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Internal workshop held to present Design Studio method to developers in our Vietnam and US office.

Internal workshop held to present Design Studio method to developers in our Vietnam and US office.

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  • 1. Christopher McCann Design Studio Wednesday 16 July 14
  • 2. What is Design Thinking ? Wednesday 16 July 14
  • 3. Wednesday 16 July 14
  • 4. Empathy through research – ‘who’ Framing the problem- ‘what’ Generative Ideation – ‘how’ Prototyping & validation – ‘test’ 4 Elements to Design Thinking Wednesday 16 July 14
  • 5. We have this problem, lets jump in and brainstorm a solution. We have a new technology, what can we possibly use it for? Our competitors just launched X; how quickly can we also do X? The alternative … Wednesday 16 July 14
  • 6. Most successful designs are created collaboratively Most designs are a mixture of from multiple ideas. Solutions are generated, analyzed and iterated upon or eliminated. Not just facilitators. Designers/Developers must be present and participate. Collaboration Design Wednesday 16 July 14
  • 7. A way to generate many ideas and solutions to a problem quickly through sketching, iteration, and critique. What is Design Studio ? Wednesday 16 July 14
  • 8. Generative Ideation Wednesday 16 July 14
  • 9. DIVERGE CONVERGE Create Choices Make Choices Wednesday 16 July 14
  • 10. UX Dev PM Best results are achieved when all roles are represented ‘The Balanced Team’ The Balanced Team Wednesday 16 July 14
  • 11. Sketch. Pitch. Critique. Wednesday 16 July 14
  • 12. Industrial Design,Architecture,Art Education Students are given an assignment (problem/goals) Students generate multiple ideas in a very short time. Work is critiqued by instructor and their classmates. Origins - The Charrette - ‘Crit’ Wednesday 16 July 14
  • 13. Creates a shared understanding & ownership Speed - Many ideas generated in a short time Builds upon other good ideas Brings entire team together - allows participants to understand other roles perspectives Advantages Wednesday 16 July 14
  • 14. Summarize Research Persona Development User Story (may need to be reduced in scope) User Scenarios Design Guidelines Done before the session Wednesday 16 July 14
  • 15. Wednesday 16 July 14
  • 16. Sketch. Pitch. Critique. Wednesday 16 July 14
  • 17. 1. Create your 6- up 2. Sketch multiple solutions. 3. Concentrate on generating ideas in rough form. 4. After sketching, ideas are presented for Critique Iteration One Wednesday 16 July 14
  • 18. Square, triangle, circle, line just enough to communicate idea Does this solve the problem outlined ? More from presentation / critique then sketches themselves. Sketching Wednesday 16 July 14
  • 19. 5minutes to sketch Wednesday 16 July 14
  • 20. 3minutes to Pitch Wednesday 16 July 14
  • 21. 2minutes to critique 2-3 ways design solves problemsWednesday 16 July 14
  • 22. Focus how a design does / does not solve design problem or scenario. Don’t get hung up on details.Avoid language ‘I like’ or ‘I don’t like’. Be Nice. Critique Rules Wednesday 16 July 14
  • 23. ‘Whenever we propose a solution to a problem, we ought to try as hard as we can to overthrow our solution, rather than defend it . Few of us, unfortunately, practice this precept; ...’ - Karl Popper Wednesday 16 July 14
  • 24. 1. Form groups 2-3 based on design themes 2. Team encouraged to ‘borrow’ ideas from other designs – stealing is allowed - improve 3. Team spends time refining these ideas. (7-10) 4. After sketching, team presents ideas for Critique Iteration Two Wednesday 16 July 14
  • 25. Discuss and summarize all themes, designs and components that have emerged. Discuss any open questions remaining. Collect all sketches and note open questions. The Final Review Wednesday 16 July 14
  • 26. Convert sketches to low-fi digital format. Review if these meet design goals with team. Create Prototype (s) if that is needed to verify design. ‘Wash, rinse and repeat if needed’ Afterwards Wednesday 16 July 14
  • 27. Warning Design Studio will NOT generate the final solution Wednesday 16 July 14
  • 28. Further reading on my blog: Wednesday 16 July 14
  • 29. Many thanks to discussions regarding Design Studio with Will Evans - @sematicwill. References: Videos: Todd Zaki Warfel Presentations: Design Studio for Context-Aware Products,Thomas Wendt Design Studio: A Method for Concepting, Critique & Iteration - Adam Connor, MadPow Speed Design Studio - Jabe Bloom,TLC Labs Articles by Will Evans: Introduction to Design Studio Methodology Design of Design Studio Design Studio and Agile UX Process and Pitfalls Wednesday 16 July 14