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mhealth Israel conference, October 7, 2013, Noriyuki Inoue, General Manager, Technology Strategy Department, KDDI, Japan
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mhealth Israel conference, October 7, 2013, Noriyuki Inoue, General Manager, Technology Strategy Department, KDDI, Japan


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Presentation by Noriyuki Inoue, General Manager, Technology Strategy Department, KDDI (Japan) at the mhealth Israel conference, October 7, 2013: Healthcare and Lifestyle Support with Telco Services

Presentation by Noriyuki Inoue, General Manager, Technology Strategy Department, KDDI (Japan) at the mhealth Israel conference, October 7, 2013: Healthcare and Lifestyle Support with Telco Services

Published in: Health & Medicine, Business

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  • All presentations are based on Provider initiatives. Provider arange capture and storage and providers decide how and what the patient can see. That is not a future solution. Systems must allow data entry by many providers, by the patient himself and control by patients. It is then the patient who allows which Apps can connect to his data. Again another conference that targets 'the future of patient inclusion' but keep the patient out as an active participants. it is us, the providers, the one who know better than their patients, who rule how, what and how much the patient shall be able to view. But, just to follow pre-programed behavioral patterns predesigned by providers who keep their own interest in focus and not the enter health needs of patietns will go nowhere.
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  • We KDDI is one of 3 major Telecom Operators in Japan. We are operating cellular, fix-line services and Datacenters. This au is our brand name. We have group companies which runs broadband wireless services with WiMAX, regional FTTH or CATV services. And also we have a bank just for mobile banking.
    75% of our revenue comes from cellular phone services. It reaches $37B last year.
  • Our market share of cellurar servide is 28.6 % and we have 37M customers. And share of FTTH is 11.1% which is 2.6M customers
  • Ok let me talk about Japanese health care system a little bit. We have universal public health insurance system in Japan.
    The public insurance system covers everyone living in Japan,
    provides necessary medical services including pharmacy, dental treatments, and home visit nursing care at low expense for insured.
    And it also provides us “Free Access” to any medical institutions. If we need medical treatment, we can get it from any hospitals or clinics we like, at the same expense.
    We, insured persons pay at hospital about 10% to 30% of the total cost of our medical treatment. The rest of the cost is paid by the insurance.
    The costs and treatments covered by the insurance are regulated by the government, which means relatively generic treatments can be covered by the insurance, but very advanced medical treatments or treatments in wellness fields are not covered by the insurance.
    As for the insurers there are two types of insurance, which is Employee’s Health Insurance and National Health insurance. Many companies has their own health insurance organization as Employee’s Health Insurance and some professions have their own as a part of it.
    On the other hand, National Health Insurance is for self employed or residents who don’t have occupation.
  • When we think of the ICT opportunities in health care industry in Japan, we assume the business model would be like this chart.
    In the medical care field, ICT application customer would mainly be the hospitals or clinics or other medical institutions. It’s like B2B model.
    In the health examination field, the Customer of our ICT application could be medical institutions who perform health examinations. But the end user would be companies. Because in Japan companies have to make their employee take health examination. So the business model would be like B2B2C model.
    As for self care for health field, the customer is the end user of the ICT applications.
    KDDI is now focusing on the medical care field and self care field.
    I’ll talk them next.
  • We are providing so called Medical ICT solutions for medical care field. They support hospitals and doctors to improve their efficiencies with clouds, remote access functions, community collaboration facilities. I’m gonna pick up some examples.
  • As a telecommunications operator, we have deep knowledge and experience in WiFi access and its security. We are providing secure wifi access solution for hospitals. We are building WiFi infrastructures inside hospitals. Not only the infrastructures of Wifi, we are providing but tablets, web conference, and groupware software. With firm secured manner, the Wifi access can also be used for inpatient’s internet access. It’s improving inpatient satisfaction in those hospitals.
  • As you may know, there are many natural disasters in Japan. There are strong demands for Disaster Recovery. With our image cloud storage, hospitals can store their medical image resources securely and easily. We have site redundant option for disaster recovery, which automatically back up the data to the remote site. This service also contributes to the cost reduction for hospitals to store old medical images for long time, since they do not need to have the huge storage by themselves. And this service also make it easy to share the images outside the hospitals.
  • Community Collaboration is also important for Japanese hospitals. Big hospitals usually have close relationship with regional clinics around. Our medical ICT Solutions also helps the collaboration between them with KDDI Cloud Platform. KDDI Cloud Platform enables hospitals to share the images and reports with clinics. If a patient comes to a clinic, it can refer the examination data or images of the patient taken by the hospital he/she came last time if necessary. And through this cloud, the reservation for detail examination in the hospitals can be made from the regional clinics if needed, for example.
