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Natural cosmetic products for best skin care.

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Aquabelle cosmetics

  1. 1. Aquabelle Face Care Range
  2. 2. Why skin caring? Aesthetic reason and Healthcare Healthy skin looks better, gives you greater confidence and protects the body. „There’s no second chance to make the first impression!”
  3. 3. Functions of the human skin • Mechanical protection • Protection against sunlight • Thicken horn layer • Increased accumulation of melanin • Protection against chemical influences • Skin surface • Heat regulation • Breathing-, venenific-, absorption- functions
  4. 4. Skincaring in different seasonsRegenaration of Protection againstsummer impairments the hardsips of weather Vitamin supplement UV-protection Protection against Cleaning UV-rays Boosting of metabolism Sweating Vitamin supplement
  5. 5. Enemies of our skin • Environmental harms: Air pollution UV-rays Polluted water Cold and windy winter • Malnutrition (too much sugar and fat) • Not enough drinking • Stress • Illnesses (e.g. reduced thyroid activity) • Drugs (steroids) • Allergy • Smoking • Central Heating • Usage of not 100% natural colour cosmetics
  6. 6. Why is it better to useperfect cosmeticproducts for your skin? • Regeneration of the skin tensions • Increasing of resistivity • Protection against external effects (mechanical, chemical etc.) • Anti-aging • Remove acnes, skin defects • Nourishment and moisturizing
  7. 7. Professional Face Care:Aquabelle with DD-Water Ingredients of Aquabelle: 1) Modern components: Liposoms, Ceramide, Vitamins 2) Natural ingredients: Avocado, Jojoba, Olive oil 3) DD Water
  8. 8. DD-waterPositive effects of DD water for the skin Clinical tests prove that DD Water delays and may prevent activities leading to cancer formation – it plays an important role in reducing the risk of skin deseases!
  9. 9. What type of other positive effect does DD water in Aquabelle cosmetics have? • better molecule structure of collagen and elastine • positive stress for the healthy cells of the skin • more flexible cross bindings of proteins • quicker hydration „osmosis” effect
  10. 10. Aquabelle Regenerating CreamActive ingredients of Regenerating Cream (50 ml)Ceramide:• is very similar to human suet• has a very good hydrating effect,• regenerates skin,• improves its elasticity,• reduces the formation of wrinkles and• protects against harmful environmental effects.Vitamin E:• antioxidant,• anti-aging,• has natural hydrating effect,• anti-inflammatory effect,•Vitalizes and freshens skinOther active ingredients:avocado, jojoba oil, urea
  11. 11. Aquabelle Regenerating Cream II. How to use it? Ideal for daytime use (but in winter -only above zero degree), also as a base under make-up! Who should use it? • People with all kinds of skin • With no extreme skin conditions
  12. 12. Aquabelle Nourishing Cream Active ingredients of Nourishing Cream (50 ml): • Olive oil (Vitamine A) • Avocado oil • Vitamine E • Yeast extract Another breakthrough innovation: Oil-in-water-in-oil emulsion in one! Oil-in-water-in-oil emulsion: • Immediate nourishing and hydrating effect • Regulated, long lasting ingredient release effect • Deep-hydrating effect – complex emulsion
  13. 13. Aquabelle Nourishing Cream II. How to use it? Ideal for night-time use In cold, windy weather as a day cream!! Who should use it? • People with drier and problematic skin • Elderly people with more „demanding‟ skin
  14. 14. Aquabelle Hydrating Cleanser LotionCleansing removes dirt, bacteria and dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. Active ingredients of Hydrating Cleanser (150 ml): Jojoba oil: prefect cosmetic ingredient due to gentle nourishing effect Avocado oil: good antioxidant effect – protects skin Bisabolol – skin calming effect Cleansing skin care is perhaps one of the most important things we can do to help keep our skin looking healthy and beautiful!
  15. 15. Aquabelle Hydrating Cleanser Lotion II. How to use it?• You may use it as a normal cleanser – toclean skin (also from make-up)Who should use it?• People using cleansers, tonics (e.g. usingmake-up)• People with normal skin, but due to its gentlefeature people who have sensitive type of skintoo. You can also use it for the sensitive skin of neck and de’collete’!!
  16. 16. Steps of professional face care – STEP 1 - CLEANING Cleaning – as many times as you want! After coming home from work or school, before activity, solarium or sauna. Pouring on a cotton-mop, greasing the face and rinsing with water. No need to wash off after the second cleaning phase. Never forget about the de‟collete‟! Recommended CaliVita products: Aquabelle Hydration Cleanser Lotion
  17. 17. Steps of professional face care – STEP 2 - HYDRATINGHydrating, moisturising – for the dehydrated skin, under the make-upRecommended CaliVita products:Aquabelle Nourishing Cream – for extra dry skinAquabelle Regenerating Cream – for normal skin
  18. 18. Steps of professional face care – STEP 3 - REGENERATING Regenerating – for dry, problematic skin, before outside activities. In cold, windy weather, use Aquabelle Nourishing Cream
  19. 19. Can we do anything else to beautify our skin? YES WE CANWITH CALIVITA FOOD SUPPLEMENTSwhich help to beautify the skin from inside! LET‟S SEE HOW!
  20. 20. Vitamins and Oils to Beautify Your SkinWhen looking at your overall skin care, pay attention to your diet andensure it includes the RIGHT VITAMINS good for skin care.What are the vitamins that keep your skin healthy?VITAMIN BVitamin B helps keep your skin tone healthy. It is alsoa good vitamin for relieving stress, and so it mayprevent some of the skin problems (like eczema) thatcan be caused by stress.Vitamin B1 is an antioxidant that helps rid the body oftoxins. It can also assist circulation.Vitamin B2 helps keep the skin healthy. It can alsohelp prevent acne.Recommended CaliVita product: Mega B-Complex,Stress Management B-complex, Super Mega 50VITAMIN CVitamin C helps with healing wounds and other damage to the skin. Thereis some evidence to suggest it may rejuvenate the skin. Vitamin C will alsohelp the immune system fight off illnesses.Recommended CaliVita products: C 500, C 1000, C Plus
  21. 21. Vitamins and Oils toBeautify Your SkinVITAMIN EVitamin E is an antioxidant that can help prevent freeradical damage to the skin. Vitamin E is a good vitaminto take when your skin is suffering some damage fromthe sun or other factors.Recommended CaliVita products: Mega Vitamin EEVENING PRIMROSE OIL:Evening Primrose Oil keeps skin and hair healthy andyouthful. It may be an excellent supplement of body weightreducing diets.It supports our “inner health” as well, andparticipates in healthy cardiac functions, the perfectfunctioning of joints, and acts as an effective antioxidant aswell.Recommended CaliVita product: Evening Primrose Oil
  22. 22. Thank you foryour attention!