MARK G. LEVEY
                   6324 Fenton Court Alexandria, VA 22312
Area studies and country reports writing experience: Latin America and
Caribbean; Former Soviet Union and East Europe; Sub...
service providers, taxes, and social security systems. Supervised up to
       seven staff.
   •   Experience includes wri...
Services, Tonga, South Pacific. Carries out assessment for reform of
       legislation, regulations and Trade-in-Services...
•   Policy paper: The Neufeld H-1B Memo: Legally Enforceable Policy
    Directive or Grounds for Law Suit?: A Position Pap...
Regulations - A Can of Worms for the Employer to Open (Immigration
       Law and Regulation)

   •    Country Conditions ...
Comprehensive experience preparing U.S. immigration applications in the
B,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,O,R nonimmigrant categories, H...
briefs to AAO, BALCA, BIA, State Department visa office, federal courts. Client
reference contacts:

Rami Fakhoury, Esq., ...
February 1989 - September 2000 – Previous employment with the following

   •   Cameron & Hornbostel, LLP, Washing...
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Resume Immig 06 10


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Mark Levey\'s current resume, links to published work and citations, and work samples

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Resume Immig 06 10

  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE MARK G. LEVEY 6324 Fenton Court Alexandria, VA 22312 (703) 980-4231 CAPABILITIES STATEMENT: Senior Legal Assistant and Case Manager for DC law firms, Subject Matter Expert (Immigration & Trade-In-Services) to World Bank, international development firms, and trade groups with U.S. and global regulatory and compliance foci. Proficient with most immigration research and case management tools. Applies in-depth understanding of USG agencies, legislation, regulations and USCIS/ICE operating procedures to resolve complex legal issues and develop case strategies. Searches and analyzes relevant case law and data sources, including (but not restricted to) on-line search engines, legal databases (LEXIS/NEXIS, Pacer, Shepard’s, Westlaw, FindLaw, AILA InfoNet/LINK, Thomas, Gordon’s, Interpreter Releases), SEC searches, court records, agency and law library archives searches. Operates independently and as part of a team to manage large caseloads, prepare submissions and to research and draft appellate materials. Conducts client interviews and briefings. Negotiates client fees and business agreements. Have well-developed cross-cultural sensitivities, diplomatic and client cultivation skills. Two decades experience researching, drafting and editing litigation and appellate materials, including briefs, motions, appeals, affidavits, memoranda, exhibits, petitions and applications. Twenty years related experience researching and documenting country condition reports and preparing individual, group and commercial risk analyses. Familiar with statistical and information resources for federal and international agencies including DHS, USCIS, DOS, USDOL, CIA, UNHCR, UNCTAD, WHO, on-line data source tracking (Alexa/GoogleAnalytics/Who-Is/RSS), commercial global satellite imagery sites (GoogleEarth/DigitalGlobe), USG sites (SEC/Edgar, Congress/Thomas, Library of Congress, USDOJ/ USDOL/USDOS/USDOD/CIA) professional and academic journals, specialty blogs, foreign news/periodicals/ foreign language translation sites and publications of international organizations.
