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Finding time for social media - Central Iowa Tourism region presentation
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Finding time for social media - Central Iowa Tourism region presentation


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Second and more advanced presentation for Central Iowa Tourism Region's Jan. 2014 meeting covering building your social media community, social media goals, using one piece of content across many …

Second and more advanced presentation for Central Iowa Tourism Region's Jan. 2014 meeting covering building your social media community, social media goals, using one piece of content across many platforms Facebook, Twitter, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck.

Published in: Travel, Technology

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  • What this session is going to cover: We’re going to lay the groundwork for your social media marketing program so you will have the time for social media. We’re going to cover making the right social media friends so you’re not wasting your time in the long run, how to build your community, what are your 3 goals with social media, how to craft the perfect FB and Twitter posts, using one piece of content over several social platforms, and saving some of your “posting” time with social media.
  • You have to compete for attention, make the right friends/build your community:Who should ideally be in your community?Your customers, both current and potential, your peers, the leaders, innovators and voices particular to your industry, the influencers, the visionaries from any field that inspires you. How do you make the right friends? What it boils down to is “to make a friend, you have to be a friend.” Community is all about relationships. Now relationships are not bought, they come about as a result of listening, responding, caring, understanding, providing advice or insight. You’ve got to know your audience to connect with your audience. Here are 3 tools to build your community – 1) valuable content: material included on your website which adds value to your visitors, audience, users – that’s your foundation. 2) Social Media – pick a few platforms that work for you. Don’t try to be everywhere – remember that the real value lies in communicating and connecting with people. 3) In person efforts – just like attending this conference, never underestimate face to face – hit the chamber mixers, local groups, etc.
  • How to be successful – how often are you going to post, on what platforms, what else? What’s your game plan look like?Measure results – both for Lake Arrowhead and San Jacinto Valley it’s very simple – more likes, follows and engagement. You might translate it all to bookings, etc.Take 3 minutes to write down your goals.
  • For me - #rural,#cattle, smalltown, roadtrip, roadtrips, Agriculture, Agricultural, Agfest, PowWow, native, NativeCultures, Native American – 2 words no hashtag, Dairy,#farming, homeschool, AgChat, Organic, Agawareness, Travel,Tourism, SoCal, CA Now think about what some are for you.
  • Special Events handout – due to time I’ve got a handout for you that will help a bit with your social media for special events…Timeline and Ideas for Social Media Event Engagement
  • Start off with a schedule – this is mine for Visit SJVAutomation – some people hate it, some love it. When you’re a dept. of 1, you have to automateDrawbacks of automation – world crisis, you can look really stupid, so pay attention to your automation, also set your email for notifications.
  • Review columns, then analytics.
  • You can find many “how to” videos on Hootsuite and Tweetdeck on YouTube for more in-depth tutorials.
  • Thank you so much – Questions?
  • Transcript

    • 1. Finding Time for Social Media ~ How Planning Your Time Wisely Can Bring… Leslie McLellan @lesliemclellan
    • 2. It’s not enough to just “be there.” You have to build your community.
    • 3. Your Goals for Your Social Media Presence Define what your social media success looks like. How are you going to be successful? How are you going to measure your results?
    • 4. Crafting the “perfect” Facebook post This is almost perfect but not quite… 1. Use an image 2. Be short and sweet 3. Link back to your site or to wherever the photo came from 4. Engage by asking something – note stats What’s the problem here? - Linking back to the homepage, you should link deeper in your website.
    • 5. Crafting the “perfect” Twitter post 1. 120 – 130 characters, leave room so people can retweet it. 2. Tag/call out the entity you are posting about. 3. Link to a page that provides more information. 4. Use hashtags to extend your reach.
    • 6. Sheila’s Milkshake Effect Create content once, then use it across the social web. 1. Use your basic point-and-shoot digital camera or phone to take a photo of a chocolate milkshake from a local hangout. 2. Put the milkshake photo into blog post that calls attention to fun, quick, family-friendly downtown places to eat. Link to each of those businesses in your post. 4. Tweet the link to your blog post 2-3 times on Twitter, over a few days, at different times so you’re not overwhelming people by pushing your own stuff. 3. Link to your blog post in an update on your business Facebook Page. The photo in the post will show up in the link. Tag the business Facebook Page where you took the milkshake photo. 5. Pop the chocolate milkshake photo into your email newsletter along with the link to the blog post. Go ahead; ask them in the newsletter to subscribe to the blog and to share the milkshake blog post with their own networks on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
    • 7. Your Turn! Write down 5 – 10 specific topics your visitor would be interested in.
    • 8. Still Your Turn!! Write 5 Facebook and Twitter posts using the topics you previously wrote down and incorporating points from the “perfect” posts.
    • 9. A special mention about Special Events Signage Are you making it easy for your visitors to promote you? How are you letting them know what the hashtags for Twitter and Instagram are for the event? Are you providing an easy way for them to like you on Facebook – maybe a QR code? Crowdsourcing Are you using your announcer to publicize ways to help your attendees promote your event? Encourage them to check in on Foursquare, post photos and videos. Your attendees can be a solid part of your marketing department!
    • 10. Saving Time with Your Social Media Make a generic social media posting schedule Example: Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Destination info COE Recreation Wkend events/Weather Attractions “Not so Secret” Weapons
    • 11. Hootsuite Example
    • 12. Gotta Love Analytics!
    • 13. Tweetdeck Example
    • 14. So Let’s Wrap This Up What we covered in this session: 1. How to begin to build your community. 2. You wrote down your social media goals. 3. How to craft the perfect Facebook post. 4. How to craft the perfect Twitter post. 5. How to use one single piece of content in many different places and ways. 6. You’ve written down 5 – 10 topics you can post about. 7. You’ve written your own Facebook and Twitter posts that you can use. 8. Handout - Timeline and Ideas for Social Media Event Engagement 9. You’ve got 2 new FREE time saving programs to check out.
    • 15. Secret Bonus just for you! As a thank you, please enjoy our download Finding Time for Social Media
    • 16. @TourismCurrents @LeslieMcLellan Facebook/Tourism Currents