Games like Clash of Clans for iPad


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Apart from the smash-hit Clash of Clans, these are other great War Games and RPGs for iPad.

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  • You should also check out the Zombie Company Crusade at It's similar to the Clash of Clans but with zombie theme. The graphics are insane and I'm looking forward to it. I'm really excited.
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Games like Clash of Clans for iPad

  1. 1. Beyond Clash of Clans – 5 other great War Games and RPGs for iPad August 2013
  2. 2. When Clash of Clans keeps you waiting Clash of Clans is a great, addictive game to play on the iPad. It’s also a game that could cost you quite a bit of money in gem purchases and the like the deeper you get into it, as construction times get longer and longer.
  3. 3. Try 5 other great RPGs or War Games To protect you from raiding your bank account too often, we at Xyo have delved deep into the long-tail to find you Clash of Clans alternatives to distract you while you wait for your Clash of Clans builders do their good work. Get ready for the 5 best games like Clash of Clans for iPad.
  4. 4. Tap Paradise Cove Welcome to the tropical paradise, start building your own island. If you loved building your own town in Clash of clans, you should totally try this one! Tap Paradise Cove scenario is a tropical island in the middle of the colonial age. Start your new town on a God-forgotten island in the middle of the ocean and help it grow and prosper while you discover the mysteries and treasures of the jungle. Make sure you are on your guard though – where there is gold and wealth pirates are never far away! Check out the game play video on YouTube: FREE iPad Download Tap Paradise Cove for Free XYO score 8.2 / 10 What users say Fun & Addictive Great App What Xyo says
  5. 5. War of Nations Tech, tanks and helicopters – modern warfare at its best Had enough of prehistoric warfare with sticks, swords and arrows? Go for War of Nations! It’s just like Clash of Clans except that it takes place in the near future and is fought with great new-technology weapons. Build up a strong army, mine for resources, find trustworthy allies and become the most powerful nation of all. War of Nations is great for anyone who likes the idea of future weapons systems, and is interested in playing within a landscape which is more sci-fi than fantasy. Check out the gameplay video on YouTube: Download War of Nations for Free XYO score 8.0 / 10 What Xyo says FREE iPad What users say Fun Game Great App
  6. 6. Tribal Wars Hardcore strategy game with its roots in a browser game Tribal Wars is a complex hardcore strategy game placed in a medieval setting. You start with a small village and aim to build it into an impregnable castle inhabited by workers, knaves, knights and maids. Train your army well and conquer other players’ villages, or form alliances to protect your kingdom. Although Tribal Wars is a little complicated you will love playing it and become addicted in no time at all. You need to sign up and create an online account in order to play this game. Download Tribal Wars for Free XYO score 6.8 / 10 What Xyo says FREE iPad What users say Love this app Awesome
  7. 7. Townsmen No fighting, just building If your favorite part of Clash of Clans is building a village and watching it grow and prosper, Townsmen is the game for you. Build a beautiful village, create farms and fish huts to make sure your people have enough to eat. Mine valuable resources and trade to earn money. Townsmen is a beautifully designed game with a lot of attention to detail. It’s a city building and urban planning simulation without any of the battle or multiplayer features you might know from Clash of Clans; building a city and mastering different scenarios are at the core of this game. This game is highly recommended. Be sure to take a look at the gameplay video:: Download Townsmen for Free XYO score 6.2 / 10 What Xyo says FREE iPad What users say Love this game Update problems
  8. 8. Celtic Tribes Grrroooaaahh! Get your celtic tribe ready for battle! If the strategic elements of Clash of Clans appeal to you, give Celtic Tribes a try. Celtic Tribes is a massive multiplayer online game in a Celtic setting. Starting with a small village and few resources, you fight your way up the leagues against other players. Strengthen your fortress, train your warriors, defeat your enemies and become the most powerful lord of all tribes. The graphics are very basic and it lacks the slick animation of Clash of Clans, but the gameplay and strategic challenge are what make this game so popular, and this makes up for the poor graphics to some extent. Check out the launch trailer on YouTube: Download Celtic Tribes for Free XYO score 6.9 / 10 What Xyo says FREE iPad What users say Fun & Addictive Some shortcomings
  9. 9. Looking for more great apps and games? Make sure you check out the next generation of app search for iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. Don‘t have an iPad? We wrote a post about the best games like Clash of Clans for Android in our blog. Be sure to check it out and find more apps and games.