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  • http://cfpub.epa.gov/npdes/docs.cfm?program_id=0&view=allnpdes&sort=name&amount=all
  • Writing for the Web

    1. 1. Writing for the WebMay 2013
    2. 2. Key Points• Less is more: cut half of the text, then cut again• Make it immediately clear why this is useful• Don’t wander from the page’s purpose• Make it scannable:– Use good headings– Use lists as much as possible• Be direct: use readers’ words and active voice• Link using text that’s clear about the destination• Make text timeless
    3. 3. Passive Voice Obscures• Applications must be submitted• A decision will be issued• Upon completion of the process
    4. 4. Use Direct, Short Phrases• No– At the present time– In the current location– Your examples?
    5. 5. What’s Easier to Read?
    6. 6. Link Tips• Link using text that’s clear about the destination• Make the file type clear if the link isn’t a Web page• Use unique links• No:– Phones & plans– Smartphones & apps• Start sentences with the link, not the sentence. Addexplanatory surrounding text only if necessary.
    7. 7. Link Text• Examples of poor link text– Read more– Click here• Examples of good link text– Fact Sheet: Background information on the FDA/EPA Consumer Advisoryon Mercury in Fish and Shellfish– Technical Memorandum: Origin of 1 meal / week Freshwater FishConsumption Rate (PDF)– Climate Change in the Pacific Southwest (Instead of Read more…)
    8. 8. Link Tips cont.• Make links scannable with unique beginnings• No:– How to install a router– How to install your server software– How to install your browser software• Yes:– How to install:• Router• Server software• Browser software
    9. 9. Scannable Links - NOT
    10. 10. Better
    11. 11. Improving the content• Pesticides are one component (better word: part) of a comprehensive strategy for controllingbed bugs. Currently, there are over 300 products registered by EPA for use against bedbugs – the vast majority (better word: many) of which can be used by consumers. Severalclasses of chemicals are utilized in these products -- each class share a similar mode ofaction, or way in which the chemical affects the biological functions of a bed bug.• To help you find a product, EPA has developed a Bed Bug Product Search tool to help youfind a product that meets your needs.• If you find that a particular chemical treatment seems to be ineffective (better phrase: didn’twork) , please read When Treatments Don’t Work before reapplying or trying a differentproduct. You may want to consult (better word: ask) a pest management professional toinspect your residence (better word: home) and, if needed, apply approved pesticides totreat any infestation. For assistance (better word: help) with choosing a pesticide registeredfor consumer use, you may also check with the Cooperative Extension Service office in yourarea.
    12. 12. Content not related to audience• The economicimpact doesn’tmatter to the person(or caregiver) whowants to avoid anepisode of COPD
    13. 13. Content not related to audience• Lots of people have it.The stats don’t addvalue for the audience.• Two sets of symptomsmakes it unclear.
    14. 14. Make Text Timeless• Avoid dating words– Today– This year– Last month• Use years, specific dates, even on the day youpublish, with past tense– On May 2, 2013 …– In 2012, we …
    15. 15. Resources• EPA requirements:http://www2.epa.gov/webguide/writing-web-requirements• Howto.gov: http://www.howto.gov/web-content/manage/write-for-the-web