History of Scrapbooking
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History of Scrapbooking






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History of Scrapbooking History of Scrapbooking Document Transcript

  • History of ScrapbookingIf you’re someone that’s asked the question, Where did scrapbooking begin, the bad news isthat there is no real definitive answer. Putting keepsakes and mementos in albums or othersafe places is something that has probably been performed since the beginning of time.Imagine a caveman hiding away the dinosaur tooth from his first successful hunt and scratchingout a symbol he thought represented him, so that his sons could remember what a greatcaveman he was – and you have the world’s first scrapbook. Okay, it probably didn’t happenquite that way, but when talking about the question of where did scrapbooking start, you mightwant to fast forward several million years.Believe it or not, when considering the question of where did scrapbooking begin, you need tolook at men like Thomas Jefferson and Mark Twain, both of whom were known to keep theirfavorite mementos in decorated books. Wanting to remember souvenirs and have reminderswas actually more of a male habit for many years. Mark Twain actually received a patent for aself-pasting scrapbook in 1873.Scrapbooking is a method for preserving personal and family history in the form of a scrapbook.Typical memorabilia include photographs, printed media, and artwork. Scrapbook albums areoften decorated and frequently contain extensive journaling. Excellentscrapbooking providestips for the widely practiced pastime.The history of modern scrapbooks as they’re typically referred to now began in 1976 in Utah,when a woman named Marielen Christensen began designing creative pages for her family’sphoto memories. She kept these pages in 3-ring binders, and after assembling over 50volumes of these memories, was invited to display her albums at the World Conference onRecords in Salt Lake City.The interest that Marielen generated led to her actually traveling around to demonstrate hertechniques and materials, and eventually to her opening the world’s first scrapbooking supplystore in Spanish Fork, Utah, in 1981.Of course it’s impossible to say who opened the first online scrapbooking supply store, asmany scrapbook supplies were probably used from simple craft supplies at first. However,these online supply stores generate tremendous success, as they are easier to operate andmanage and have such low overhead and available to everyone with internet access.So chances are you didn’t realize all those interesting facts when you began thinking about thequestion of the history of scrapbooking , but there you have it. From a caveman’s dinosaurtooth to important historical figures to modern-day websites, scrapbooking is a hobby that hasgrown to worldwide success and is obviously here to stay. 1/4
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