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Assignment 6
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Assignment 6


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. 11/17/08 the BAD •  Coffee and words in same orientation | •  Black text of words in centre position, The GOOD blue text at sides the GOOD vs the BAD •  Strong colour contrast •  Cups smaller in the BAD the BAD •  Words flow nicely size in straight line upwards • Cups have more details | | •  Handles of cups all The GOOD The GOOD point towards the •  Background is right plain, does not compete for attention with figure 1
  • 2. 11/17/08 • Gaps present •  “the CORPORATE between each ladder” vertical line of words, the BAD the BAD   Different font sizes but the viewer’s but due to their mind is able to fill in proximity people the missing read the 3 words information to see | | together the ladder. The GOOD The GOOD •  1 coffee cup plus •  Length of text adjacent text seen as associated increasing from left to right •  Same hue of the BAD the BAD contents in coffee •  Warm scheme cup but different colour values show • Enables viewer to different layers of | | feel a sense of coffee The GOOD The GOOD warmth • Contrast of hue of background 2
  • 3. 11/17/08 the BAD the BAD •  Bright red: intense warmth, fire, intense •  Letter of text/ passion, strength rounded coffee cups and courage | | •  Gentle and The GOOD The GOOD •  Brown: lots of spots soothing feeling of brown –peaceful feeling puts viewer at ease. •  Black background the BAD the BAD and brown background, display different information •  Keeps contents | | within the sheet The GOOD The GOOD • Contrast in shape of last coffee cup shows top rank 3
  • 4. 11/17/08 •  Eye movement the BAD the BAD sequence from left to right • Different fonts used in headings (1968/2008: | | •  Follows increasing Aesthetics of Engagement) The GOOD The GOOD length of text in predictable rhythm •  Different fonts and the BAD the BAD •  Bad figure and ground thickness from same composition due to bad paragraph of words, breaks colour contrast the flow and continuity of the | | words •  Fonts too thin The GOOD The GOOD •  Background has too many details 4
  • 5. 11/17/08 the BAD the BAD •  “June 6 2008 in Harris 108”   Letters too far apart, • Red as background colour, | | warm, but hurting for eyes The GOOD The GOOD •  Text has no line spacing  Difficult to tell which text belong together the BAD the BAD •  Low colour contrast •  “Aesthetics of between text and engagement” and others | | background, unable to quite angular and sharp The GOOD The GOOD separate them edges-anger and energetic 5
  • 6. 11/17/08 •  No contrast in composition, the BAD the BAD •  Contents of poster may seem to continue beyond paragraphs all lumped the sheet together | | •  Too much contrast in shape The GOOD The GOOD of font - too busy, disturbing the BAD •  Text too near the frame   Leadeyes off the edge, can’t hold attention | The GOOD 6