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Pbl ict

  1. 1. PBL presentation Hamidah binti Azmi Hisham Nazathul Syakirah Ang Syibrah Farhana binti Mohd. Salim
  2. 2. Problem statement:Issues and Challenges in Integrating ICT inTeaching & Learning in Our Malaysian School.
  3. 3. FACTS IDEAS L ARNING ISSUE E S ACTION P AN L•Problem and •Students in rural area •Why students in rural •Search on the internetchallenges arises by cannot practice at their area cannot practice at that has valid informationstakeholders in home. their home? about the rapid changingintegrating ICT. •Different student’ s need, •How different student’ s of technologies around interest and language need, interest and us, ICT applications on•Ministry Of barrier. language barrier affect teaching and learning,Education invested a •Teacher professional teaching and learning by etc.huge effort in development should have using ICT?development of ICT. skills in using ICT with •What are the skills and particular application. knowledge that the teachers acquire in integrating ICT in teaching and learning?
  4. 4. FACTS IDEAS L ARNING ISSUE E S ACTION P AN L • Teachers need to • How to continuously continuously upgrade upgrade teacher’ s their skills and must skills in ICT? have all the • How to boost up knowledge for the teachers confidence content. and competence in • Lack of teacher integrating ICT? confidence and • What is the competence. preparation to face • Teacher resistance to the rapid change of change their technology? traditional teaching approaches.
  5. 5. •Rapid change of • How to decrease cost whentechnology. there is technical problem•Increase operating occurred such as softwarecosts and hardware failure?•Maintenance of • How to make sure ICThardware and software. components always in•Lack of inadequate adequate quantity, andtechnical support for school always have enoughICT projects. space for ICT project? • What government should do to make sure students/teachers in rural area can apply ICT skill?
  6. 6. W hat are the skills and knowledge that the teachers acquire in integrating ICT in teaching and learning?• Basic skills of ICT.• Knowledge about ICT-pedagogy integration.• Knows how to select appropriate ICT tools.• Knowledge on how to use developed educational software.  • Teachers should have proficiency in English.
  7. 7. H to continuously upgrade teacher’s ow skills in ICT?• Teacher share information with their colleagues and exchange information regarding the latest technologies and way to integrate ICT in classroom.• A number of the websites may help learners to learn about some ICT applications.• Teachers can have on-line interactive multimedia educational websites to assist them.
  8. 8. H to boost up teachers confidence and ow competence in integrating ICT ?• Teachers need to have visions of the technologies potential, given opportunities to apply them, training, support, and time to experiment.• Teachers among themselves should shows positive attitude towards the implementation of ICT in teaching and learning.• Government can provide a variety of teacher trainer training methods, ranging from face-to- face workshops to online self study programs.
  9. 9. Why students in rural area cannotpractice at their home?• In rural area, some of the student’ s family do not have computer and Internet service in their house because they do not afford to buy it.• Cause students to forget about what they have learned in school.• Ministry of Education can provide facilities for students in rural area to practice it.
  10. 10. How different student’ s need, interest and language barrier affect teaching and learning by using ICT?• Some students do not interest in using ICT in their learning such as building blog to publish their homework because they feel difficult and requires a lot of time.• The computer system is mainly in English causes some students that not fluent in English not skill enough to use it.• Encouraged campaign on ICT-based project to attract students interest.
  11. 11. W hat is the preparation to face the rapidchange of technology?• Forward planning with the help of industry leaders is essential to predict the future trends of technology.• School need to encourage every student to have at least the basic knowledge of ICT in order to avoid drop out in technology.
  12. 12. H to decrease cost when there is technical owproblem occurred such as software andhardware failure?• Every school needs to do maintenance occasionally• Train students especially to those who take engineering and vocational courses to be a member of Cyber Brigades to do small technical maintenance works.• Rarely go to the computer service and technical centre.
  13. 13. H to make sure ICT components always in owadequate quantity, and school always haveenough space for ICT project?• Efforts by the government agencies, NGO, corporate organization and individuals to donate to as many schools as possible are welcome.• Government should give continuous supply of ICT components to the school and monitor their use.• School should provide a special building for ICT class.
  14. 14. W hat government should do to make surestudents/ teachers in rural area can apply ICTskill?• The Federal Ministry of Mines and Power should work towards stabilizing electricity supply in rural areas.• Rural areas should also have procurement of generator to supplement electricity supply.