  2. 2. Area studies and country reports writing experience: Latin America and Caribbean; Former Soviet Union and East Europe; Sub-Saharan Africa; Near East; Persian Gulf. Applies qualitative and quantitative methodologies to develop country reports, risk models, policy studies, and assessments for clients. 15 years experience related to International Law and Immigration, legal research and investigative journalism, financial analysis, political risk analysis, due diligence, and Open Source Intelligence Analysis (OSINT). Immigration Policy Analyst: Provides independent consulting services to international development agencies regarding foreign immigration law and regulatory programs. Reviews national laws and regulations for integration into global and regional trade treaty frameworks. Designs and develops international trainings and conference programs. Writes and prepares reports, presentations, and other materials in multiple media. Convenes and facilitates multilateral symposia at head of national agencies level. Experience with top DC law firms, major print and on-line publications, World Bank and USAID funded international development programs has included: • Providing expertise in international movement of persons and cross- border business establishment, including drafting, revising and interpreting immigration and labor laws and regulations, agency operating manuals and training materials. Professional knowledge of global relocation, visa procedures, identity documents, border controls, international labor law, regulatory compliance, economic development, global tax and trade issues. Extensive experience working with international clients in knowledge-intensive industries including major telecom, IT, diversified energy, finance, defense, and aerospace corporations. • Handled and safeguarded sensitive information related to debriefings of person of interest to USG agencies. • Conducted in-depth interviews of defecting foreign government officials seeking asylum and other forms of relief in the United States. • Performed major law firm information security review and initiated changes to firm policies and procedures for safekeeping e-mail, data and electronic communications. • USAID international consulting experience – Subject Matter Expert (SME) – Immigration and Trade-In-Services (GATS-Mode 4). USAID experience in policy reform, training foreign government officials, program design, implementation, and assessment. • Law firm program manager of large telecom, financial, aerospace, automotive and biotech company immigration programs. Practical knowledge of operations of same industries. High-level understanding of legal and regulatory framework for global movement of persons and
  3. 3. service providers, taxes, and social security systems. Supervised up to seven staff. • Experience includes writing appellate briefs, law journal editing, and personal interaction with all relevant U.S. Government agencies, courts, state and local agencies, foreign country consulates and ministries, and international agencies. Experience includes consulting for DC-area trade organizations, non-profits, and international development organizations. Provides consulting services to global trade groups related to policy issues. Paid experience with major political party Senatorial and Congressional Campaign Committees. Established contacts within USG agencies, international agencies including World Bank, UNHCR, CARICOM, UNCTAD, and international human rights, international labor organizations, and multinational corporations. Former Congressional Intern and paid political campaign staffer. Communications and Investigative Journalism experience includes numerous professional and journal publications (Immigration Law and Policy, global trade policy, assets and commodities markets behavior, legal and regulatory regimes affecting global movement of goods and persons, and political risk analysis). • Former law journal Associate Editor, large law firm publications editor (Managing Editor). • Authored numerous country conditions reports and policy papers archived by human rights organizations. Analyzed country conditions for factors including human rights, security, socioeconomic and political risks to clients. • Authored commissioned studies and white papers on Immigration, global security policy and trade association market research topics. • Extensive publication and production experience publishing, editing, presentation layout of print and on-line publications (Proficient with MS Office Suite, Word, Excel Spreadsheet and graph, Powerpoint, MS Frontpage for web design, HTML, MS Publisher, HP Graphics, Adobe Photoshop, ULead video/audio editor, TIF, JPEG, video files and editing software). Editorial and Reports Writing on International Legal, Migration and Human Rights Compliance and Implementation experience includes: • Current Project: World Bank Subject Matter Expert: Immigration and Trade Policy Reform Project, International Finance Corporation (IFC), Advisory
