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Ocean Avenue Vacation Club

  1. 1. Ocean Avenue Vacation ClubThe Ocean Avenue Vacation Club is a unique program that permits Wholesale Customers andAmbassadors to be awarded and accumulate Vacation Points for business activities such as buyingproducts, referring new customers, etc. Wholesale Customers and Ambassadors may also beawarded points for the Ocean Avenue Vacation Club through incentives and contests that thecompany may run from time to time.Vacation Points may be redeemed for special Ocean Gear promotions as well as all-inclusive trips.The Vacation Club offers unique opportunities for: 1. Wholesale Customers 2. AmbassadorsWholesale CustomersWholesale Customers consume Ocean Avenue products on a regular basis. By setting up aWholesale Customer account, a Wholesale Customer may purchase products anytime and enjoythe discounted wholesale price. Ambassadors are encouraged to create a Autoship order for theWholesale Customer. Wholesale Customers will be awarded Vacation Points and accumulatepoints from month to month, as long as they have a minimum purchase of at least 50 BV in eachcalendar month and participate in our Autoship program.Wholesale customers are awarded Vacation Points for:Being 3xFree QualifiedWholesale Customers must have a minimum enrollment of two Wholesale Customers, and thetotal of the enrolled Wholesale Customers order is three times more than the Autoship/Backuporder. If a Wholesale Customer meets these requirements they are eligible to receive one Autoship/Backup order for free in the month they qualify.Vacation Points for 3xFree QualifiedIn any month a Wholesale Customer is 3xFree qualified, Ocean Avenue will double the VacationPoints based on the BV (ie. if a Wholesale customer has 150 BV, they will be awarded 300 VacationPoints) Vacation Points are awarded for any additional Wholesale Customer’s personally enrolled.
  2. 2. Residual PointsIn order to align our Vacation Club with our compensation plan, points will also be awarded toAmbassadors based on their paid as rank in the calendar month, according to the chart below; Paid as Rank Monthly Max. Earned Total Carry Over Wholesale Customers *2,000 Vacation Points 20,000 Vacation Points Bronze-Gold *10,000 Vacation Points 60,000 Vacation Points Pearl *20,000 Vacation Points 60,000 Vacation Points Ruby *20,000 Vacation Points 100,000 Vacation Points Emerald *20,000 Vacation Points 160,000 Vacation Points Diamond and Above *25,000 Vacation Points 250,000 Vacation Points*Based on TQV.** Bonus Vacation Points are not included in the Monthly Maximum. These Vacation Points are in addition to the total Vacation Points earned based onTQV previously stated.QualifyingJust as the BV in the compensation plan, the Ocean Avenue Vacation Points may only be accumu-lated if the Ambassador has an established a Backup order and they have met the minimum PVrequirement in a month for their rank.The Backup order must be setup with the prerequisite amount of PV for their rank in order to holdand carry forward Vacation Points.*Points flush at months end for Ambassadors and Wholesale Customers who do not place a Backup/Autoship order or purchase products equaling PV for that month. Vacation Points are non-transferable.Vacations Include Cruises Beach Resorts Major City Holidays Ski Vacations Outdoor VacationsVacations are priced between 30,000 and 250,000 Vacation Points with most of the options being inthe range of 30,000 to 100,000 Vacation Points.
  3. 3. Jet-Setters Club (Currently, available in North America only)The Jet-Setter program is designed for those people who love to live life in the fast lane.Ocean Avenue Jet-Setters Club rewards Ambassadors with luxurious travel destinations’ whereliving the dream become a reality. Imagine jet setting out to Los Angeles and spending three daysshopping on Rodeo Drive. Dine with the stars and hit all the best night spots or jet setting downto South Beach and lay-out on the beach by day and dance the night away at the world famousCameo Club. As part of our lifestyle plan, a Jet-Setter will have the opportunity to get fit andhealthy, make the income of their dreams and jet set to the four hottest places in the entire coun-try.Destinations Include: Los Angeles – 3 Day, 2 Night South Beach – 3 Day, 2 Night NYC – 3 Day, 2 Night Las Vegas – 3 Day, 2 NightOnly Ambassadors Pearl rank or above may participate in the Jet-Setter Club incentives. TheJet-Setter trip requires 30,000 Vacation Points, re-entry – 40,000 Vacation Points.OvātionOvātion is Ocean Avenue’s signature vacation. This year round qualifying event is designed tobring friends and family together. Ovātion trips will be scheduled every four months.Ovātion is a five-day, four night vacation, single room with four person occupancy. It includes upto four-$400 airline vouchers. An Ambassador who attends the Ovātion trip for the first time willredeem only 40,000 Vacation Points. If an Ambassador decides to return on a subsequent Ovātiontrip, they will need to redeem 60,000 Vacation Points.*Participation is based on availability. This will give an incentive/discount for the first trip but alsoallow upline opportunities to Ovātion with their team. Ovātion is not mandatory.
  4. 4. Vacation Club ConciergeAt the rank of Ruby, Ambassadors will be able to use an Ocean Concierge to design their owndream trip.Ocean Avenue has aligned itself with a major vacation and travel company. Starting at 80,000Vacation Points an Ambassador may design their own dream vacation with the help of our privateconcierge. The idea of the concierge is to give Ambassadors the chance to design the perfect trip.Diamond Business/Team IncentiveWhen the rank of Diamond Ambassador is achieved (paid as Diamond), Vacation Points may beused for business travel and are limited to airfare and hotel.* *Ocean Avenue Vacation Club is an incentive bonus offered to its members. Ocean Avenue reserves the right to amend, or changerequirements relating thereto.