  • Remote Image Viewing System is for emergency situation. It enables a doctor outside his hospital to view medical images like CT image on his/her smart phone or tablet. We put a image sending server in the hospital to compresses the image suitable for cellular networks. And we are providing viewer applications for smart phone and tablet which can zoom images very smoothly.
    We are using stream cipher that was developed and standardized by KDDI labs to send images fast and securely.
    Those are the examples for our medical ICT solutions.
  • I’m gonna talk about our services around self care for health field. We have 2 types of health promotion services. One is mainly for self management support service Karada Manager, the other is Sports and Fittness activities support service , au Smart Sports. Those are the services which consist of Smart phone or feature phone applications, and contents on a cloud.
    Since we started those services in 2008, 2009, we have provided many related products and events. Feature phone which was specialiezed for fitness or running and armbands, bluetooth earphone, magazine tie up articles and running/walking events. We have been making an ecosystem around our health promotion services.
    I’m gonna introduce each services.
  • Karada Manager “Body Manager” provides wide range of self management support contents. Logging foods you have with nutrition and energy and also logging weight and body fat. With your log result, Health concierge provides personal advice for health promotion and diet or weight control.
    Medical Advice is more medical side contents. After you input you result of health examination, you get analysis of your result and advise for health. Healthy recipe recommends daily healty diet menu with recipe. Walk logger logs daily walk log and visualize them. And so on.
    Those contents are actually run by ???
  • au smart sports Run and Walk service is more specialized for Runnig Data logger. The application on the GPS capable phone cariculates accurate distance, time, pace and enegy you consumed and display them realtime with MAP. It can record lap time also. Those data is sent to the cloud and you can see the logged data by graph chart from PC or smart phone. The application has other 2 modes which are WALKING and BIKING. If you choose them, the data will be more accurate when walking or biking.
  • We have runner’s station as a part of service ecosystem. Our runner’s station provide locker rooms, shower, rental wear and mobile phone services. It is placed just beside the most famous running course in Japan which is around the imperial palace center of Tokyo. Not only it’s the part of ecosystem but it helps ads of our services to core customers
  • As for au smart sports fitness, we provide fitness exercise programs that can be done alone. It is the application on smartphone or feature phone.
    Fitness My trainer gives you a personalized advise and an exercise program plan according to your life style or your sports experiences. Another content, Fitness everywhere proposes fitness exercise you can do now according to where you are. After you choose where you are, for example, in an office or your living room, or even in a train, the application presents an exercise you can do there.
    And you can search exercises by categories like yoga, stretch, piratis, or by a parts of body you would like to shape up. The exercise is shown by 3D pictures so you can easily copy the move of the exercises.
  • With those features, total number of membership of the Karada Manager and au Smart Sports have been growing and it have reached 3 million 2 years ago.
    Those are our activities as Telecom Operator now.
  • This is the Japanese populations and their distributions of ages. As you see here, Japanese population will be rapidly shrinking from 2015. and Japan is getting older and older. This red line shows the percentage of over it will be reaching 30 % in the year of next Tokyo Olympic game 2020 ! Japan is the fastest aging country in the world but the tendency is the same among many developed countries.
  • So, our challenge is to have the good solution for Nusing and Daycare fields with mobile networks or devices. We are now doing some field experiments with daycare center and home nursing institutes.
    There are many problems that can be solved in this field with ICT. If you seek opportunities in Japan, please take a look at the field.
    That my conclusion on this presentations.
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    • 1. Health care and Lifestyle support with Telco services Noriyuki Inoue KDDI Corp. October 7, 2013 ©KDDI Corporation, All rights reserved. 1
    • 2. Company Overview KDDI : Telcom Operator in Japan cellular (CDMA/3G, LTE), fixed-line (FTTH, ADSL), datacenters Group Co. : BB Wireless, CATVs, Mobile Bankin g ・・・ Fixed-line (Broadband) Operating Revenue $37.5B mobile CATV Mobile au JCN au HIKARI (FTTH)     UQ J:COM CTC (FTTH, in Chubu Area) J:COM consolidated on April 17, 2013 Note: KDDI Consolidated Basis on End of March 2013 The U.S. dollar is the value converted from the Japanese yen., for convenience only, at the rate of ¥98.85 = U.S. $1 on Aug1, 2013. ©KDDI Corporation, All rights reserved. 2
    • 3. Market Shares Market Shares Mobile Market Share FTTH Market Share Others UCOM 5.0% 2.2% Electric Power Companies & 8.9% 24.7% 46.7% 11.1% 28.6% 72.8% Subs : 2.6M Subs : 37.7M ©KDDI Corporation, All rights reserved. 3
