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Food supplements supporting body mass lowering diet

Food supplements supporting body mass lowering diet



Formulas supporting body mass lowering diet

Formulas supporting body mass lowering diet



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    Food supplements supporting body mass lowering diet Food supplements supporting body mass lowering diet Presentation Transcript

    • www.zivisastilom.comOBESITYA disease connected to every part of life
    • Obesity The shocking factsOverweight and obesity arelinked to more deathsworldwide than underweight!!!From 6,7 billion people (in2010) one billion adults wereoverweight and more than 300million were obese.Without action these numbersincrease to 1.5 billion by 2015.
    • What is obesity exactly?• According to the WHO: „overweight and obesity are abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that may impair health.”• It is also declared as a chronic disease.• This ‘excessive fat’ negatively affects your heart, veins, joints, hormones, sexual activity, mood, even your fertility. So, each cell in your body.• Obesity decreases your quality of life, and may shorten your lifetime.
    • How to recognize obesity?The well known BMI classificationBody Mass Index* shows Underweight < 18.5the state of obesity and Normal range 18.5 – 24.9calculated by this formula Overweight >= 25.0 Pre-obese 25.0 – 29.9 Obese >= 30.0 weight (kg) Class I. 30.0 – 34.9BMI = height 2 (m2) Class II. 35.0 – 39.9 severe obesity Class III. >= 40.0 morbid obesity E.g. As a woman your weight is 65 kg for 165 cm heights, your BMI is 24, but gaining +5 kg, your BMI is 26!
    • How to recognize obesity?Waist circumference measurement is particularly useful inpatients who are categorized as overweight on the BMIscale, although increased waist circumference can also bea marker for increased risk even in persons of normalweight.Measured at the navel’s line shows the kind of obesity,e.g. visceral obesity (apple shape) or pear body shape. Waist circumferences Men Women > 102 cm > 88 cmVisceral obesity is more dangerous to the health since thefat surrounds the internal organs.
    • What is in the background?Increased consumption of food and/or the food’sincreased energy dense: higher calorie-content (in thesame/smaller amount). Also, this kind of food usuallycontains less vitamin, minerals, etc. 100 g Apple Chocolate contains (average) (average) Calorie 31 kcal 587 kcal Carbohydrate 7g 52.1 g Fat 0g 36.8 g Fiber 3.7 g 0g C, B1, B2, Vitamins Biotin, folic trace amount acid, etc.
    • What is in the background?Decreased physical activity. People not just gave upevery sport, but use everything to decrease every kind ofmove to the minimum. Car, public transport, sedentarylifestyle, and jobs.
    • What is in the background? environmental effects, affordable food, OBESE OBESE CHILDREN decreased physical ADULTS activityenvironmental effects, + affordable food, learned behavior: decreased physical „ do as your parents activity did, not as they said” OBESE ADULTS Vicious circle Obese children become obese adults with higher risk than a non-obese child.
    • What is in the background?Genetics – opposite to the public opinion – is not that determining to hide behind it.Certain type of endocrine * (adrenal, thyroid) and neurological diseases, but according to experts finding hormonal causes in background is rare.Certain medications (steroids, medicaments used in psychiatry)Mental causes: stress, depression, etc.
    • Why is it important to fight against obesity?There are well-known aesthetic aspects.
    • Why is it important to fight against obesity?BUT it is much more important to step into the wayof overweight or obesity increases the risk of severalnon-communicable diseases, like cardiovascular andheart diseases, diabetes, cancers, etc.
    • Why is it important to fight against obesity?With each pound of fat you lose- You can decrease your high level of cholesterol, triglycerides, fasting glucose.- The risk of diabetes, coronary heart diseases, strokes and several type of cancer (e.g. breast, colon) decreases.- Your joints release from an unhealthy pressure that can lead to joint diseases.
    • Typical mistakes during a weight loss dietImproper diet • Poor in high quality, low energy dense food. • Poor in vitamins, minerals (can lead to under-nutrition, vitamin deficiencies, while the person is obese!). • Poor in whole protein, complex carbohydrate, (poly)unsaturated fatty acids.
