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Email Matters - Two Case Studies from Acquisition to Conversion


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A joint presentation with Holly Wagg from Good Works and Nicola Leckie from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology at NTEN, Washington, DC, March 2014. …

A joint presentation with Holly Wagg from Good Works and Nicola Leckie from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology at NTEN, Washington, DC, March 2014.

No matter the size of your fundraising shop (small, medium, or large), email levels the playing field. Email is a single touch point in your online program, and we're going to focus on what has worked (and failed to work) to build your new supporter pipeline and boost the conversion rate for each and every fundraising email you send. This is an interactive dialogue kicking off with two case studies of email programs in action from The UN Refugee Agency Canada and Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

What participants will learn:

1) How to use inbound marketing strategies such as organic search and google grant traffic to build your list (we increased our file by 56%).

2) How to grow an integrated email program with the goal of making it the biggest slice of your direct response pie (email revenue has increased by 50% in 2014

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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  • 1. Email Matters – Two Case Studies From Acquisition to Conversion #14NTCemail Nicola Leckie, Cornell Lab of Ornithology Holly Wagg, Good Works (The UN Refugee Agency Canada)
  • 2. Nicola Leckie
  • 3. Holly Wagg, CFRE
  • 4. Email Matters – Case Study #1
  • 5. Facebook Ladder of Engagement Slide 4Email Matters Become aware of your cause when friends talk about your page Donate for the first time via email Advocate and/or join your email list Continue engaging and like your Page Like, comment on, and share your updates Share their donation
  • 6. All About Birds Ladder of Engagement Slide 5Email Matters Googled “screech owl” and landed on the species account Saw a picture, maybe listened to the owl call, then left
  • 7. Inbound Marketing to build your list Slide 6Email Matters Web Visitors Leads w/ email Donors • It’s all about email capture and turning anonymous traffic into names • Create lead capture opportunities based on what visitors are looking for…pull them in for more information
  • 8. Inbound Marketing: Look at the data Slide 7Email Matters
  • 9. Inbound Marketing: Create offer Slide 8Email Matters Landing Page Download Page
  • 10. Inbound Marketing: Promote the CTA Slide 9Email Matters
  • 11. Google Grant Nonprofit edition of AdWords • Originally, we used our grant to drive traffic • Now, we use the grant to drive lead capture • This increased our email capture conversion rate from 0.2% to 5.98% Slide 10Email Matters
  • 12. Inbound Marketing: Lead Nurturing Lead nurturing emails, triggered by filling out a form: • Immediate - thank you email • 3 days later – More Owl Sounds, Macaulay Library “Voices of North American Owls” • 6 days later – NestWatch Build an Owl Nest Box, YouTube Eastern Screech Owl and Barred Owl videos • 12 days later – Invitation to Join the Lab Monthly: • New leads are added to monthly eNews • New leads with mailing address receive direct mail membership offer (our online leads are 22 times more likely to respond to direct mail acquisition offers than traded lists) Slide 11SESSION TITLE
  • 13. Benchmarks Slide 12Email Matters New Donors (4.5%) Email Conversion (1.2%) Unique Visitors Incremental Revenue New Donors (3- 6%) Email Conversion (2-3%) Unique Visitors Cornell Lab
  • 14. All About Birds Ladder of Engagement Slide 13Email Matters Google “screech owl” and land on the species account May receive direct mail Begin receiving monthly eNews and email solicitations Learn more about the Lab through triggered emails See offer to download owl sounds in exchange for email address Donate/Join for the first time via email or direct mail
  • 15. Year One Results • Increased our email file by 56% • Doubled online fundraising over prior year • 54% of online revenue was in response to email solicitations • Average “sales” cycle – 78 days from lead to donor Slide 14Email Matters
  • 16. Introducing Merlin…our FREE Bird ID app Slide 15Email Matters
  • 17. Slide 16Email Matters
  • 18. Merlin lead nurturing • Day 1 – Thank you and share Merlin • Day 5 – Four question survey • Day 10 – Help us build more tools like Merlin Slide 17Email Matters
  • 19. After two months • 50% of app users are new email addresses into our database • 9% of the new leads are coming from Facebook paid ads – Through the custom audience tool, we’re using our eNews list as a suppression for targeting – We have a very modest $5,000 budget – $1.24 per email address (would be lower, but we’re getting lots of likes/shares/comments) • 0.3% lead to donor conversion through the lead nurturing • Of the donors, 67% are new to file Slide 18Email Matters
  • 20. Email Matters – Case Study #2
  • 21. What’s under the Hood?
  • 22. Context
  • 23. Metrics that matter Missing • • • •
  • 24. Who is on the list? ?
  • 26. List Building
  • 27. THEN
  • 28. NOW
  • 29. Schedule
  • 30. The Plan
  • 31. Gross Online Revenue Growth 2013 2012 2011 One-Time Monthly
  • 32. Annual Giving (Two Channels) 2013 2012 2011 Direct Mail Online
  • 33. The Plan
  • 34. 2013 Program OverView 30 2.5 22 4 7 11
  • 35. Direct Mail Integration
  • 36. Emergency Appeals
  • 37. Emergency Appeals 1-2-3-Series
  • 38. Emergency Appeals 1-2-3-Series
  • 39. Emergency Appeals 1-2-3-Series
  • 40. Stewardship
  • 41. Stewardship
  • 42. Year End
  • 43. Other
  • 44. Surprises
  • 45. What did you think? Evaluate this session! Or, search by session title at INSERT QR CODE HERE When you evaluate a session, you will be entered to win a prize!