Hippa health admin week 1 question 2


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Health Administration week 1 question 2

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Hippa health admin week 1 question 2

  1. 1. HIPPATraining
  2. 2. Fines for violations• $100 minimum per violation for individual who did not know he/she violated HIPPA• $50,000 Max per violation/ $100,000 annual• $1,000 reasonable cause not due to willful neglect / $100,00 annual max• $10,000 willful neglect/$250.00 annual corrected• $50,000 per violation/$1.5 million annual not corrected
  3. 3. HIPPA• The Health Insurance Portability• And Accountability Act of 1996• Federal legislation• Covers 3 areas
  4. 4. Privacy• Privacy and Security• Protects patients’ privacy• Supports the values of respecting patients’ interest• Restores the publics faith in healthcare professionals and institutions
  5. 5. Law• Protects all health information created by a healthcare provider, health plan, or healthcare clearinghouse• Defines who is allowed to see or use a patient’s private health information
  6. 6. Law• Protects all information whether it is;• Electronic• Written• Oral
  7. 7. What information is protected• Any information created or received by a healthcare provider, health plan, employer, school, or life insurer• Includes the past, present, or future physical or mental health or condition of a patient
  8. 8. Includes but not limited to• Medical records• Test results• X-rays• Clinic test• Billing information• Telephone notes
  9. 9. Who must comply• Anyone who provides services, care or supplies that relate to the health of a person. Which includes not only healthcare providers and their employees• Health Plans
  10. 10. Responsibilities• Protect the information from use or disclosure to those not allowed to see it by law or by the patient• Investigate complaints• Discipline breaches• Provide patients with a notice of privacy practices
  11. 11. What to do to ensure patient privacy• Be aware of who is in the area when patient information is being discussed• Use cover sheets when faxing• Dispose of information appropriately• Share information only with those who are allowed to have it• When not sure what is private, ask for help
  12. 12. Computer security• Log off or lock workstation when leaving• Never share passwords• Be careful when sending emails containing patient information. Avoid whenever possible
  13. 13. Disposing of information• Never place patient information in trash• Shred identifiable health information• When not sure how to discard of information ask or check organization’s policy
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