Annual Report 2009


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Orange Grove Center\'s 2009 Annual Report (designed by Leslie Smith)

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Annual Report 2009

  1. 1. OrangeGroveCenterAnnual Report2008 - 2009“To Recognize, Support and Celebrate the Qualities of the Individual”
  2. 2. “Do not spoil what you have by desiring what youFrom the OGC have not; but remember that what you now have was Executive Director once among the things you only hoped for.”As we close another fiscal year and report on the adventures - Epicuruswe engaged in this past year it is an excellent opportunity to Greek philosopher (341 BC - 270 BC)weigh our overall effectiveness and resemblance to ourmission statement. Although I am proud of the numerousopportunities we have created for people with intellectual disabilities and am inspired by the people that havemade this happen, I recognize the challenges that we have yet to face and am hopeful as I look toward thefuture.Because of the fortitude of our volunteers, board members and professional staff members, Orange Grove is Kyle Hauth,weathering the economic storms. Although a bit battered by the market downturn, we have closed ranks and Executive Directorhave maintained a solid organization with a continued focus on best practices in our field. Everyone is truly workingharder than ever before as we have avoided filling many of the positions that have opened up throughout the year.We have worked especially hard to engage a wide network of partners this year to bring diverse perspectives to the services and opportunitiesthat we bring to people with intellectual disabilities. Our partnerships with businesses, industries, governments, and private interest groupshave broadened once again to create some truly unique potential for the people we serve. Our health care initiatives are advancing with theexpansion of dental services and the additional nurse practitioner in our health clinic. The new document destruction station that is soon tobegin operation is already assisting us in forging national relationships and the complete restoration of our recycling program has offered newjobs and training experiences. The culmination of the autism study which our capital campaign funded will undoubtedly be the catalyst for acompletely new and innovative resource approach for people in Hamilton County with autism. Although the Orange Grove DNA will undoubt-edly be in every aspect of this new autism initiative, Orange Grove will be but one link in a chain of many credible organizations partnering tomeet the vigorous needs of this population.In preparation for this next fiscal year, our board of directors has already convened a very productive strategic planning session which resultedin another realistic and dynamic paradigm for Orange Grove. I challenge you to spend time reviewing and asking questions about this plan.You may view it by visiting our website or by requesting a hard copy. You will see many examples of the spirit of innovation that Orange Groveis known for and the practicality which has caused us to provide the most cost efficient community service in Tennessee.I cannot adequately express my appreciation to and admiration for the volunteers and employees of Orange Grove. In the demanding profes-sion of community services to people with intellectual disabilities, it seems as though their exceptional service has come to be expected, as if itis just the daily routine, but there is nothing routine about their commitment and professionalism. I am honored to work with such a tremen-dous body of professionals who perform the impossible every day and never expect the spotlight that they so richly deserve.2 OGC Annual Report
  3. 3. From the OGC Board Director It has been a unique pleasure to serve Orange Grove as board president for the past two years. Orange Grove is one of those rare community organizations that embraces and encourages longevity in its board and management structure. I do not know how we could maintain our steady progression of improvements to the many service sectors Orange Grove supplies without the wisdom and experience of our seasoned directors. Orange Grove also deliberately remains very close to the people served by ensuring that a strong contingency of representation exists on the governing body. The perfect mixture of parents, ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF community leaders and newly recruited professionals make up a cohesive body that remains consistent with the mission state- ment and creates the momentum necessary for success. Front row (left to right): Darcy Owens, Director of Children’s Services; Dianne Aytes, Board President, Deputy Director; Janet Brewer, Director of Fis- In spite of the historic economic downturn that hit our state 2007-2009 cal Services, Lynn Porter, Director of Health at the midpoint of this fiscal year, Orange Grove has remained Care Services; and Bev Witt, Director of ICF/ remarkably strong. Unlike other organizations that overextended MR and Therapy Services. themselves, Orange Grove has taken a measured approach to every endeavor with the focus be- ing to maintain the core services that are fundamentally necessary for the health and vitality of Back row (left to right): Carla Cooper, Director the people we serve. of Human Resources; Tera Roberts, Director of Adult Services; Gail Walker, Director of As we close out our fiscal year, the Commissioner for Finance and Administration, Dave Goetz, has Supported Living; Kyle