How to Copy Movies to iPhone


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How to Copy Movies to iPhone

  1. 1. How to Copy Movies to iPhoneTo copy movies to iPhone, you will first need to make sure your movies are preserved either onDVD, or on your computer’s hard drive. Since such process is quite simple, you can just followthe instructions of this essay and move movies to your iPhone instantly.To make the movies playable on your iPhone, they will need to be in the correct format, which is.mp4, and obviously commercial DVDs are not naturally in that format. They will need to betransferred to hard drive and converted before you can put them on your iPhone (If your moviesare not iPhone compatible video formats, try Mac Video Converter)If your system is Windows, please download Video Converter for Windows.To transfer a movie from DVD to iPhone, you will need a computer, a lead to connect thecomputer to the iPhone, and some software to rip the movie from your DVD. There are manychoices available in terms of the software you can use to rip the movie. It is recommended touse iSkysoft DVD Ripper Mac to rip all your DVD movies properly to PIP4 formats. It not onlylets you make movies readily to play on iPhone gadgets, but enables preserving them incomputer safely. To start, you just need to put the DVD into DVD-ROM drive, and then use thesoftware to convert your media files.Once you have DVD movies in MP4 on your computer, you can then copy movies to iPhone.You must make sure that you have ripped the file to the correct format before you go anyfurther. When you have done this, the next part will be quite simple – just scan the video filesinto iTunes and then transfer them straight from iTunes to your iPhone. 1/2
  2. 2. If you do not have the movies you want still an option for you. There are some video websites allow you to pay a once off fee to download as many movies as you like. These are far safer than using an illegal P2P site, which could either leave you with a criminal record, or damage your computer by receiving a virus or trojan. The sites where you pay a one off fee are safe and legal. You can download as many movies as you like from these sites, directly saving to your hard drive, and then transferring to your iPhone. This will turn out to be great way if you watch a lot of movies, and proves to be the most convenient method to enjoy movies on iPhone. 2/2Powered by TCPDF (