Reduce the pain of updating faculty web pages


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presentation created by Leslie Yuan, Eric Meeks, and Ed Chen. Presented at 2012 UCCSC (UC Developers conference). Describes use of UCSF Profiles APIs by various departments to automatically mine data and decrease administrative burden.

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Reduce the pain of updating faculty web pages

  1. 1. Clinical and Translational Science Institute / CTSI at the University of California, San FranciscoReducing the pain of updating faculty webpages (and more!) at UCSF Eric Meeks, Lead Architect, CTSI at UCSF Ed Chen, Lead Developer, Dept of Medicine, UCSF UCCSC 2012
  2. 2. What is UCSF Profiles? Campus-widesoftware tool used to: Search for experts Promote networking and collaboration Automate collection of research data
  3. 3. Key Elements of UCSF ProfilesTechnical Users and Usage Based on open source software  Launched in August 2010 developed at Harvard  Includes 4300+ UCSF Faculty, Extended by UCSF as an Open research staff, post-docs, and Social container growing Populated automatically with  Covers 100,000+ publications publicly available data (Campus  Over 40% of profiles have been locator system, PubMed, NIH edited with photo, narrative or Reporter) other data Customizable by users  35,000+ visits per month
  4. 4. Has UCSF Profiles Helped Real People?• Investigators, faculty, staff, students more easily find experts at UCSF. As reported by users, they have found:  Potential book contributor  Guest lecturers  Potential mentors• Web sites can be automatically updated with data – reducing manual labor
  5. 5. Focus on: Sharing the Wealth of Data Integrate UCSF Profiles’ data with other major UCSF Department and Division websites. 700+ campusSharing profilesUCSF Profiles updated automaticallyData from UCSF Profiles
  6. 6. How UCSF Profiles “Shares” Data XML APIExample:Dept of MedicineConsuming:• Photo• Demographic data• Narrative• PublicationsUpdates nightly
  7. 7. How UCSF Profiles “Shares” Data, cont’d JSON APIExample:UCSF mobile appConsuming:• Photo• Narrative• Research Interests• PublicationsUpdates in real-time
  8. 8. How UCSF Profiles “Shares” Data, cont’d Drupal ModuleCurrently in QA.Examples inprogress:• Dept of Neurology• Dept of Anthropology, His tory and Social Medicine• School of Pharmacy
  9. 9. Further Innovations & Uses of the DataAutomatedDivision-widepublication list
  10. 10. Why use these APIs?• Ease of integration• Data quality• Time and thus cost savings for faculty, staff and IT
  11. 11. Who uses these APIs at UCSF?• UCSF Campus Directory• Department / Division / Org websites  Dept of Medicine  Center for AIDS Research (CFAR)  Dept of Epidemiology & Biostatistics  UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital  UCSF Medical Center• UCSF Mobile App• UCSF Faculty Advancement System
  12. 12. Efficiency and Accuracy Gained
  13. 13. Thanks!Check out Questions?