Hauth, Executive Director; Ruth Toon, Director of Residential announced that for the first time in Tennessee’s history, our state has recorded 12 straight months Habilitation; Jenny Foster, Director of Compli- of tax revenue shortfalls. For the 2008-2009 budget year, state tax revenue was about $1.2 billion ance and Training; Dr. Rick Rader, Director of less than the budgeted estimate. We are truly living in historic times and no one knows what lies the Morton J. Kent Habilitation Center. ahead. Nevertheless, I am optimistic when it comes to Orange Grove. Orange Grove was serving people with intellectual disabilities when there were no funding mechanisms available. In 1953, our champions had a vision and chased the dream of the Orange Grove that exists today. They lead the way when governmentalOn the cover: Virginia Farmer is the 2008- support for our population was not even a consideration. I know we will survive2009, Person of the Year. Learn more about these challenges and will prove our resiliency.her on page 14! I am excited about the leadership that our new board president, Dillard Edge-Right: Mike Barto receives an award for his mon (far left) will bring in the next two fiscal years and am eager to partnerservice as Board Director from Dillard Edge- with him in meeting his initiatives.mon, who will succeed him for 2009-2010. 3
  4. 4. A dult Services Adult Comprehensive Training (ACT) 141 service recipients served Focus is on providing appropriate and beneficial individualized programming for each individual in a safe and positive environment. Emphasis is on vocational skills, daily living skills, and the arts. Community-based activities are also provided to people who have an interest in the additional opportunities available in the community. Goal: Every individual will have the opportunity to participate in the Discovery Curriculum. Participation will expose individuals to a variety of new activities and potential interests, some of which could become the foundation of future volunteerism, employment, or other community involvement. Community Supports Community Supports is responsible for developing jobs, volunteer opportunities, and enclaves in our community. Services include supported employment, job placement, job readiness, work adjustment training, heavy equipment certification, follow along supports, and community participation, which provides life activities for individuals in the community. In addition to servicing the Chattanooga area, Community Supports provides employment services for North Georgia, including Walker, Catoosa, Dade, and Chattooga counties. Community Supports has a total of 146 individuals working in community jobs, and participating in meaningful ife activities in the community. Enclave Supervisors provide meaningful job skills and training in 25 group employment sites in the Chattanooga area. A new enclave opened at Middle Valley Baptist Church, where three individuals are gaining additional community employment. Industrial Training Center (ITC) Provided work for approximately 160 individuals daily Procured two new contracts, and worked with 14 companies Contract revenue - $191,001 Companies served: Amazing Glaze Farleys and Sathers Georgia-Pacific Gold Bond Girls Preparatory School Kiwanis Club Meri-Meals Norfolk Southern Racemark International RockTenn Starkey Suburban WNA4
  5. 5. Personal Assistance Department C ompliance Personal Assistance is designed to help families in their personal residences continue to provide the level of care that is needed to keep the family members in their home. and Currently serving 69 individuals Training Most service recipients reside in Hamilton County. Others are in Marion, Bradley, and Rhea counties. Two successful projects continue for improved documentation of the individuals’ progress in their Individual Support Plans Recycling Participated in the development of the Discovery Curriculum Orange Grove worked with the City of Chattanooga to which will enhance person-centered thinking and planning for open the Brainerd Drop-Off Center to give Recycling a total of community inclusion, independence, and productivity for all of 11 enclaves. Each new drop-off center provides six jobs for our individuals our service recipients. A close relationship continues with the Division of Intellectual Offices of the John F. Germ Recycling Center were renovated, Disabilities Services to maintain Substantial Compliance in both and now offer new amenities for staff and service recipients. Training and Protection From Harm Domains Additional renovations have begun in the Recycling Center to Incident Management Department continues to provide the saf- make room for the first NISH contract, which will provide 12 est environment for our individuals to learn, work, and live new service recipient jobs. This contract also launched the new business line, “ Orange Grove Center’s Document Incident Management Focus Group Training for staff Destruction...Better Shred than Read!” Continue to work with a 3-Star Performance Rating for the 2008- Document destruction will allow Orange Grove Recycling to 2009 Quality Assurance Year serve local businesses in a state-of-the-art facility with high security, and web-based viewing capabilities. Successful first year of computer-based training curriculum through the College of Direct Support (CDS), to allow more flex- Over 1.5 million pounds of product enters ible scheduling for our staff through labs and at their work envi- our plant each month ronments83 individuals are employed by the Recycling More intense training for new staff through classroom instruc-Center tion in the areas of Protection From Harm, Documentation, and EthicsThe City of Chattanooga will soon go from monthlycurbside to biweekly pickups. This will result in theRecycling Center receiving curbside material everyweekday instead of just on Wednesdays. 5
