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10 Apps to use with students who need support in the reading process

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Assignment 2 10 apps

  1. 1. Assignment 2: iPod Touch App Match Reading Process – 10 Apps Presented By: Karen Dumay & Anne Levo Harrop Presented To: Barbara Welsford (Instructor) Date: Summer, 2012
  2. 2. IntroductionFor this assignment, my partner and I selected eleven Apps that can engagereluctant readers in and outside of schools. The Apps selected are meeting thevarious stages of the reading process. Academic successes can now be attainedby those who have limited reading and comprehension skills. Below, is a listof the Apps included in this presentation. 11 Apps Word Dynamo by - Word Games + Study Help Young Reader – Quick Reader with Speed Reading Sounds: The Pronunciation App Sequential Spelling Level 2 Reading Game Lite Science360 for iPad Reading TherAppy WordPokerHD The Opposites Flipboard Popplet
  3. 3. APP WordPoker HD Cost: Free Description This is a new app for the iPad. WordPokerHD is a combination of scrabble and poker. As letters are added to the menu, the player places bets. If the letters are looking good, the player can bet high. Once the betting is done, the player creates as many high scoring words as possible in the allotted time using the list of letters that accumulated during the betting process.Reading Process Fit Orthographic connections, word/spelling recall, vocabulary builder Students who live with dyslexia, attention concerns or need to build their vocabulary will have a fun method to build words with random Student Match groups of letters. WordPoker HD could be used to encourage challenged or reluctant readers to work on their vocabulary in a fun competitive manner. I love that each round is short so that reluctant readers or attention Notes challenged students can be convinced to try but can move quickly on to another set of letters, especially have the have a messy hand of letters.
  4. 4. APP Flipboard Cost: Free Description This app is for iPad, iPhone and Android. FlipBoard is a social magazine that can be customized to the interests of the reader. Although no voiceover is available for all articles on FlipBoard, there is now an audio section that one can choose articles and music from.Reading Process Fit Engagement Reluctant readers, students unmotivated by traditional texts Student Match Notes I really like this app to get reluctant readers to find types of items of interest and build their capacity to read.
  5. 5. APP Science360 for iPad Cost: Free Description This app is available for iPads. High definition pictures and video clips from the National Science Foundation of a wide variety of scientific information. Tap on a square and go to a specific picture or video. Tap with two fingers and up comes a menu of links to current news. Tap on the star, choose a tag and related pictures/videos pop up. If the student is doing a project, the pictures with associated information can be emailed to the student for inclusion. Engages reluctant readers, provides strong visuals to link to text.Reading Process Fit Visuals are useful for non-readers to Science 360 is useful for all students but especially students who are Student Match reluctant readers. It is also useful to students who are limited in ability to decode or are non-readers. I cannot find a voice over option, but if the image is of interest, the student can email it to him/herself on the same device where voiceover is available. Notes The photography is stunning and much of it is public domain.
  6. 6. APP Popplet Cost: Free (Lite version) or $4.99 (full version) Description Available for iPhone and iPad, this cool graphic organizer/mind mapping app can be used by students to take notes from reading material. Pictures can be added to the notes or students can draw a visual with their finger or a stylus to show their understanding of the linkage. Popplet allows students to record and organize their thinking about theReading Process Fit material they are reading. In addition to taking notes, they can include visual connections to the text. Useful for ADHD students, students with short term memory concerns, Student Match and visual thinkers. Notes According to the iTunes promo, students can collaborate iPad to iPad or iPad to Web on shared popples.
  7. 7. APP Reading TherAppy Cost: $14.99 Description Reading TherAppy is an automated workbook for teens and adults to work on one of four tasks: Phrase Matching, Sentence Matching, Phrase Completion, and Sentence Completion.Reading Process Fit Semantics, meaning processor Student Match Marketed as an app for working with stroke victims, Reading TherAppy app can be used successfully with students who have had brain injuries, autism, or EAL. Notes As a workbook, it is quite functional looking. Reports of process can be sent to an assessor.
  8. 8. APP Word Dynamo by Word Games + Study Help Cost: $4.99 Description This app is available for iPad. How many words do you know? Word Dynamo will challenge you to a game and from there guess how many words you know. Then from there, your challenge is to increase the number of words in your vocabulary.Reading Process Fit Semantics, meaning, memory, recall Student Match EAL students, Students with limited vocabulary, building long term memory Notes The price is listed as Sale meaning that I expect it to go higher soon.