    • 4. Japanese Health Insurance System Japanese universal public insurance system •Cover everyone •Provide necessary medical services at low cost for insured •Offer insured “Free Access” to any medical institution nt yme a co-p a edic m es rvic l se Pre miu m Insured Person receipt Medical Institution Incl. Pharmacies, Dental services, Home-visit Nursing Care Insurers payment •Employees’s Health Insurance •National Health Insurance ©KDDI Corporation, All rights reserved. 4
    • 5. ICT Opportunities in Health care industry ICT business model: Wellness B2C B2B2C Self Care For Health Health Examination B2B Medical Medical Care Nursing/Daycare ©KDDI Corporation, All rights reserved. 5
    • 6. Medical ICT Solutions Hospital ICT For medical care field Medical ICT Solutions Clinic Community Collaboration Remote Access Clinic Medical Cloud ©KDDI Corporation, All rights reserved. 6
    • 7. Information Sharing in hospitals Hospital ICT Secure Wi-Fi Access inside hospital - Enable Doctors to view EMR, hold Web conference and access Groupware on mobile terminals anywhere in hospital - Provide good internet access for patients   SSID Hospital AP medical work Medical info sysmtes SSID For patient The Internet ・ Sharing information w. Viewing EMR, medical image, medical doc. doctors, co-medical ・ Input treatment 医師 看護師 ©KDDI Corporation, All rights reserved. Providing inpatient the internet access 7
    • 8. Image Cloud Storage Medical Cloud - Store medical images on cloud - Assure data with strong and secure environment Medical images VPN or Closed Network KDDI Cloud Platform ( main site ) Service types DR option (1) Complete cloud type All images are stored in the cloud Redundant Site (2) Hybrid type Only old images are stored in the cloud KDDI Cloud Platform ( B/U site ) ©KDDI Corporation, All rights reserved. 8
    • 9. Community collaboration system Community Collaboration - Help share medical images and reports with regional clinics - Provide medical treatment reservation from regional clinics Examination Image / Reports Reser -vation KDDI Cloud Platform Reservation can be done from regional clinics thru the cloud Examination images / reports referred from regional clinics thru the cloud ©KDDI Corporation, All rights reserved. 9
    • 10. Remote Image Viewing system Remote Access Smart MIMAS (Remote Image Viewing system) - Enable to view medical images on smart phone / tablet Hospital Outside hospital MIMAS Server Medical Images • Rapid image download • JPEG2000 • Stream cipher 「 KCipher-2 」 (ISO/IEC 18033-4) Smooth zoom ©KDDI Corporation, All rights reserved. 10
    • 11. Health Promotion Services For self care for health field Self management Support : Karada Manager Sports Activities Support : au Smart Sports “Run & Walk” and “Fitness” Since Nov. 2008 Logging and Advise for Health Since Jan. 2008 Since May. 2009 Running(Jogging) and Walking Support Contents Exercise like weight-training, yoga, and pilates Support Contents Promotes rich and enjoyable health management and sports life Specialized handset Arm Band Bluetooth connection Tie-up w. Radio, Magazine ©KDDI Corporation, All rights reserved. 1km= 1 CSR 11
    • 12. Karada Manager Provide wide-range of self care health support contents Logging Health Concierge Medical Advise Rich and detailed meal DB for food log makes easy to record nutrients and energy Provide personalized advice for health promotion and weight control. Log and analyze health examination result and advise Healthy Recipe Walk Logger Contents for Women EC Recommend healthy balanced diet With pedometer on phones, provide visualize daily counts and advise for walking Provide advise and notifications for women Enable mobile order for health, diet, beauty products. ©KDDI Corporation, All rights reserved. 12
    • 13. Run & Walk: Running Data Logger and Advisor (1) GPS based positioning map, Distance, time, pace, and calories consumed are displayed while running (2) Automatically upload data to the Cloud. Data can be seen from mobile or PC GPS Workout Workout begins begins Ends Ends PC Run & Walk site Running data is automatically stored. Run & Walk Cloud ©KDDI Corporation, All rights reserved. Data visualization 13
    • 14. Run & Walk Runner’s Station Provide locker rooms beside the well-known Running Course around the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. All services (rental wear and locker service, shower room, etc). can be paid by mobile FeliCa (Type C), contactless RFID smart card system. ©KDDI Corporation, All rights reserved. 14
    • 15. Help fitness exercise without going to gym My Trainer : Give Counseling and Advice Fitness Everywere: Provide fitness program suite for where you are List: Program: Enable search by list fitness program ©KDDI Corporation, All rights reserved. 15
    • 16. Membership trends Total membership reached 3.0 million in 2011 January 2008 Launch of Run & Walk service May 2009 Launch of Fitness ©KDDI Corporation, All rights reserved. November 2011 16
    • 17. Japan is the world’s fastest aging country Population (K) Age 65+ (%) Year ©KDDI Corporation, All rights reserved. 17
    • 18. Challenge for the future ICT business model: B2C B2B2C B2B Wellness Medical Self Care For Health Health Examination Medical Care Nursing/Daycare ©KDDI Corporation, All rights reserved. 18
    • 19. ©KDDI Corporation, All rights reserved. 19