  6. 6. E ducation and Training Children’s Services Ninety-two students received instruction, per their Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), by 13 certified Special Education teachers and 33 teacher assistants, with extensive services provided by our on-site Therapy Departments: Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapies, and School Nursing Services. All teachers provide IEP instruction, following the State of Tennessee, Department of Education’s guidelines for the Tennes- see Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP-ALT), as required by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improve- ment Act (IDEIA) and No Child Left Behind (NCLB) legislation for the third through eleventh grades. Instructional goals are written in the areas of academics, vocational/prevocational, community integration, work-based learning, sensory, cogni- tive, daily living, gross and fine motor development, social/emotional, and self-help skill development. The School Department continues to receive State School Approval from the Tennessee Department of Education. The school program maintains a positive working relationship with all six Local Education Agencies (LEAs) receiving student referrals from Hamilton, McMinn, Marion, Rhea, Catoosa and Dade counties. Work-based learning programs had work sites in the community through Girls Preparatory School (GPS), Merimeals, Com- munity Kitchen and Applebee’s training sites. The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga’s Collaboration Course provided hands-on training for seven UTC students within our classrooms and personal mentoring from teachers and other significant staff. Additional in-service training was provided on professionalism, working with paraprofessionals, ethics, instructional procedures, development of an IEP, and the final Case Presentations. The course is designed for them to become special educators.Day Program NursesStaff consists of seven LPNs, one RN, and several PRN staff, who provide nursing services to all of Children’s Services, and the medically fragile adults in ACTLPNs work in six specific classrooms, three buses and a medication room, which serves as the first aid station and first responders for Children’s Services.The nurses work with students from several area nursing schools, who rotate through Orange Grove for a portion of their clinical experience.Orange Grove participates in The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga’s collaborative course for Special Education majors, which is conducted at Orange GroveAn average of 3,439 skilled nursing contacts are made monthlyThree of the Day Program nurses are Certified Developmental Disabilities NursesMusic DepartmentFacilitated general music classes and instruction for:Children’s Services - 13 classroomsACT - 13 classrooms ITC - 5 sectionsPiano students - 3 Voice students - 26 OGC Annual Report
  7. 7. Addition of two new music programs: TransportationGlee Club - 10 participants Choir Chimes - 7 participants 516 drivers on staffPublic performances - 14 choral, including Christmas concert at the Courthouse, Go!Fest, Who-Fest Folk Art 1,504,769 miles traveled from January toFestival, and for the Optimist Club at the Chattanooga Choo Choo December 2008Two members of chorus participated in solo public performances 3900 field, vocational, community integration trips accommodated, and 34,884 person trips for all ofStaff honors include: 2008Receiving an award from Very Special Arts (VSA) Tennessee, along with others throughout Chattanooga, for their 125 motor vehicles in fleet (buses, passenger vans,efforts as part of the planning committee for the VSA festival cars, pick up trucks, mini and accessible buses, and other vehicles)Selection by the Tennessee Board of Education, and the TennesseeArts Commission as one of only 250 teachers to attend the 2009 Tennessee 59 passengers use wheelchairsArts Academy in Nashville, TN 74 passengers are school age; 223 passengers are adultsRecreation Department 594 daily person trips on door-to-door routesWeekly gym and pool classes for all of Children Service’s 307 staff completed Defensive Driving in all ofNew classes - Water Ballet and Zumba 2008Awarded the Shining Star Award by Governor Phil Bredesen’s Council 166 staff completed Safe Driver trainingon Physical Fitness and Health (right) All drivers successfully completed TN Department63 campers attended Double G Camp 2009 of Safety School Bus Driver trainingRecipients participated in Special Olympics events: Bus drivers completed approximately 25 hours of training, including the School Bus Driver Special 44 athletes - local bowling tournament Needs Training Roadeo 61 athletes - local track and field competition 20 athletes - local aquatics meet 4 athletes represented Orange Grove at the Fall Tournament 9 athletes - State Summer Games in track and field and aquatics 5 athletes - skiing, snowboarding, and speed skating at the State Winter Games 8 athletes - State Basketball Tournament, placing second 7