  9. 9. APP Young Reader - Quick Reader with Speed Reading Cost: $4.99 or FREE (Lite) Description This App can be use with the iPhone and iPad. The Quick Reader/Young Reader App can help parents and teachers develop effective reading skills in students (child). This App can help students with eye tracking and proper reading skills. Furthermore, the Quick Reader/Young Reader App can help students focus (attention to task), while increasing their reading comprehension abilities. Finally, with this App students can test their reading speed. Over 130 children’s classic books are pre-loaded. This App is perfect for children between the ages 8-13. Concept Processor: language/vocabulary /comprehension gatheringReading Process Fit meaning from print - Attention to task/focus & select/sequential processing/memory Student Match Students with ADHD/Students who have difficulties with eye tracking/Anyone who wants to improve their reading fluency and comprehension I highly recommend the Young Reader – Quick Reader App to anybody who wants to improve their reading fluency. I personally like Notes the fact that one can highlight how many words they want to focus on at a time (eye tracking). Finally, students can track their progress in reading efficiency.
  10. 10. APP Sequential Spelling Level 2 Cost: $ 12.99 Description The Sequential Spelling App is compatible with the iPad and requires the latest version of iOs. This App can help learners of all ages learn how to spell in a non threatening way. The Sequential Spelling App teaches the pattern present in the English Language. The main objective of the App is to help individuals master the English language by providing them with the signification of the words (root words, suffixes). The Sequential Spelling App does not include any complicated definitions or jargons. A great buy! Concept Processor: Sequential processing/vocabulary retrieval/priorReading Process Fit knowledge/syntax/experience Student Match Students with dyslexia/Students with short term memory can benefit from the pattern of spelling/EAL learner This App is fantastic. The Sequential Spelling Level 2 makes learning English vocabulary so easy. I which I had access to this program when Notes I was learning English. I will definitely purchase this App once I get my hand on an iPad. Furthermore, I just recommended this App to my niece who is struggling with English (junior high Francophone student).
  11. 11. APP The Opposites Cost:$ 2.99 Description The Opposites App is compatible with the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The Opposites App is compatible with the iPad and iPhone. This word game App teaches children about opposite words such as tall vs. short. A customized dictionary is included. The Opposite App contains various levels to challenge learners (easy to complex and abstract matching). Users can either use a male or female character to voice out each word. The Opposite App will increase children and adults’ confidence. Finally, the Opposite App will support learners in their reading, writing and oral literacy skills. Meaning Processor: Prior Knowledge/built vocabulary & vocabulary retrieval – Comprehension gathering & meaning from printReading Process Fit Cognitive: orthographic processor & phonological processor Students with limited vocabulary/ Students who struggle to identify the concept of Student Match opposites/Autism spectrum disorder/reading comprehension difficulties This App is perfect for individuals ranging from the ages 7+. This App can see students through their academic career. Students can increase their vocabulary prior Notes to completing any of the proposed activities.
  12. 12. APP Sounds: The Pronunciation App Cost: FREE (Lite Version) or $ 5.99 Description This App can be used on an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. This App does require the latest version of iOS 4.0.Sounds: The Pronunciation App help students with word pronunciation and recollection. Non-Anglophone students (EAL) will benefit greatly from using this App. They will be able to learn phonemes to properly pronounce English words. Cognitive: Memory/Auditory/Recall/ Phonological Processor auditory/Sounds letter association/Cognitive visual processorReading Process Fit EAL students/Students who are trying to make sense between letters and sounds/weak reading fluency Student Match Another favorite of mine. This App can be confusing at first because of the phonemic symbols that it uses. However, once one memorizes each symbol and Notes sounds attached to each one reading becomes much easier. This App requires one to be focus in order to build up sounds and images recognition.
  13. 13. APP Reading Game Lite Cost: FREE Description This App was created to help improve students reading skills. This App teaches children new vocabulary by drawing on an animated blackboard. Students can connect images to words with this App. Each time an image is properly connected the App will read it aloud (proper pronunciation). The images bring the vocabulary to life. Reading Game Lite can be used in the following languages: English, Spanish and German. Recall/ Orthographic processors visual = what we seeReading Process Fit Students who lack focus/Students who need to built up vocabulary/Increase fine motor skills – connect image to word/ Student Match This App is very basic. Should be used at the elementary and early junior high school level. Fun and interactive way to build up vocabulary and reading fluency. Notes