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Future of Reporting and Dashboard Analysis

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  1. 1. Fast Analytics and VisualizationFor Everyone<br />
  2. 2. Tableau is a visual analysis solution that allows people to explore and analyze data with simple drag-and-dropoperations.<br />What is Tableau? <br />
  3. 3. Tableau Timeline<br /><ul><li> 1st Year Magic Quadrant Challenger
  4. 4. Launched Tableau Public
  5. 5. 2nd Year Magic Quadrant Challenger
  6. 6. Launched Tableau Digital
  7. 7. Inc. 500 list
  8. 8. 2nd Annual Customer Conference 67% increase in attendance
  9. 9. Deloitte Fast 500
  10. 10. SQL Server Magazine – </li></ul> Best BI & <br /> Reporting<br /> Tool<br /><ul><li> 1st Annual Customer Conference </li></ul>(sold out)<br /><ul><li> Tableau Server receives a Stevie
  11. 11. Global OEM deal (expansion) signed with Oracle
  12. 12. Defense grant to Stanford
  13. 13. Stanford spin-out
  14. 14. First patents; invention of VizQL™
  15. 15. Launched Tableau Desktop
  16. 16. Hyperion global OEM deal
  17. 17. Launched Tableau Server product
  18. 18. Chuck Geschke (Chairman of Adobe) joins Board of Directors
  19. 19. Awarded “Product of the Year” for 1st time by PC Magazine
  20. 20. Launched Beta Tableau Server product</li></ul>1997 - 2005<br />2009<br />2008<br />2010<br />2011<br />2006<br />2007<br />
  21. 21. Our Products<br />Tableau Desktop<br />Tableau Server<br />Connect to data in:<br /><ul><li> Microsoft Excel
  22. 22. Microsoft Access
  23. 23. Text files
  24. 24. Odata
  25. 25. Windows Azure Marketplace Datamart
  26. 26. Aster Data nCluster
  27. 27. Microsoft SQL Server
  28. 28. MySQL
  29. 29. Oracle
  30. 30. IBM DB2
  31. 31. PostgreSQL
  32. 32. Firebird
  33. 33. Microsoft Analysis Services
  34. 34. Oracle Essbase
  35. 35. Netezza
  36. 36. Teradata
  37. 37. Greenplum
  38. 38. SybaseIQ
  39. 39. ParAccel
  40. 40. Microsoft PowerPivot
  41. 41. Vertica
  42. 42. ODBC</li></li></ul><li>Our Customers include<br />Boeing<br />The World Bank<br />Google<br />Dow Chemical<br />Motorola<br />Barnes & Noble<br />Xerox<br />T-Mobile<br />Charles Schwab<br />Wells Fargo<br />Univ. of CA, Irvine<br />City of Charlotte<br />The Wet Seal<br />Univision Comm.<br />WoltersKluwer<br />Maxtor<br />Beazer Homes USA<br />US Dept of Defense<br />Standard & Poor’s<br />ADP<br />Stanford Univ.<br />World Vision<br />USDA<br />Pratt & Whitney<br />Coca Cola<br />Disney<br />Baker & McKenzie<br />Bank of America<br />AOL<br />US Bancorp<br />Fannie Mae<br />Microsoft<br />Louisiana State Univ.<br />Toyota<br />Exxon<br />Norbridge<br />US Air Force<br />FedEx<br />Capital One<br />US Dept of Navy<br />The Gallup Org.<br />First American Corp.<br />FCC<br />Navistar International<br />TSX<br />Unilever<br />GE<br />Lockheed Martin<br />Cornell Univ.<br />Novell<br />NIH<br />Duke Energy<br />Moody’s<br />Bell Canada<br />Merrill Lynch<br />Amica<br />Zynga<br />Univ. of CA San Diego<br />Merck<br />Hallmark<br />McKinsey<br />Nike<br />Clorox<br />Cisco<br />National Financial Partners<br />Atomic Energy of Canada<br />HP<br />Bain & Co<br />Starbucks<br />RBC Dain Rauscher<br />Walmart<br />Weyerhaeuser<br />General Dynamics<br />IBM<br />Johnson & Johnson<br />Intel<br />GM<br />Quest Diagnostics<br />Bayer CropScience<br />Ernst & Young LLP<br />Yale Univ.<br />Mary Kay<br />Allstate<br />Countrywide Financial<br />CSX<br />Booz-Allen & Hamilton<br />Zions Bancorporation<br />CA Public Utilities<br />EMC<br />Crane Aerospace & Elec.<br />Hitachi<br />Boston Consulting Group<br />Lucent Technologies<br />Alaska Airlines<br />Consolidated Edison<br />Mutual of Omaha<br />EDS<br />Marsh & McLennan<br />USAA<br />Holy Name Hospital<br />Time Inc<br />Sony Electronics<br />Honda<br />eBay<br />Region 4<br />CA Electricity Oversight Board<br />Verizon<br />D&B<br />
  43. 43. Our Education Customers<br />Indiana Univ.<br />Texas A&M<br />Midwestern State Univ.<br />Catholic Univ. of America<br />San Diego State Univ.<br />Carnegie Mellon<br />Harvard Medical School<br />York Technical College<br />Wake Forest Univ.<br />Mississippi State Univ.<br />Univ. of CA, Irvine<br />Ferrum College<br />Xavier University<br />Samford Univ.<br />Aurora Univ.<br />Univ. of South Dakota<br />Minnesota State College<br />Old Dominion Univ.<br />Rutgers Univ.<br />Shelton State Comm. College<br />Stanford Univ.<br />Texas Christian Univ.<br />San Jose State Univ.<br />Univ. of Warwick<br />Univ. of Kentucky<br />Macquarie Univ.<br />Univ. of Pennsylvania<br />New Mexico State Univ.<br />Delgado Comm. College<br />Emory Univ.<br />Emporia State Univ.