  8. 8. H abilitation Center The Morton J. Kent Habilitation Center was established to H ealth Care Services A $100,000 grant was awarded by the Tennessee Council of Developmental Disabilities for Orange Grove’s “Project Open Wide,” for dental services for individuals with intellectual disabilities and to generate novel ideas, educate caregivers on providing adequate explore new dental health care. disciplines,collaborate with leaders, and promote a land- Heart Smart Clinic openedscape of programs that address the changingneeds of our aging clients. McCravey Health Care Services and Dental Services undergo renova-The center has been successful in achieving tionsnational recognition that is expressed by ournumerous invitations to participate in national Medication Disposaldialogues, conferences and incubator-level System coordinated withprogram development. Current partnerships Pulmonaire Pharmacyand affiliations include American Academy ofDevelopmental Medicine and Dentistry, Devel-opmental Disabilities Nurses Association, American Association on Health and Disabil-ity, National Academies of Practice, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services,Office of the Surgeon General, U.S. Office on Disability, American Academy of Pedi- Maintained a well-trained work force of over 750 H umanatrics, American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disability, Agency for employees.Healthcare Research and Quality, National Institutes of Health, American Associationon Multi-Sensory Environments, National Organization on Rare Disorders, and other Resources Began a transitional program with Families First.high profile national and international groups. Individuals provide volunteer work until they are able to obtain active work.The center has a long-standing partnership with the award winning publication, Ex-ceptional Parent, and has contributed many articles that showcase the numerous pro- Worked with Chattanooga Christian School and How-grams that have been initiated at Orange Grove. The center is part of Exceptional ard School of Academics and Technology, providingParent’s ongoing on-line educational series that address medical, social, financial, community service hours for high school seniors.employment, and therapeutic issues vital for families, professionals, and research-ers. Many Orange Grove Center professionals are part of the faculty that presents to Added two foster grandparents to our total of seven. This program is a partnershipthousands of participants across the country. with the City of Chattanooga. It provides senior citizens an opportunity to be active in the community.Orange Grove provides undergraduate and graduate training to a variety of disciplinesincluding medicine, nursing, non-profit management, special education, engineering, Provided access to the following staff development training:physical therapy, psychology, counseling, human services and other related subjects.Orange Grove is affiliated with the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Chat- Diversitytanooga State, Lee University, University of Louisville, University of California, Johns SupervisoryHopkins University, and other prestigious centers for higher education. How to deal with angerDr. Rick Rader (above), Director of the Morton J. Kent Habilitation Center, has a vigor- Added a Human Resources Liaison position, which is dedicated to direct supportous schedule of keynote speeches, workshops, consultations and research activities professionals in all our residential programs.throughout the year, and continues to promote the center around the world. 37 persons total served as volunteers Transitioned from a Defined Contribution Retirement Plan to a 401K plan. Participation in the new plan more than doubled.8 OGC Annual Report
  9. 9. N utrition Services Total client and staff meals served, including catering Total income from school nutrition program and child and adult care food program, cafeteria sales, and billings for meals 135,399 $256,998.92 R esidential Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF/MR) Services Access to 24 hour nursing support for clients Individualized Support Plans that focus on active treatment Competency-based Physical and Mealtime Challenges classes for all staffThe development of a Nurture Garden to offer clients gardening experiencesA Physical and Nutritional Management team inclusive of all therapies, behavior supports and nutrition services.This team provides all direct services to clients and trains staff on client specific therapeutic techniques.Offering individuals the choice to retire. Residential Habilitation 25 homes with a capacity of 152 Vacancy rate decreased from 12 to six during the year Sprinkler systems were added to eight HUD homes Co-ed retirement home opened at the Main Street site Voting workshop for clients by Tennessee Advocacy Group Residential Habilitation director was chosen DMRS representative of the newly merged Region 3 DMRS Planning Committee and the Mental Health Region 3 Planning Committees. Supported Living Supporting 36 individuals in 22 homes throughout Chattanooga and Hamilton County Supported living has smaller homes with more individualized care 9