  4. 4. Services, Tonga, South Pacific. Carries out assessment for reform of legislation, regulations and Trade-in-Services in small island economies. Compares Tongan immigration laws and related Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) regulatory regime with two neighboring states, Fiji and Vanuatu. Assessed policy regime for compliance with WTO GATS, Modes 1 through 4. 2009-2010. See, eral • Coauthored USAID Train the Trainers materials and authorship of related policy papers regarding the integration of immigration laws and regulations of Caribbean nations, Caribbean trade and migration policy. Authored series of policy papers, including study of comparative immigration systems – U.S., EU, CARICOM – and assessment of utilization of web- based communications and public information by Caribbean governments. 2004-2005. %20Trade-in-services%20%20Project/Common %20Guidelines_011105.pdf Other Published Research, Writing, and Citations: • Book Co-author: “The Consular Posts Book”, State Department Consular Procedures and Interagency Investigative Task Forces, ILW Publishing, (2009) . Second, related book on immigration appellate law and litigation with same publisher in process. (Immigration Law)
  5. 5. • Policy paper: The Neufeld H-1B Memo: Legally Enforceable Policy Directive or Grounds for Law Suit?: A Position Paper by Rami D. Fakhoury and Mark Levey ...(Immigration Law Weekly, May 28, 2010) (Immigration Law and Policy) • Article: CIR Update:White House, Democrats All Over the Place, Rami Fakhoury and Mark Levey (Immigration Law Daily, June 30, 2009)(Immigration Law and Policy) • Article: Tax Matters for Intermittent L-1 Employees: Indian Nationals in the United States ... , g=3dc8f388-08f8-47a8-8605-ebec625e1c5f (International Law Office) (Aug 22, 2008) • Article, Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities Magazine (feature) V.18:5 (54-57): “Has Volatility Lost Its Edge?” ; cited at, Expert Systems, Berlin. 868-873, Chapter 6 Bibliography (market economics) • Article (response), Foreign Policy, No. 106 (Spring, 1997), pp. 190-208 (global macroeconomics, economic policy) • Book Chapter, The Foreign Student Advisors Manual, National Association of Foreign Students Advisors (NAFSA)(1997) udent_3/international_student_4/publications_14/advising_students/nafsa _adviser_s_manual (Immigration Law and Regulations) • Series, International Educator (NAFSA) (Regulatory Issues features), The "Public Charge Exclusion" and Other Traps, Levey, Mark, Fall 1996:9, (Immigration Law); “Reform and Destruction at the Department of Labor”, Levey, Mark, Spring 1996:44 educator_3/ie_index_cumulativesubject (Immigration Law, Labor Law and Regulatory Policy) • Commissioned Study, American Immigration Law Foundation (AILF) Commissioned Study, ”A Review of Published Literature on BusinessImmigration” (unpublished) (Immigration Law) • Features, Immigration Law Report (numerous features, reports, articles) (citation at:; Immigration Law Report (Associate Editor, Feature and Editorial Writer, Beat Reporter), LCA Wage
  6. 6. Regulations - A Can of Worms for the Employer to Open (Immigration Law and Regulation) • Country Conditions Reports, - IGLHRC Human Rights Commission (brief bank and country condition studies – Brazil, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia)(1999-2000) index.html (International Human Rights Law, Refugee Law) Legal Case Work: International legal, labor and trade compliance and implementation experience: • More than 1000 business establishment and service provision petitions for multinational corporations, distinguished-ability businesspeople and specialized-knowledge workers in information technology, finance, and medical sectors. • More than 1000 litigation matters - research and drafting of motions, briefs, and appeals. Prepared written submissions and witnesses for appearances before the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) and Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). • More than 250 Appeals - U.S. Court of Appeals (4th Federal Circuit), BIA, INS Administrative Appeals Office (AAO), Board of Labor Certification Appeals (BALCA), Dept of State Visa Office, foreign ministries and consular offices. • More than 1000 asylum applications - case management of complex asylum cases for former foreign gov’t officials, political activists and vulnerable persons from more than 25 countries, follow-on family cases, including all manner of hardship waivers, nonimmigrant petitions, and management of related social services and relocation matters. • Expert Witness location and preparation - more than 250 expert witnesses - location, retention, preparation, writing and analysis of expert reports, deposition and testimony related to country conditions, politics, human rights and socio-economic conditions. • Extensive publications experience: articles, briefs and papers published or archived by major newspapers, professional journals, asylum resource libraries, and human rights organizations on subjects related to human rights, immigration and international law.
  7. 7. Comprehensive experience preparing U.S. immigration applications in the B,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,O,R nonimmigrant categories, H-3 trainee program design, J-1 exchange visitors, along with PERM, National-interest waivers, Adjustment, dependent family and related cases for businesses. Policy Analysis, Training: Subject Matter Expert, USAID Train-The-Trainers Program, Caribbean Community Secretariat, CARICOM Single Market & Economy treaty implementation, regional Chief Immigration Officers training program design and implementation (10/03-03/04); Trainer, major law firm pro bono asylum program, Hogan & Hartson, LLP, Washington, DC, in cooperation with the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights (2000-2002); authored numerous published articles and policy memos on immigration and asylum law for Fragomen, Del Rey & Bernson and then DC-office Managing Partner, Paul W. Schmidt (later Chairman of the Board of