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Say no to gender based violence

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  • 1. On November 25 we celebrate de International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. In the Official Language School of Mairena del Aljarafe we wanted to remember those women all around the world who are abused, battered, raped and murdered because of their sex. Our students have written short poems inspired on the motto “NO TO GENDER-BASED VIOLENCE.” This was the result.
  • 2. Stupid man With your aggressiveness You make your woman unhappy You are all for her But she’s nothing to you Stupid man, don’t shout at her Because it hurts her. Battered woman You can’t stand it anymore He doesn’t deserve you. Jairo López Natalia Reina Angélica Chaparro Azucena Chaparro 1ºB
  • 3. Fighter, woman, for your life Precious you have to fight for life for your beloved son Women, the world fights for you. Aurora Velasco Mariola Santos Rocío Garrido Natividad Cerpa 1ºB
  • 4. Pretty woman Under man Brave woman don’t surrender To the man Wonderful freedom Freedom for life. Look for help! Lourdes Goce Almudena Andrade Cristina Villalobos Vanessa Jiménez 1ºB
  • 5. Pretty women With spirit Free spirit she gives With the heart Innocent heart Soul and courage She fights against injustice. Dori Cobo Juan Becerra Mª José Caballero Ana Paula Arenas 1ºB
  • 6. Beautiful woman With dreams. Intelligent eyes don’t cry For the fight for life. Beautiful woman Freedom to feel To live for love. Andrés Linero Rafael Cristóbal Carmen Colchero Nathalia Mejías Esteban Merchán 1ºB
  • 7. Black night behind the door. A terrified woman waiting for her bitter love. Broken dreams, watery eyes, blows and shouts. The Devil is knocking on the door, the nightmare is beginning again Her heart is trembling with fear. Pepe Delgado Isabel Barragán Yolanda López Juan Antonio Martín 3ºC
  • 8. Happy life In my life Innocent lives die Always in my mind Damned murderers Women equal to man Let’s stop his violence Aitor Arbizu Meritxell Grau Marina Vázquez Inma Álvarez Pedro Bilbao 3ºC
  • 9. Boiling wasteland of tears Smile turns into tears Broken happiness Growing between my fingers But fear is over Today is another day When hope begins. José A. Tomillo Juan José Marquez Pepi Olivar Anabel Ladrón de Guevara 3º C
  • 10. Broken dreams A woman Beautiful smile lost At present Black days Man against woman There isn’t any FUTURE Sofía Lamas Encarna Galera Antonio Moreno Inma Cansino Ana Barragán 3ºC
  • 11. Selfish men Without heart Aggressive hand hit From her window Tearful eyes Woman with feeling Deserve something better. Sara Andújar Marc Quaye Julio Troncoso Jessica Riestra 3ºC
  • 12. Grey life With you Now, my hard days die. At home, the light shines, Now, you aren’t in my mind I don’t miss you Now, I don’t need you Paula Rodríguez Ángela Rodríguez Elena Robles Tere Algarín 3ºB
  • 13. Mistreater men against women Make children unhappy destroying the family. Democratic society though justice and law have to help the mistreated women Maribel Franco Mª José Torrado Amparo Roca Leonor Marchena 3ºB
  • 14. Maltreated woman Under pressure You’re not alone Don’t have to stand it No more suffering Don’t be afraid You can solve the situation. Paloma Romero Ana Mª Prieto Iván Bejerano Paco Álvarez 3ºB
  • 15. Awful man Without heart Terrified woman suffering for love Painful feeling Person without soul Thinking in himself. Pilar del Pozo Charo López Concepción Sierra Alfonso Jiménez 3º B
  • 16. Helpless woman With a man Hidden life had From the darkness Deep instinct Love with pain From the darkness Deep instinct Love with pain Apology without sense. Manuel Sánchez Teresa Barceló Marysol Cabello Laura Ortega 3ºB
  • 17. Thank you all for your wonderful poems. Let’s hope for a life without pain, for freedom, for respect, for true love. Your proud teacher Leticia