  10. 10. T herapy Services F inanical Precis Fiscal Year July 1, 2008 - June 30, 2009 Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and REVENUE ACTUAL 2% 4% Speech and Language are classified as Government 29,492,974 7% Therapy Services. Services include: Fees 2,338,250 87% Contributions 610,161 Continuation of the Assistive Technology Workshop 1,523,925 Lab, that includes communication device trial before client purchase $ 33,965,310 Speech Language Therapists with specialty in diagnosing and treating swallowing disorders Physical Therapists with Neurodevelopmental Treatment Certifications 13% EXPENSE ACTUAL Salaries & Fringes 24,264,674 11% 70% Utilizing Gait Trainer Equipment to encourage client upright mobility Supplies 2,063,671 Therapeutic team assessing clients for custom seating Overhead 3,627,641 Other 4,408,465 Hydrotherapy for therapeutic and recreational opportunities $ 34,364,451 6% Initiating the use of Neurologic Music Therapy for clients Multi-sensory treatment availability for school age and adult clients Opportunities available to community for outpatient PT, OT, and SLP evaluations and treatment “This program is funded (in part) by the Tennessee Division of Intellectual Disability Services, Tennessee Department of Health, Tennessee Division of Rehabilitation Services, United Way of Hamilton County, Hamilton County Government, USDA, TDOT and many private contributors.” Under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, federal law protects individuals from discrimination. Facilities, programs and services sponsored by Orange Grove Center are available to all eligible persons regardless of race, color, national origin, age, sex or disability.10 OGC Annual Report
  11. 11. Tom Cofer Lindsay DeLand O range Grove Center gratefully acknowledges the generous support of individuals, corporations, foundations and organizations who have made investments in our com- prehensive programs serving children and adults during the fiscal year.2NDS in Building Materials, Inc./Bubba Morgan Michael A. Barto Audrey B. Buhrman George H. Coleman Andrew Collake David N. Collins Mr. and Mrs. Barney Coltman Charles A. Comer Roberta M. DeLuca Alan W. Derthick Cynthia C. DesGrange Diagnostic Pathology Services, P.C. Doug Dichting Community Enhancement Grant Mr. and Mrs. Arthur N. DickersonAdele B. Ackell James V. Battin Mr. and Mrs. John R. Buhrman Community Found. of Greater Chattanooga Roger DicksonJerry V. Adams Ernest F. Baugh Richard W. Buhrman Concord Farragut Sertoma Charity Fund Siegfried C. DietzAD Engineering Services, Inc. BBC Foundation Tom Buhrman Lynda P. Condurelis Charles D. DietzenHerb Adcox Russell Bean Kenneth Bundy Charles O. Conley John W. DietzenWilliam P. Aiken Frances R. Beaver Richard E. Burke Jan L. Connell Richard DillardRoy C. Akin G. F. Beckert Barbara Burns Beverly B. Conner Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Dillender, Jr.Cecelia B. Albright Martha Becton Barton C. Burns Contractors Chemical Corporation Displaycraft, Inc.Robert J. Alger Careyee Bell Hoyt W. Burns Xenia S. Conway Maurice W. DoddAll Anonymous Donors Eddie L. Bell Ray P. Burriss Doug Cook Nancy F. DonohooBeverly R. Allday Leonard W. Bell Dr. Carol Bush Jeff M. Cook Martha DooleyBrenda G. Allen Jacque Benderman Mr. and Mrs. Kristian Bush Joan M. Cook James F. DorrisAllied Arts Sarah Bennot Danny Butler Michael Cook Lawrence E. DosterRobert Alterman Benwood Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Caldwell Cookeville Trailer Rental Jane B. DowlenElizabeth M. Anderson Richard and Audrey Bergenback Thomas A. Caldwell Lillie M. Corbitt Tom and Susan DuBoseJack W. Anderson James C. Berry Terry Calhoun THANK YOU! THANK YOU! ANK YOU! O Core, Inc. Laura DuganLee Anderson Kerren L. Berz Anne Camp Mollie M. Corn Tom W. DuganMarlene T. Anderson Charles Best Edna M. Camp and Family Cornerstone Construction Group, LLC Duley, Hopkins and Associates, Inc.Dr. and Mrs. Paul Anderson Bi-Lo Charities, Inc. Bi Lo Chari Harriet Campbell arrie mpbep Mi Mik M Mike Costello Jim and Rose Mary Dun m DunbarMr. and Mrs. Robert K. AndersonMr. A ders derso Jim L. Bind Binder . Binde Steve W. Campbell teve eve amp E. Robert Cotte Cotter Mr. and Mrs. John Dunn DunnLeroy C. AntrobusLe eroy ntro Samuel S B muel S. Binder uel Bi Mr. an Mrs. Tommy R. Cam r. and s. Campbell Jackie Couillard Couillar Couilla Carol D rol Dupree olT. Hicks Armor . Armor rmor Erma Bird Ermma Dr. an Mrs. William O. Ca r. and s. . . C Campbell David L. Cowan avid Daniel C. Durham niel CFaye Arnold aye Arnold Forrestine Bla rrestine Blackburn orrestine Blac stine tine Louise E. Canada ouise uise anada David and Donnee Co vid Don Do Cox Cox o Myron D ron DwoskinHugh A. Arnold ugh rnold nold Laurie A. B aurieie e Blackmun Bla Black Blackm Lewis Card ewis wis tt Cox Thomas and Claudette Cox mas Claudette Co Dr. William K. Dwyer DwyeMr. and Mrs. H rs. Hugh R. Arnold s. Arnold ol Blood Assurance, Inc. od Assura Assurance Joseph D. Cardillo oseph sep Floyd W. C Cr Craig James H Dyar mes H.Don B. Arp p Jeffrey D B f D. Boehmm Mr. and Mrs. Michael Card an s. Car Cardillo Lisa R. Cra ll Cranfi E. F. Brannon Furniture FurnitArtech Design Group, Inc. rtech sign ign Barry B. Boettner arry rry Boett Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Card r. an s. Cardillo Mark Cranford Cranf ranf Patricia M. Eaker ricia M iciaArthritis Associates rthritis ssoci soc Travis H. Boles ravis Phil Carroll Ca Carroll Connie Crawford e Cra East Brainerd Church of Christ t o tArtistic Compositions, LLC rtistic mpompos Mr. and Mrs. Monty Bonner onne nne Charle Charles F. Case Casey Diane M. Cropp M C East Ridge Bapt. Church, SWC dge p Ch Chu CBetty Ashley etty Robert Borge R b tB David T. Casey d William Crutchfield Dillard L. EdgemonAstec Industries, Inc. Michael L. Bostian Larry L. Cash Daniel O. Crye Steven T. EdgemonRita M. Atkinson Ronald L. Boucek Catholic Health Init./Memorial Hosp. CSTCC Music Club Mr. and Mrs. William EganMarion C. Auerbach Barbara L. Bowen Janet Catlett Lee R. Cullom James D. EggersAuto Glass Express Dan Bowers Gary