Immigration Appeals) (1995-97); authored study of business immigration for the American Immigration Law Foundation (AILF) (1997); Congressional Intern, DC Office of Rep. Robert F. Drinan, SJ (1981). Program Design and Management: managed large immigration caseload for client corporations and pro bono caseload for human rights organization (Lawyers Committee for Human Rights). Business immigration experience included a large telecommunications company (revolving caseload of more than 100 cases), a major Wall Street investment firm (Latin American account executives in global derivatives markets), the largest European aerospace company (post-restructuring E-1 treaty investors visas for multinational conglomerate), and a UK automobile manufacturer (set up L-1 blanket global intra-company transfer program). Assessed company structures and job descriptions for regulatory compliance with applicable immigration, labor and visa requirements (1987-present). Developed and operated institutional giving program for Central American Refugee Center (CARECEN), LA, (1985-86). Directs all legal and business operations of legal services support company, 2002-present). Supervised up to seven professional staff and numerous interns, volunteers. EMPLOYMENT Mid-2002 to present - Director, International Appellate Support (IAS), Alexandria, VA, Director, consulting company. Contracts with attorneys to research, write and prepare appellate submissions and applications. Provides expert consulting services to international development agencies and trade groups. Provides content for publications, journals and law firm web sites. Sets up law office case preparation systems and trains users. Desktop publishes and web publishes legal materials. Manages business immigration and litigation cases. Prepares non-immigrant visa applications in B,E,H.I, J, K, L, O, P, R categories, PERM labor certifications, Adjustment of status, waivers, appeals,
  8. 8. briefs to AAO, BALCA, BIA, State Department visa office, federal courts. Client reference contacts: Rami Fakhoury, Esq., Managing Partner, Fakhoury Law Group, International Bar Association publications, Troy, MI, (248) 643-4900, Troy, MI, e-mail: Peter D. Williamson, Esq., (713) 658-1818, former Governor, American Immigration Law Association (AILA), Houston, TX, e-mail Sylvia J. Rolinski, Esq., Rolinski & Suarez, LLC, (240) 632-0903, Potomac, MD, October 2003 to March 2004 - Consultant, CARANA Corp., Arlington, VA. Subject Matter Expert with USAID contractor, CARANA Corp. Caribbean Trade and Competitiveness Program, Christ Church, Barbados. Technical assistance provided to Caribbean Community Secretariat, Single Market and Economy program, Georgetown, Guyana. Worked with CARICOM Secretariat to organize and facilitate a series of regional conferences and training sessions. Wrote policy and training documents for regional Free Movement policy and immigration officer training program. Developed policy initiatives with chief immigration officers and trade officials of 14 Caribbean countries. Provided subject matter expertise in areas of regulatory streamlining, regional service provision and administrative implementation of regional Free Movement treaty provisions. . For a brief project description, please go to: services/pages/c_tradecom.htm Reference contact: William J. Phelps, CARANA VP,, Arlington, VA 703-243-1700. Patti Khan, Trade Advisor, Caribbean Trade & Competitiveness Development Program, Christ Church, Barbados, phone 246-228-8893, e- mail: December 2000 - March 2002 - Legal Assistant, Hogan & Hartson, LLP, Washington, DC, International Trade Group, Immigration Department - Focused on resolution of appellate matters. Managed business immigration caseload. Edited in-house newsletter. Guided and instructed Associates in preparation of deportation, immigration appellate, and asylum applications. Reference Contact: HR Dept. (202) 637-5600.
  9. 9. February 1989 - September 2000 – Previous employment with the following firms: • Cameron & Hornbostel, LLP, Washington, DC (January 1999 - September 2000) - Primary staff immigration resource person for Washington, D.C. law firm with international trade focus. Knowledgeable about the immigration consequences of investments and business restructurings. Acquainted with counter-party risk and conflicts principles. • Legal Assistant, Fragomen, Del Rey & Bernsen, PC, Washington, DC, (June 1994 - February 1997)(also Assoc. Editor, Immigration Law Reports, September 1995 - February 1997). Independently managed large caseload of immigration-related applications and appeals, including all types of business-related visas at leading immigration boutique firm. Associate Editor - Immigration Law Report, a joint publication of Clark, Boardman, Callaghan publishers and the law firm - wrote lead articles, news summaries, and commentary on immigration-related subjects including legislation, developments in the federal courts and agency regulatory actions. EDUCATION University of Maryland School of Behavioral and Social Studies, College Park, MD B.A., Government & Politics Major, (132 credit hours - 12 credit hours towards M.A., Poli. Sc,) Additional Course Work: • Boston University Metropolitan College, Boston, MA Journalism Major (78 credit hours) • The New School for Social Research, New York, NY (6 credit hours) • Parson's School of Design, New York, NY (6 credit hours) • Attended and prepared materials for presenters for numerous CLE courses sponsored by AILA, DC Bar Association, Inter-American Bar Association