that you can enjoy all the features thatship with SharePoint 2010 plus all the incrediblearchitecture and functionality added byWebSpinach.It’s the SharePoint you already knowwith the spinach you need to win thedigital world!
  18. 18. DPP Wish List• Dynamic Page Building Capabilities• Content Sharing Between Multiple Sites an Channels• Site and Cross Channel Integrity• Media Asset Management• Social Network Integration• Mobile Web• Pre-built WCM WebParts• SEO driven display and URLs• Performance and Caching
  19. 19. Dynamic Page Builder• Build dynamic grids with simple drag and drop• Change existing page layouts in seconds• Use per-page layouts to avoid accidental changes to other pages• Constrain editors to pre- defined brand guidelines• Control SEO features for every page on the site
  20. 20. Content Sharing Between Multiple Sites• Use multiple site-collections to target different audiences• Selectively share articles between site-collections• Shared items use the target site’s look& feel• Manage all your sites’ content from a single, easy to use interface• Share media and documents across multiple site-collections• Control SEO and friendly URLs on a site-collection level
  21. 21. Media Assets Management• Manage all your digital media assets in a single location• Search and filter media based on meta-data• Add tags, taxonomies and meta-data to your media and files• Add media to pages and web-parts with a point-and-click interface
  22. 22. Social Network Integration• Publish articles and news to social media channels with a single click• Support for scheduled publishing• Editor-Controlled social sharing buttons on pages• Create and manage Facebook pages as SharePoint sites• Add Facebook comment box to any page on your site
  23. 23. Mobile Web• Create and manage your mobile web site directly from SharePoint• Build mobile pages like any other page• Share content between mobile and desktop sites• Support for smart transitions for mobile web sites• Support for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 7.5• HTML5 compliant
  24. 24. SEO driven display and URLsWhen it comes to standing out from thecrowd, WebSpinach gives you a real edge!In order to increase the website’s visibility, WebSpinachfor SharePoint 2010 allows the content editor to definecustom, hierarchical, friendly URLs and manipulate search---engine--ready meta--data. Moreover, it adheres to thelatest standards in web---development and produces cleanand friendly XHTML that search--engines process better.
  25. 25. Cross-Channel Integrity Manager• Create links to pages and articles with a friendly pick-and-choose interface• No more copy/paste of hard-coded links• Integration to the Rich-Text Editor and Ribbon• Links to yet-unpublished pages will be displayed only when the target is published• Links to removed or archived pages will be automatically removed from the site
  26. 26. Component-based CachingWebSpinach features an enhanced performanceand caching infrastructure that allows even themost complex websites to handle large amountsof traffic. The caching layers offer component-level caching and tuning which facilitate theadoption of different caching strategies basedon your business needs.
  27. 27. WebSpinach Main Modules• Dynamic Page Builder• Content Sharing Between Multiple Sites• Site Integrity Manager• Media Assets Management• Social Network Integration• Mobile Web• Pre-built WCM Accelerators• SEO driven display and URLs• Component-based Caching
  28. 28. WebSpinachs’ Benefits• Reduce TCO by more than 30% .• Lower development costs and risks by leveraging your existing IT skillset and knowledge• Empower non-technical marketing staff to manage even the most complex dynamic sites• Market your site with advanced SEO optimization and social networking features• Easily repurpose your site to multiple channels and languages• Easily create and manage independent mobile sites based on already existing content
  29. 29. Thank YouNir Levy,CTO, RealCommerceMRS DMP,
  30. 30.