S. Cecil Betty Cummings Gary L. EischeidBarbara Aycock Lori A. Bowman Marilyn S. Center Thomas W. Currey ELD FoundationRusty and Dianne R. Aytes Robin Boyer Jac Chambliss Jamie Curtis Valerie and Sandra ElkinsEarlene Aytes Nancy Boykin Chambliss, Bahner & Stophel, P.C. Polly Curtis Dale M. EngstromJane J. Aytes Celeste Bradley Becky W. Chaney & Cay Cromell Mr. and Mrs. Stanley W. Cushen Ensign The Florist, Inc.Bill Baer Teresa Brannon Charitable Distribution of James P. Robert Milad H. Dabitt Darla ErdelyiT. Max Bahner John M. Bradley Chattanooga 2000 Glenda Dalton Marc M. EricksonBruce C. Bailey DeLisa Bratcher Chattanooga Fire Fighters Association Joseph and Tammy Dana J. W. EubanksMr. and Mrs. J. L. Bailey Jr. Andy Bricard Chattanooga Fire Protection, Inc. Francis M. Daniel Mr. and Mrs. James R. Eustis, Jr.Hal and Cheryl Baker Evelyn E. Bridges Chattanooga Funeral Home Linda M. Daniels Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. EvansSandra K. Baker Fletcher Bright Chattanooga Lodge No. 199 F & A.M. R. B. and Clara Davenport Wayne EvansBaker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz Bright Martin Corp. Gary Chazen Cullen L. Davis Jerry W. EvansPriscila Balais Brock and Spencer Benefits Dr. Thomas C. Cheetham Ella H. Davis Sharon N. FarberG. M. Baldree Susan Brock Terry I. Chrisman Jason P. Davis Shila FariesCherryl Baliles Steve Brothers James M. Cigliano Mr. and Mrs. Joe W. Davis Ashley E. FarleyTim Ball Edward E. Brown City of Chattanooga Larry W. Davis Benjamin FarmerWallace E. Ballard Gregory D. Brown Larry R. Clark Margaret Davis Federal Home Loan Bank of CincinattiJames R. Barber Mr. and Mrs. J. Macon Brown Pamela Clark Wendell and Nellie Davis Theodore A. FeintuchCol. and Mrs. Dean D. Barger, Sr. Sylvia E. Brown John E. Clayton Ralph Dawn Verla N. FeldmannMr. and Mrs. Jack Barker Essie W. Bruell Marie K. Clayton Tom Decosimo Stephanie B. FelkerJudge William Barker Susan G. Bryan Coca Cola Company, The Joseph G. DeGaetano Tara A. Fenstermacher 11
  12. 12. L. J. Ferguson Mr. and Mrs. Herbert J. Haile Tim Hudner Starr T. Klein Benny M. Malone M. S. Ferguson Raymond F. Hale Mr. and Mrs. James Roddy Huff Knights of Columbus/Council 4572 Eugene T. Mann Pam F. Ferguson Mr. and Mrs. James E. Hall Hugh Huffaker Knitting Mill Antiques/S. Scott Short John G. Mann Perry Ferguson Hall’s Lawn Care, Inc. Theodore R. Hupp Lynne M. Koby John R. Mann Scott Ferguson James P. Halstead Charles M. Hurt John P. Konvalinka Bettye H. Marthens Christine Fincher Hamico Foundation Julie A. Hurt Edmund A. Kopetz Mr. and Mrs. John M. Martin Rebecca C. Fingerle David W. Hammel Russell H. Huston Mrs. John Kovacevich Lee Martin First Tennessee Bank Earl Hammer Christopher B. Hutchins Richard M. Kramer William C. Martin Fort Wood Neighborhood Assoc. Emily Harbold Leslie J. Hutchins Judy Kurtz John Mashburn Jenny T. Foster Bonnie C. Harden E. B. Hutchinson Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Labbe, Jr. Peter C. Masic THANK J. D. Foust Virginia C. Hare Ronald G. Ingham Labor Concepts Richard A. Matheny Kaye Foust Dr. and Mrs. B. Daniel Harnsberger Jeff E. Ingram Daniel J. LaGraff Frances M. Mathieson Heather N. Foust-Cummings Elizabeth Harris Mitchell J. Ives Kevin J. LaGraff Joe and Connie Mathis Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Fowler James Harris J. D. Helton Roofing Company, Inc. Mrs. Anne and Miss Frances Lambdin Sharon M. Matthews Anthony E. Francisco Deborah Harrison- Everhart Brent T. Jackson Roger L. Lambert Allison Maue Maurizio Franzese Alice H. Hart Gay Jackson John E. Langworthy Emily McCabe Fraternal Order of Eagles, Ladies Aux. Irby E. Hartley Irma J. Jackson Joe H. Lanham Ernest G. McCarson Denise R. Freeman Walter E. Hartline Jake Marshall Service Inc. Margie Lassetter Sidney Stewart McCauley Thomas E. Fugate Billy Hartman Cynthia A. James Lane Latimer Myron S. McCay, Sr. David J. Fulton Marian J. Hartman Dawn F. Jaspard Mrs. Howard P. Lawrence John S. McCrary James M. Gallagher Betty Harvey Jax Liquor Store Brewster Lawrence-Yates Dr. John W. McCravey Thomas G. Gallant Theresa Harvey Rodger D. Jenkins Sandra Lawson Dr. Martha McCravey Jack Galvin Joe Haskins Tony M. Jeno Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Leamon and Family Sandra McCrea and Don Strickland David G. Garvey Kyle Hauth K. D. Jensen Lesslie W. Lee Sue McCullough Gerald F. Gawronski Wrex K. Hauth Mr. and Mrs. Ronald T. Johnson Stan Lee Mr. and Mrs. M. C. McDaniel GE/RopCor, Inc. C. W. Hayes Sara Johnson Charles Lentz Mike McElhinney Kathryn W. Geddie Leslie Hayes Johnson, Hickey and Murchison Virginia Lerch J. C. McFarland Gentle Foot Care, PA Thomas E. Hayes Gillian Johnston Mr. and Mrs. Owen C. Leslie, Jr. Kyle A. McFarland Salvatore Geraci Catherine M. Heald Mr. and Mrs. Keith L. Johnston Michael J. Levin Nancy I. McFarland John F. Germ William R. Healy Shawn M. Johnston Paul T. Lewis Walter S. McFarland Robert H. Giles Helton Construction Company Jean H. Jolley Mark J. Lichtenstein Mr. and Mrs. LaTain S. McGhee Craig D. Gill Hembree-Rolex Insurance Agency Mr. and Mrs. Keith Wood Jones Linda Carol Romans Trust James W. McIver Bruce Gilpatrick Elizabeth S. Henderson Larry and Betty Jones George Linder McKee Foods Corporation Misti M. Gipson Ralph J. Henderson R. Steele Jones Linda Linebarger Emily C. McKenzie David W. Gleeson Henderson, Hutcherson and McCullough W. W. Jones Jean F. List W. T. McKenzie Doris Gognat John E. Henegar Gayle Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Noah Long Vivian J. McKinnon Gold Bond, Inc. Tom Henley Neil