<br />Univ. of Minnesota<br />Tuskegee Univ.<br />Louisiana State Univ.<br />Sarah Lawrence College<br />Oklahoma State Univ.<br />Univ. of Lugano<br />Univ. of Virginia<br />Univ. of West Georgia<br />Thompson Rivers Univ.<br />Central Oregon Comm. College<br />Santa Monica College<br />Indiana Univ. South Bend<br />Georgia Tech<br />Oakland City Univ.<br />UC Clermont College<br />Univ. of Vermont<br />Pacific Univ.<br />James Madison Univ.<br />Cornell Univ.<br />Rochester Institute of Tech.<br />Tarleton State Univ.<br />Univ. of Illinois - Chicago<br />LA Comm. College District<br />San Diego State Univ.<br />Brigham Young Univ.<br />Stanford Univ.<br />Univ. of CA San Diego<br />New York Univ.<br />Johns Hopkins Univ.<br />Univ. at Buffalo<br />Ohio State Univ.<br />Univ. at San Francisco<br />Univ. of Umea<br />Univ. of Leeds<br />Alabama A&M Univ.<br />Wright State Univ.<br />Univ. of Chicago<br />Brookhaven College<br />Ivy Tech Comm. College of Ind.<br />Brown Univ.<br />Univ. of Notre Dame<br />Univ. of Massachusetts<br />Bridgewater College<br />Blue Mtn Comm. College<br />Cal State Univ. Long Beach<br />Univ. of Montana<br />Univ. of Calif. Davis<br />Univ. of Oxford<br />Willamette Univ.<br />Yale Univ.<br />Ohio Univ.<br />Univ. of Dayton<br />College of Idaho<br />Univ. of Calif. Irvine<br />Univ. of Wisconsin<br />Univ. of Washington<br />Clark College<br />Whitworth Univ.<br />Univ. of Texas El Paso<br />Simon Fraser Univ.<br />Sierra College<br />Chemeketa Comm. College<br />Univ. of Arizona<br />Univ. of Tennessee<br />Virginia Tech<br />Wharton School<br />Temple Univ.<br />Penn State Erie<br />Univ. of Oregon<br />Saint Olaf College<br />Univ. of Hawaii<br />Harvard Univ.<br />Loyola Univ. Chicago<br />DeVry<br />DePauw Univ.<br />Lamar Univ.<br />Univ. Maryland<br />Univ. of Missouri<br />Jackson State Univ.<br />Trocaire College<br />Univ. N. Carolina, Chapel Hill<br />
  44. 44. Regional Customers since June 2011<br />DWTC - Dubai World Trade Centre<br />MMI – Emirates Group <br />ADEC - Abu Dhabi Education Council <br />ADCB - Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank<br />TarweEjArabia<br />EMERSON Process Management <br />Advanced Petrochemical Company <br />Lafarge Cement<br />
  45. 45. What is Gartner saying about Tableau<br />Customer survey data shows that Tableau was chosen more often for functionality than any other vendor in the survey, with the highest overall product functionality scores… …<br />Tableau's products often fill an unmet need in organizations that already have a BI standard…and are more frequently deployed than other interactive visualization vendors as a complementary capability to an existing BI platform. Magic Quadrant survey data shows that Tableau was the most widely deployed interactive visualization product in organizations with an existing BI platform standard.<br /><br />
  46. 46. Our Rankings for Each of the 13 Capabilities<br />Tableau’s ranking on the Gartner 13 BI capabilities is well above average on every item among the 27 vendors: <br />Reporting #1<br />Dashboard #1<br />Interactive Visualization #1<br />Metadata Management #1 <br />Development Environment #2<br />Collaboration #2<br />OLAP #2<br />Scorecarding#3<br />Search based BI #4<br />Ad hoc query #5<br />BI Platform Infrastructure #5<br />MS Office integration #8 <br />Predictive Modeling & Data Mining #8 <br />To see the full “Functionality” ratings report go to:<br />
  47. 47. Overall Product Score vs. Ease of Use<br />Find Tableau in the upper right corner<br />Overall, Tableau does the 13 capabilities that Gartner says a BI tool should have better than anyone else <br />Overall, we’re the easiest to use <br />
  48. 48. Satisfaction With Vendors vs. Change in Future Outlook<br />Customers not only rated Tableau high on “Overall BI Success” but also gave us the strongest ratings on “View of Vendor Future”<br />“Overall BI Success” represents an aggregate rating across all dimensions — the higher the composite score, the more positive the overall experience with the vendor.<br />
  49. 49. Tableau Distribution Options<br /> Export<br /><ul><li>Image/Data
  50. 50. Print to PDF
  51. 51. Crosstab to Excel</li></ul>Data Sources<br /> Tableau Reader<br /><ul><li>Free
  52. 52. Offline
  53. 53. Interactive
  54. 54. Packaged File</li></ul>Connect<br />Distribute<br />Tableau Desktop<br /><ul><li>Create/Author
  55. 55. Adhoc Analysis</li></ul> Tableau Server<br /><ul><li>Online
  56. 56. Live connection
  57. 57. Interactive
  58. 58. Secure
  59. 59. Zero footprint</li></ul> Tableau Public<br /><ul><li>Free
  60. 60. Online
  61. 61. Interactive
  62. 62. Public</li>