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How to learn a language in a virtual world
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How to learn a language in a virtual world


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This is a presentation about where you can learn a language in a virtual world.

This is a presentation about where you can learn a language in a virtual world.

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  • 1. How can you learn a language in a virtual world? Heike Philp let‘s talk online sprl BrusselsJanuar 2003 Copyright let‘s talk online
  • 2. About let‘s talk online 2003 Jan let‘s talk online started as live online language school EU funded LANCELOT, 23 EU partners to develop a teacher-training course for language 2005 Sept teaching in virtual classrooms Training center LANCELOT School GmbH 2007 Sept EU funded AVALON 26 EU partners to explore 2008 Jan Second Life for language learning 2009 Nov Virtual Round Table Web Conference 2010 Dec EduNation Islands, 30 residents incl. 6 Universities 2011 May DaFWEBKON (for teachers of German) SLanguages Annual Symposium 2012 May let‘s talk online sprl registered in Brussels EU funded CAMELOT (proposal) Copyright let‘s talk online
  • 3. Q: What is web 3.0 going to be like? Web 1.0 = Read only Web 2.0 = Read and Write Web Web 3.0 = ? Copyright let‘s talk online
  • 4. Web 3.0Web 1.0 = Read only SPEAKWeb 2.0 = Read and Write WebWeb 3.0 = Read, Write and ... Copyright let‘s talk online
  • 5. Learn English English Copyright let‘s talk online
  • 6. Learn Spanish Cibola in SL Spanish Copyright let‘s talk online
  • 7. Learn Italian Italian Copyright let‘s talk online
  • 8. Learn German Deutsch Copyright let‘s talk online
  • 9. Learn German Deutsch Copyright let‘s talk online
  • 10. Learn Chinese Monash University, Australia Chinese Copyright let‘s talk online
  • 11. Learn Arabian Monash University, Australia Arabian Copyright let‘s talk online
  • 12. AVALON Project University of Manchester, UK University of Vienna, AT Talkademy, AT Verein Grenzenlos, AT ICC Europe International, DE LANCELOT School GmbH, DE The British Council, ES University of Pisa, IT Molde University College, NO Mid Sweden University, SE Copyright let‘s talk online
  • 13. Teacher Trainers course AVALON1. Train all skills, which trainers need: – SL skills/ technical skills – classroom management – course design – practical experience2. Assisted by Moodle3. Start: 15 October 2012 Copyright let‘s talk online
  • 14. Technology1. 3D/2D integration → Sloodle2. repository for 3D-content Copyright let‘s talk online
  • 15. AVALON Copyright let‘s talk online
  • 16. SLanguages Annual Symposium 4th SLanguages 5th SLanguages Annual Symposium Annual Symposium 15-17 October 2010 16-18 Sept 2011 455 participants 493 participants 1.47 guest speakers 72 guest speakers and SL actuaries 2.42 sessions which consisted of… 39 sessions which consisted of... – 19 presentations – 3 plenaries – 3 plenaries and – 1 keynote – 1 unconference – 20 presentations – 8 workshops – 3 workshops – 2 theatre plays – 8 tours – 5 tours – 5 language demo lessons – 1 Dogme session – 1 theatre play – 2 demo lessons – a Japanese dance – 1 party performance – 2 artist exhibitions – 1 party Copyright let‘s talk online
  • 17. 6th SLanguages Annual Symposium 28-30 September 2012 Highlights of the conference in Second Life are... •3 pre-conference events on Wed, 26th Sept on the European Day of Languages •Keynotes by Stylianos Mystakidis and Dr. Cynthia Calongna •Symposium on Euroversity, Spanish Symposium, PADS •A 3h symposium by the Free University of Berlin on cultural studies in SL •2 x 3h workshops on how to create a machinima (video in SL) •A games park with some 50 educational games •A ballet performance Petah and the Wolf and a party Above all, ALL of the sessions will be streamed in Adobe Connect  Copyright let‘s talk online
  • 18. 6th SLanguages Annual Symposium Copyright let‘s talk online
  • 19. 6th SLanguages Annual Symposium Copyright let‘s talk online
  • 20. let‘s talk online sprl Brussels Heike Philp Twitter Copyright let‘s talk online