L. Kaplowitz Charles R. Longfellow Rayford J. McLaurin Jay Goldberg Warren B. Henry Richard L. Kaufman David B. Longley Anna M. McMellon Becca Golden John Hensley Keefe Plumbing and Heating Company, Inc. Kelly Lopez Jeanette McMorrow Helen Goldman Heritage Funeral Home, L.P. Lynn A. Kelley Anne P. Lorenz Robert McMurray Debra K. Goode Andrew Herrmann Kelly Automotive Group Virginia C. Love Dennis C. McNamara Bruce B. Goodwin Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Hessel Wendy S. Kelly Bill E. Lovelady Margaret McPadden Nancy F. Goss Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hill V. E. Kelsay Cynthia Lucero Harriett McQueen Amalia S. Gostin Chris Hills Kennedy Foundation Leo Lucero Andrew McSweeney Graphic Impressions Marlene Hiltunen Morton J. Kent Andrew Lunn Mr. and Mrs. Phil Magison Grand Chap. of TN Order of E. Star Tracey L. Hiltunen Myrtis E. Keppler Mr. and Mrs. John T. Lupton Judith P. Medearis Howard F. Gray Ernestine Hinds Keys Carpet Center Edward Lusk Gary E. Meredith Jessica Green Direnda Hines John F. Killebrew William E. Lusk Miller and Martin, PLLC Russell F. Griffith Richard A. Hlubek Larry R. Kimball Lutheran Women’s Missionary League Mr. and Mrs. David Miller G. L. Grisham Judy Hodges Paige K. Kimble Pamela R. Lynch Missionary Ridge Garden Club Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Groves Phyllis Holland Kincaid and Allison Mills Fund Lyndhurst Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Bill Mitchell, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Harry M. Groves Judge Jeff Hollingsworth Mr. and Mrs. Arvin L. King M. R. Foundation of Tennessee, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Ryan E. Mitchell Shelby R. Grubbs Holly Holloway Douglas E. Kingdon Jane T. Mack Mrs. William L. Montague Gordon Gruen Charles Hooper Paul E. Kingsborough Tim P. MacKenzie Arlynn Moore Georgia M. Guffin Maurice Horner Dr. and Mrs. Charles A. Kirby W. L. Maddux Fontaine P. Moore Marcia H. Guilbert Mr. and Mrs. William A. Horton Jacqueline L. Kirby Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Madeo, III Hugh J. Moore Bobby C. Haggard F. Denis Houser William D. Kirkpatrick Jon I. Magee Mary N. Moore John D. Houston Shirley Kirksey Jane C. Magrath Morgan Stanley Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Huber Kiwanis Club of Brainerd Mrs. William F. Mahn Karen Morris Kiwanis Club of Chattanooga Mallen Family Foundation Hugh Morrow12 OGC Annual Report
  13. 13. Helen T. Morton June Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Leon Roberts Avery Smith SunTrust Banks, Inc.Kiki Morton Malcolm W. Phipps Harry Robinson Beverly C. Smith SunTrust Mortgage, Inc.Shanda L. Morton Ramona Pickett Mr. and Mrs. Jim Robinson Bill and Catherine Smith Mr. and Mrs. Tony SwannMr. and Mrs. Wayne Moy Judy Pier Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Roessel Mr. and Mrs. Blackwell Smith, Jr. Ron D. SweneyAngela Moyers Freida Pinion William Roessell David F. Smith Mr. and Mrs. George SweikertPat Mulcahy Pioneer Credit Company Marilyn Rogers David M. Smith Heather K. SzymanskiRobert E. Mullenbach Joseph M. Pleva Ronald H. Rogers Juanita Smith Mr. and Mrs. Ed TaliaferroSamantha D. Mullins Lizzy Polovick Brenda Rominger Lee A. Smith Sue TallentMutual of America Emily Pomeroy Lynn W. Ross Mr. and Mrs. Randolph W. Smith TALS Legal Professionals of TNRobert W. Myers Mr. and Mrs. James Poole TargetK YOU! Mr. and Mrs. Earl M. Rothberger Sally P. SmithTillman E. Mynatt Frances E. Popham Susan G. Rouse Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Smith Stuart R. TasmanNARA Foundation, Inc. Dudley Porter Charles G. Rowland Dr. and Mrs. Stewart P. Smith Mr. and Mrs. A. TaylorAndrew Nardo Tommy and Lynn Porter Mr. and Mrs. Max Rowlette Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Andrew Smith Mr. and Mrs. Ray N. TaylorMr. and Mrs. Loyle M. Nash, Jr. Carl N. Poston Ruby Falls (Lookout Mtn Caverns) Tyson D. Smith Tennessee Arts CommissionJames T. Neal Mr. and Mrs. Robert Poteet Tim Rudder SMP Industries Linda C. ThomasBruce Nelson Eleanor W. Powell Don Rushin Susan Snow Roland E. ThomasJohn R. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Joe Prebul Delia P. Russell Spring Creek Road Baptist Church Mr. and Mrs. James P. Thomison, Jr.Neurosurgical Group, The Mervin Pregulman Rosie Russell Southeast Tennessee Placement Consortium Dr. and Mrs. John M. ThompsonRobert Nicholas Scott L. Probasco William R. Russell Southern Champion Tray Herbert ThornburyFrankie Nicholson Upshur Smith Puckette & Mrs. S. E. Puckett Buddy Ryan Southwire Company John ThorntonMolly C. Nolen Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Purcell, Jr. Rymer Family Sandra K. Spears Gwen TidwellJohn A. Noll Martha M. Dooley Richard H. Sadowitz Sheryl K. Spears Sarah J. TollisonBrooks C. Northern Luke B. Queen Sam’s Club Foundation Sam Speer Megan J. TomsNorthside Civitan Club Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Rader Loraine Sammy Mr. and Mrs. Joe T. Spencer Ruth N. ToonLinda J. Norwood Danny Rader Hoyt O. Samples St. Barnabas Apartments 5M TRC Yacht Sales and Watersports CenterO’Reilly Auto Parts Dr. Richard A. Rader Martin R. Sampley Michael N. St. Charles Chris TrimmHerbert Oakes Mr. and Mrs. George S. Ramseur LeAnne R. Scarbrough Mr. and Mrs. Billy Steele Allison TroupTilda T. Oehmig Mark A. Ramsey Dr. and Mrs. Marty Scheinberg James and Sarah Steffner Roger TrudellA. E. Ogden Jack Randles Denise Schenk Carol D. Stein Ron L. TrueOlan Mills Fund Charles L. Raulston Eugene H. Schimpf, III Stein Construction