Itinerary japan trip


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This is the itinerary of the Kizuna Trip that ALHS is going on.

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Itinerary japan trip

  1. 1. Itinerary in Japan
  2. 2. July 1, 2012• Departing from S.F.O Delta Airlines at 8:00 AM• Arrive at M.S.P(Minneapolis, Minnesota) at 1PM• Depart M.S.P at 3PM to Tokyo• Arrive at Narita Airport(outside of Tokyo) at approximately July 2nd 5:00 PM.• Total of 15-20 flight hours
  3. 3. July 2, 2012• After arriving in Japan we are taking a 2 hour bus ride to the Keio Plaza Hotel.• 2-2-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo
  4. 4. July 3,2012 AM: Orientation with Kizuna GroupPM: Bus & Bullet Train to Tohoku July 4-5, 2012 Volunteer Work in Northern part of Ibaraki Prefecture
  5. 5. July 6, 2012• AM: Return to Tokyo• Transportation: Bus & Bullet Train• PM: 2nd Orientation• Staying in the Keio Plaza Hotel again
  6. 6. July 7, 2012• TOKYO TOUR DAY 1 BEGINS• 1) Honjo Bosaikan: Earthquake Museum to experience simulation and disaster prepartion• 2) Edo-Tokyo Museum: History of 17th Century Edo and WWII exhibit• 3)Asakusa: Sensoji Temple with 5 story pagoda, Japanese snacks & souvenir shop
  7. 7. July 8th, 2012• Tokyo Tour Day 2• 1) Imperial Palace: Home of the imperial family• 2) MeSci (The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation):hands-on, state-of- the art science and technology exhibits• 3) Walk around Odaiba
  8. 8. • 4) NHK Studio Park: home to Japans public service broadcasting network exhibits that introduce various broadcasting technologies such as dubbing, computer graphics, digital broadcasting, and 3-D images• 5) Harajuku: shopping and entertainment district• 6) Takeshita-dori: a popular meeting place in Harujuku• 7) Meiji Shrine: built in 1920 to honor Emperor Meiji
  9. 9. • July 9th, 2012• Leave Tokyo for Shizuoka by bullet train, then take the bus to Shimizu-Higashi High School to arrive there at 3 pm.• Attend Welcome Ceremony in their school gym and meet with host families. Afterwards, go home with your host family.• July 10th, 2012• Come to school with your host family sister/brother by 8:10 am.• Observe and participate in their annual athletic event.• 3:30 pm: Attend their Welcome Party. Lincoln students will do their presentations there.• 5:30 pm: Go home to your host family.
  10. 10. July 11th, 2012• Leave host family and depart for Kyoto• Kyoto tour Day 1• 1) Nishijin Textile Center:Silk products are exhibited and visitors can watch weavers weave and see kimono shows.• 2) Sanjusangendo: famous for its 1,001 statues of Kannon, the goddess of mercy• 3) Gion Corner : unique theater that presents one-hour shows of numerous traditional performing arts of Kyoto, including Kyogen classical comedy, Kyo-mai dance, Gagaku Imperial Court music, Bunraku puppets, Koto (Japanese harp), flower arrangement, and the tea ceremony.
  11. 11. • We will be staying at Hotel Keihan Kyoto
  12. 12. July 12, 2012Kyoto Tour Day 2• 1) Nijo Castle: has the best surviving examples of castle palace architecture of Japans feudal era• 2) Kyoto International Manga Museum: a venue for the collection, preservation, and exhibition of manga and animation materials• 3) Daitokuji Temple : Zen-style architecture and landscaping built between the 15th and 17th centuries• 4) Kinkakuji Temple: exact replica of the 15th century structure that burned down in 1950 after being set on fire by a fanatic monk
  13. 13. • 5) Ryoanji: famous for its exquisite garden of 15 judiciously placed rocks and raked sand• 6) Shijo Kawaramachi Area: Three large department stores— Hankyu, Takashimaya, and Daimaru—as well as traditional specialty shops cluster and a wide variety of Japanese and international food
  14. 14. July 13, 2012• AM: Bus to Kobe to examine recovery efforts after the big earthquake in 1995• PM: Wrap-up Meeting• Hotel Stay at Ramada Osaka
  15. 15. July 14, 2012• LAST DAY!!!• Bus to Narita Airport from Osaka• Our flight will depart Narita at 3:40pm• Will arrive in SFO at 9:35am on the same day.