    • Typical mistakes during a weight loss dietDiet deviation• Inability to resist to hunger.• Inability to resist to carbohydrate hunger ”attacks” of sweeties, cookies.
    • Typical mistakes during a weight loss dietChoosing wrong kind of sport, suddenly started excessivephysical activity.• Can lead to injuries, relapses of existing musco-sceletal diseases.• Can lead to grumpiness about physical activity.
    • How to lose weight?Increase yourphysical activity!+Change your diet!= If you need help, take it! *Reach energybalance!
    • How can CaliVita® help?Ensure proper supply of vitamins and mineralsalso during your weight loss supporting diet. Highquality multivitamin products offer great help.
    • How can CaliVita® help?Make sure to get enough energy and enduranceduring the everydays and workout. Get energizedwith high quality supplements!
    • How can CaliVita® help? Craving for sweets? Try chromium! According to studies, chromium can handle the yearning for carbohydrates, one of the typical difficulties during a slimming diet. Chromium Max 500 contains chromium in organic bound, as chromium-picolinate. Citrimax&Chromium is completed with citrimax (hidroxy-citric-acid, HCA), extracted from Garcinia cambogia that can help regulate appetite and may inhibit the transformation of carbohydrate into fat.
    • How can CaliVita® help? Having trouble taking tablets or capsules? Try tasty liquid products! TrimeX WMS is a high quality products, specially for those who prefer liquid forms. Its complex amino-acids may protect your body to lose without losing muscles. TrimeX WMS’s green-tea extract can give extra energy and boost metabolism, while HCA found in it could help to handle appetite.
    • How can CaliVita® help? Sporty enough but need support? Get in lean shape with a complex formula! XShape is a complex product created to support weight loss diets. Its complex amino-acids may protect your body to lose „fat- free part”, (e.g.: muscles) which could lead to flabby shapes. They may also help control hunger as well as boosting energy metabolism. XShape is completed with extra Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, B12 and niacin for a proper vitamin supply, what’s more, it contains extra chromium in a well-utilizable organic form, chromium-picollinate, that may help resist carbohydrates.
    • How can CaliVita® help? Do you feel permanent hunger during diets? Figure Shaper may be the perfect choice! Figure Shaper is a complex product designed to helping weight loss using natural plant based ingredients. Hoodia gordonii is getting more and more popular due to its great ability to control hunger. HCA extracted from Garcinia cambogia and the extra chromium can help in case of yearning of carbohydrate, while HCA can help mobilize fat . To complete its effects we added high quality green tea extract that may support your stamina during everydays or workouts!
    • How can CaliVita® help? All you need is in one tablet. Slim Formula can support your weight loss endeavors in many ways. We designed it to help keep your diet and give energy to the physical activities. High quality green tea extract, L-carnitine and HCA- extract may give extra energy and boost fat burning supporting the effectiveness of body mass decreasing diets. To keep appetite under control we added organic bounded chromium, while the well known nopal cactus has great effect the whole body and metabolism.
    • How to help yourself?
    • Easier togetherInstead of watching tv, move with your friendsand family.
    • Choose the stairsHealthier to take the stairs!
    • Walk as much as possibleFor smaller shoppings and sightseeing don’ttake car or bus!
    • Check the calories!Try to write down a few days per week, whatyou ate. You will be surprised!
    • Success!www.zivisastilom.com
    • Sources• Lowering Effect on Postprandial Glycemic Response of Nopales Added to Mexican Breakfasts - Montserrat Bacardi-Gascon, MD, Dulce Dueñas-Mena, BSC, Arturo Jimenez-Cruz, MD, Nutrition Graduate Program, Medical School, Universidad Autonoma de Baja California, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico• A double-blind, placebo-controlled, exploratory trial of chromium picolinate in atypical depression: effect on carbohydrate craving - Docherty JP, Sack DA, Roffman M, Finch M, Komorowski JR., J Psychiatr Pract. 2005 Sep;11(5):302- 14.• www.who.org• Új Tápanyagtáblázat – I. Rodler, Medicina Könykiadó Zrt., Budapest 2006.