Company Gay W. TuckerOlin Chlor Alkali Products Edward P. Raulston R. D. Schmidt John T. Steiner Matt T. TuckerGeorge W. Oliphant Pauline Raulston Marlene Schulman Estes C. Stephens Beverly D. TurnerFred J. Oliver Barbara A. Ray Sheila R. Schwartz Michael Stephens Mr. and Mrs. Lee TurnerJ. E. Oliver Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Ray Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Sears Mr. and Mrs. William H. Stephens, Jr. Turpin Family, TheOn Demand Enterprises, Inc. RDC, Inc. Owen Seaton Carolyn H. Stilwell TWH ArchitectsEdgar L. Opel Edna Reavis Sebastopol Finance, LLC Hamilton Stockton, Jr. Ben L. TyberOrthodontics by Design Oscar E. Reece Arthur N. Seessel James and Janet Strang Harold B. TyberEdward Ossewaarde Peggy Reeves Melville J. Seessel Thornton Strang Connie M. TyndallScott Ossewaarde Mr. and Mrs. James White Reilly Kenneth Seitz Sally H. Strickland U. S. XpressJane T. Overton Charles M. Renneisen Peter Serodino Lorraine I. Sughrue University Oncology and Hematology Assoc.James M. Ownbey Reserve Warehouse Corp. V. P. Serodino Dennis Sullivan Unum GroupDoris W. Page Michael J. Revenig Maurice Shafer Sullivan-Schein Dental Mr. and Mrs. Alfred W. VadnaisRobert Page James J. Reynolds Betty G. Shankles Karen D. Sumers Valerie Wright Memorial FoundationTracie Parker Stephen G. Reynolds Nancy Ewton Sharpe Jerry H. Summers Kenneth W. VandergriffMickey Parsons Ann Boon Rhea James D. Shearouse Jeff VantoshMichael J. Patrick Rev. J. Howard W. Rhys William E. Shelton Varallo FoundationW. B. Pattee Susan Rich Dr. Leroy Sherrill Chad VargaRichard Pearce Michael E. Richardson Doris A. Shropshire Curtis L. VarnoldKatie H. Peardon Rico Monument Company Charles Sidden John E. VaughanCordelia T. Peters Andy Riley Signal Crest Methodist Church Robert Vess, Sr.Petty and Landis, P. C. Don V. Riley Signal Mountain Investment Club Hugh D. ViceJean P. Petty James K. Riley Bruce Simonson Don W. VirkusMr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Petty Henry Ristorcelli Jack M. Sink Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. VoskuilMr. and Mrs. Fred Pfisterer River City Consulting Services Robert Siskin Vreeland Engineers, Inc.Phaltless, Inc. Edward D. Robbins Scott Sink James E. WaldropPhillips Foundation Denise M. Roberts Charles R. Skillern John J. Walker Dorothy J. Roberts Edward and Myra Slaten Ken Walker Mary D. SlickDisclaimerErrors and omissions in our list of donors may occur, and we apologize for them. Slygo Valley United Methodist ChurchPlease call Leslie Smith at 308-1160 for changes or corrections. Alfred Smith Fort Wood Neighborhood Association 13
  14. 14. Orange Grove Center is proud to recognize... Virginia Wade Farmer as this year’s “Person of the Year.” Virginia is a native of Pikeville, TN, and joined the Orange Grove family as a day student in 1975. In 1981, Virginia entered the ICF residential program at Forrest Avenue, and 1986, she transferred from ICF to the HCBS Waiver program, and moved to the Vine Street home. After several moves within the residential program, she now resides at the Wilcox home. Virginia is an employee of the Walter A. Lerch Industrial Training Center. She has represented OGC in several extracurricular activities, including the Orange Grove Dancers, Special Olympics, Double G Camp, Very Special Arts Festival, and Go!Fest. Virginia’s family, brother, Tom, and her three nephews, Wade, Ben, and Tollett, are a very important part of her life. “Orange Grove has meant a wonderul opportunity for Virginia and our family,” said her brother, Tom. Her dance instructor, Ann Shea, summarized Virginia and her spirit best. “She has incredible energy, and delights in being the center of attention. She is always received warmly by audiences,” Shea said. “Her spirit and soul are that of a performance artist, and she is comfortable express- ing herself to an audience.”14 OGC Annual Report
  15. 15. Contributors, con’t from p. 13Paul K. Walker B oard of DirectorsLewis WallRudy H. WalldorfWalnut Grove Finance, LLCJean Grant WalterHarold E. WaltersJames E. Walton Dillard EdgemonWanda Fleming Foundation President John BuhrmanDouglas G. WarnerC. M. Warren Barton C. BurnsDouglas W. Warwick Michael A. Barto Larry CashWear Solutions, LLC Chairman Tom CoferAllison S. Webb Heidi HoffeckerMr. and Mrs. Walter Weaver Bill Lusk Daniel J. LaGraffEdna K. Weekley Vice President Sharon MatthewsBlair WeigelMorris Weinberg Hugh J. Moore, Jr.Welcome Hill Baptist Church Susan Gouger Rouse Andrew “Skip” NardoWeldon F. Osborne Foundation Vice President Neal PinkstonMr. and Mrs. J. Ralston Wells Rosie RussellJudith A. Wells Thomas H. Cox Richard Sadowitz, MDMr. and Mrs. Richard A. WellsT. Graham Wells Treasurer S. Scott ShortSharon White Avery SmithThomas H. White Dr. Bruce Hutchinson Dr. Ben TyberWilliam F. Wilder Asstistant TreasurerAngela WilkersonAnne WilkinsMae L. Wilkins Thomas A. Caldwell HONORARY BOARDMr. and Mrs. Grady Williams Secretary T. Hicks ArmorRichard Williams T. Maxfield BahnerLaura Wimberly John F. Germ Charles A. ComerCharles Winn Member-At-Large Morton J. KentDon WitherspoonBeverly A. Witt Helen C. MahnJudy Wohlwend Herbert J. Haile, Jr. Emily C. McKenzieWomen’s Inst. for Specialized Health V-Pres. Building/Maintenance William R. RussellFay Wood Janet StrangCynthia C. Woodington Jerry SummersMr. and Mrs. James WoodsMarie Cartinhour Woods V-Pres. Legal CommitteeSandy WoodwardMr. and Mrs. Thomas L. WyattWilliam A. WynotJack G. YaldenMelvin A. YoungRichard T. Zerwer 15
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