Why Content Marketing is King and Sponsoring The Big O is Queen


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Our Audience. Your Products. Winning Combination.

We’re looking for brands to support us during pre and post production engagements including product placements from travel and hospitality, ready-to-wear retailers, jewelers, restaurants, florists, auto manufacturers, home décor, technology, mobile communications as well as hair and beauty brands. www.TheBigOSeries.com

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Why Content Marketing is King and Sponsoring The Big O is Queen

  1. 1. June 2013
  2. 2.  78% of CMO’s believecustomer marketing is thefuture of reaching theiraudience 27,000,000 pieces ofcontent are shared daily 72% of marketers saybranded content is moreeffective than advertisingin a magazine 73% of Twitter postsinclude content sharing
  3. 3.  80% of users prefer toconnect with a brand onFacebook 99% of people who sharecontent, share on multipleplatforms Clicks from sharedcontent are 5X more likelyto result in a purchase Video content attract3X more inbound linksthan plain text posts
  4. 4.  Visual Content CapturesConsumers› People spend over 50% oftheir time online withcontent – and another 30%on social networks sharingcontent› 78% believe organizationsthat create customcontent want to build arelationship with them› 75% of smartphone userswatch videos on theirphone
  5. 5. … and Brand LoyaltyInteresting Content is 1of the Top 3 ReasonsPeople Follow Brands on Social Media…
  6. 6.  Content creation is used by over 53% ofbrands as an effective SEO tactic Organic search leads have a 14.6% closerate while outbound marketing has onlya 1.7% close rate Content marketing costs 62% less thantraditional marketing Content marketing generates 3X moreleads than traditional marketing
  7. 7.  We are pleased to offer several levels ofsponsorship for our project› $1,000 to $25,000 budget levels Including Industry Exclusivity for your Product /Brand› In-kind bartering of product for services, fromclothing to food, we’ve got a list of items we willbarter for› Sponsor what you can for special perks below$1,000
  8. 8. Brand sponsorsbenefit from custom content creation & exposure from our cast /crew and social media team on Facebook, Twitterand other Social Media Sites.
  9. 9. Depending on the Sponsorship Level you select, you’ll see your product integrated into our“behind the scenes” content for fan sharing – and can be included in some of ourexclusive fan interaction programs with online giveaways, and more.Brand Visibility During Production of TheBig O Series – Behind the ScenesYour Brand Sponsorship will include your products/servicesseamlessly integrated with our project and socially shared by ourteam on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterst, YouTube and blog posts viacustom created content.Sponsors Get 18 Weeks of Online Promotion1. During casting and production estimated 6-8 Weeks2. For the Los Angeles Premiere and Red Carpet3. With each of the 10 episode weekly releasesYour Brand will also be Included in1. Our Cast LIVE streams with fans and available on demand2. Cast video blogs about the production on YouTube3. In the End Credits of Each Episode of our Series4. Our Big O Secrets App with logo and link to website
  10. 10.  Brands will benefit from custom content creation andsocial marketing with product integration and mediaexposure during for 18 weeks› 6-8 Weeks during the pre and post production of our project withon set and behind the scenes integration› Los Angeles Premiere Party – we have several levels available tomatch your needs and budget› 10 Weeks – Online premiere and weekly episode release We will create a campaign specifically for your brand toensure we have the right messaging when sharing on oursocial networks, celebrity blogs, video cast chats,giveaways, website product placement and articles, castendorsements and more› The content created will be tagged and linked to your socialsites including call-to-actions (CTAs) that we define with thecampaign Exclusive behind the scenes access for fans seeing and hearingabout your brand on media published during the casting,production and post production process Including the LIVE Stream LA Premiere event
  11. 11.  Executive Producer, Stephanie Piche hasbeen on Twitter since 2008› Voted as one of the top 50 Tweeples in 2009 KLOUT rating of 63 (top 5%) and 788 out of 1000on KRED (top 20%) of Social Media Influencers Founder of Mingle Media TV, a YouTube Partnerwith over 3.3 million views with› over 12K fans on their Facebook communities› over 25K Twitter followers and› team members who are equally “socially savvy” who willbe working on The Big O campaign for you from day one
  12. 12.  Questions? Please contact› Stephanie Piche, Executive Producer› stephanie@minglemediatv.com› (310) 729-2997 Visit The Big O Series Online› www.TheBigOSeries.com› @TheBigOSeries on Twitter, YouTube & Facebook More about Stephanie http://about.me/stephaniepiche More about Pamelahttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0908807/